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How can you identify and eliminate negative energies in your home?

There are many positive and negative energies in the world. It's not that someone deliberately exudes negative energies, but how complex our chakras are. We must remember that we shouldn't be a receiver or transmitters of negative energies. Negative thoughts such as jealousy, criticism of others, quarrelsome and gluttony, lethargy, and other negative thoughts should be avoided. Evolution is about becoming a better person. It is important to recognize that our energy affects the environment around us. These are signs that you can see the negative energy floating around.

1. A family member may have a chronic health condition that is not responding to treatment. Sometimes we cannot find the solution for a family member's illness.
2. You can get stuck with work or lose good opportunities repeatedly during the final stages of fruitification.

3. Failure seems far away, and the desired results are not realized.
4. Feeling tired all the time, unable to focus and lacking the motivation to do anything, despite the many opportunities available. 5. The zero-state of thought.
6. It is uncomfortable to live or work in such places.
7. Negative thoughts and suicide-inspiring thoughts are common.
8. A family member may exhibit unpredictable, irrational, or erratic behaviour in response to a simple stimulus.
9. Recurrent quarrels in the family or among team members at work.
10. The house has experienced strange and unpredictable events. This could be due to the presence of negative supernatural forces or black magic.

This negativity could be caused by some Vastu doshas (spatial and construction anomalies), such as severe Vastu defects in the South-West region, or a wrong place for your God's abode in the South-West or the centre. Unclean and cluttered homes with many broken, damaged or unused items can lead to stagnant and negative energies. The ancient science of Vastu Shastra has the answer to these problems. Vastu Tips Expert Acharya Rajesh Vastu shares his tips to remove negative energy from your home using Vastu Tips.

These simple steps will remove negativity from your home.

Keep Your Entrance Clean!
1. This tip will not only keep negative energy away but also help make a great first impression on your guests. To make your home more welcoming, you can add small plants to the front of your house. You must keep your house clean from the outside and inside. You must clean your front door regularly.
2. To wipe down doorknobs and windows, you should use water containing lemon juice, salt, and white vinegar. To prevent any negative energy from entering your premises, sprinkle sea salt on all doors and cover them with a mat.
3. A pinch of sea salt should also be added to the water while mopping the floors (except Thursdays). This helps to eliminate negative energy from the home or workplace.
4. You can use salt to protect your eyes. Take a pinch of salt and place it on the affected person's head. This can be done for up to 2 days. You should throw the salt out of your house.
5. Salt can also be used in business. This salt remedy can be used to increase sales. Simply wrap a piece of salt on a red cloth, and hang it in your store or office. This will help protect your business and stores from prying eyes. This will allow you to increase your profits at home and in the office. It will also help you overcome poverty.
6. A simple Vastu step can also be used to remove negative energies from bathrooms and toilets. According to Vastu shastra, both salt and glass are Rahu factors. A cup of salty glass should be kept in each bathroom and toilet in the house. This will help you get rid of such Vastu flaws
7. A piece of rock salt can be used to help a spouse and husband if they are having a difficult relationship. This will eliminate negative energy and can be replaced after a few months.

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Agarbattis and Sage Burning

1. Lighting Dhoop and Agarbatti (incense sticks) can amplify the auspicious energies. To reduce negative energy and encourage a positive and energetic lifestyle, we should show the agarbattis or dhoops to every corner of your house at least twice daily.
2. Negative energies can be removed by burning "sage" or smudge sticks and spreading the smoke in an anti-clockwise direction around every corner.

Use of colours and crystals

1. You can also use crystals such as Amethysts and black tourmaline to eliminate negative energies.

2. The energy of the home has always been affected by colour. Vastu shastra suggests some colours are highly effective in attracting positive energies to your home. Certain colours influence every direction. Anti-colour can cause negative energy. Blue in NW, N and NE. Green in East, Orange SE, Red SE, Red+ Yellow SW. The ideal colour is dark blue in the West.

Use of prayer & chants, and religious items.

1. Invoking auspicious energies by placing religious items such as pyramid yantras, idols, or images of Gods, is a good idea.

2. To make it Vastu-compliant, the ideal location for the puja room is in the North East.
3. To increase and amplify positive energies, you can place religious and auspicious symbols such as elephants in strategic places.
4. It is essential to encourage the use of conches, bells, and cymbals as auspicious sounds. This will help to eliminate stagnant energies.
5. Negative energies can be neutralized by reciting mantras, either through your voice or using electronic devices.
6. Yantra with Mantra can be used under expert guidance to eliminate negative energies.
7. Reiki, angel meditation and other neo-spirituals can be used to eliminate negative energies.

Negative energies can also grow exponentially if you see pictures that depict rivalries among family members or paintings with sadness or moroseness. You may not be aware that artefacts such as the Taj Mahal and sculptures with frightening dispositions can increase negativity. Mirrors, large glasses, broken images, idols of Gods, and cactus plant strops can all increase negativity. It is easy to feel negative energies and there are simple and sometimes complex ways to eliminate them. Sometimes all scientific attempts to solve the problem will fail. In these cases, you have two options: the dowsing technique or having the premises inspected by experts. These cases require expert guidance.

Balance the energy flow in your home

Vastu and Feng Shui are both ancient concepts that have evolved. Modern research continues to improve user-friendliness and ease of use. Vastu and Feng Shui help us understand a property’s energy flow and its suitability for occupants. It can be used to determine the plot, size and shape of the building, location of doors and windows, interiors, furniture placement and colours, as well as placement of art.

Many people only follow the basic rules of thumb and don't understand the logic behind them. Every suggestion in Feng Shui and Vastu has logic. It is stated that the Southeast (SE), corner of a house should have a kitchen. What's the logic behind this suggestion? It is believed that the Agni corner is where the kitchen should be, so it should have one. There is a science to this. This is why we must understand wind movement. In India, the wind moves from SW to NE, or NW to SE. If the kitchen is situated towards SW or Western, wind from SW/NW will flow through it, affecting the smell of the food in the house. Vastu recommends that a SE kitchen be built. A kitchen facing SE-East will allow the sun to directly enter the kitchen, which can help clean out bacteria generated overnight. This concept shows that architecture and Vastu can be viewed as a pair. Feng Shui and Vastu are not against interior design or architecture.

To understand Vastu and Feng Shui, it is important to know what energy means. Shakti/ Prana in India, Chi in China, Ki (in Japan), and kaa in Egypt. An unseen force such as an electric current or solar energy, lunar energy and kinetic energy, wind, and the magnetic field is called energy. The principles state that there are two fundamental types of forces in the universe. They are both equally opposite. These energies or forces are called Yang and Yin, i.e. Both positive and negative. These two forces come together and create a spark. The endurance energy is known as "Bio force" (or Prana).

It is easy to observe the day-to-day activities and see that everything is moving. Everything is constantly changing. The electrons spin around the central nucleus of the atom. The earth orbits the sun around its axis, and day follows night. Winter follows summer. During the day, human beings are vertically active. At night, they are horizontally passive.

The house is a living organism. It vibrates, pulsates, and throbs. The energy in the premises has an impact on the lives of its occupants. Energy is an unseen force that cannot be seen but can be felt (just like the air in the environment). Design, colours, and shapes play an important role in determining whether it is yin/yang. Therefore, it is important to consider Vastu principles and Feng Shui principles when designing a property.

Unintentionally, constructing buildings or homes without understanding how the interiors and exteriors affect the energy can lead to an imbalance in the property's energy field. As each part of the living space is connected to the energy field, this imbalance can select the internal energy fields. The main nutrient for the property is energy. A healthy and balanced internal flow of energy is essential for health and success.


  • Avoid using dark colours on walls.
  • It is important that your flooring is light-coloured.
  • It is important to have flooring in a light colour if you love dark walls.
  • White ceilings are best.
  • Sunlight must be allowed into the home. It is therefore recommended that windows are located on both the East and West sides of the house. To let sunlight in, make sure you leave the curtains open for a few minutes.