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flat Vastu shastra: Vedic vastu tips of the flat vastu

  Vastu Shastras for Flat

 This blog will explain the importance of flat Vastu shastra,  as well as for all house owners along with some useful tips for flat Vastu shastra Vastu for offices. So, let us begin Vastu shastra.html

In urban cities like Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, etc. the process of obtaining an independent home is nearly impossible because the value of land in urban areas is a bit iffy. The density of the cities is high which makes it difficult for people to stay in apartments. The apartments are usually built by developers. The reside nts living in apartments are required to accept the apart ment as is and cannot modify their homes. Since it is only permitted to change the layout according to the government and the rules and regulations of society. In this case, it is best to verify your Vastu of the property before purchasing. In this article, we'll be discussing in-depth suggestions for buying a new house. This article will help you decide whether you want to buy it or not. It is always best to verify your 
Vastu shastra of flats with a specialist, but you can look up this guide and make an inspection before making contact with a Vastu specialist.

It is common for people to purchase properties or flats  before checking their Vastu. There are many aspects to be considered while purchasing an apartment, such as the quality of construction, the location and connectivity and the list goes on. When you consider all of these aspects, making the Vastu examination might be a bit overwhelming. However, verifying the Vastu Shastra for the flat is strongly recommended, too. Adherence to Vastu can bring you joy, happiness prosperity, success, and wealth. There is a belief that If Vastu is a place with any type of Vastu dosh, then it could impact the well-being of the people living in the Vastu.

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Vastu Tips to Buy a new Flat

When purchasing brand new flats you must be sure that the entire flat does not include any cut or extension . Flats that are square or rectangular are ideal to live in according to Vastu shastra. Every corner of the house has a certain value and is connected to various factors. The presence of extensions and cuts causes problems in the Vastu and can cause issues for the homeowner. In the next section, we'll discuss in detail other Vastu problems and solutions that you need to consider before purchasing your home.

1. The Main Entrance Door to the Flat

According to Vastu, the direction of entry of house e is crucial. The main entrance door is an essential aspect of the house and is the point of entry from which positive energy flows in and out of the house. It is here that you can experience joy, luck, optimism and wealth.

Therefore, the direction of the main entrance of the apartment is a crucial element to think about when selecting your house. As you are aware, in the system of apartments you must accept the building in its current form and cannot make any significant modifications to the current Vastu.

A home with an entrance door that faces east, north northeast, west, or east is believed to be lucky. Outside of these directions, houses that face other directions, such as north-west, southwest, north-west or south-east ought to be avoided when purchasing a home. The home that faces the north is believed to be the most beneficial location to reside in. Therefore, when negotiating the purchase of your new residence, ensure that you select a house in the direction that works well for Vastu.

To minimize the Vastu flaws in your house, you could use the methods below to combat that Vastu dosh.

1. If the door to your flat is facing north, then select the green door. This will provide more opportunities in your life.

2. Choose a pink shade for your entrance door if it faces towards the south.  l assist you to grow rich and powerful.

3. Sky blue will be the colour you should select when your door is facing towards the west. Sky blue colour can increase the profitability of your company

4. If your main entrance door faces east, as per Vastu, choosing a wooden colour for the door is recommended.

2. Living Room Direction Room

Your living space is the perfect location to spend time with your loved ones as well as guests. As per Vastu, the living space of your house should be located in either direction, north or east. But, the best direction for your living space is north.

3. It is the Direction of the Bedroom of the Flat

When choosing a flat, you should select one where the bedroom is situated in the SouthWest corner. Make sure the bedrooms are rectangular or square. The bedrooms located in the southwest corner can bring peace and help in a restful night's sleep.

4. The directions on the Kitchen

The ideal direction for the Kitchen at home is southeast. The kitchen cabinet must be constructed to ensure that the food is cooked in the direction of the east. Avoid apartments where kitchens are situated close to your main entrance.

5. The Store Room's Directions

It is recommended to choose the flat with the storeroom in either west, south southeast, southwest or northwest. Do not select one that is located in the northeast, north or northeast. Avoid storing heavy objects in this direction, if you don't have separate storage space within the flat.

6. Directions for Pooja Room

As you are aware, your pooja area is the centre of positive energy. It also holds an immense significance for the emotions and feelings you feel. As per Vastu, the pooja room should be situated in the direction of the northeast. You may also choose to have the one located in the west, but the flat that has a pooja space located in the south is avoided. If there isn't a dedicated space for a pooja space within the flat, then you could choose the northeast corner of your house and transform it into a tiny space for pooja.

7. The Direction of the Room for Kids Room and Room for Study Room

Take into consideration the apartment for purchase the room for kids located in either the northeast or northwest direction. The windows in the room must be located on the north side so that there is ample sunlight and ventilation.

8. The direction of Bathrooms and toilets

You should choose a flat where toilets and bathrooms are in the southwest or northwest corner. Make sure that they aren't right in front of your kitchen and the pooja room.

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Vastu remedies for flats using Vastu Dosh

If you've already purchased an apartment recently but have not followed the steps that were mentioned earlier, then you do not worry too much. There are a variety of small but efficient Vastu remedies that you can make sure that the elements are balanced in the particular area according to Vastu. There are a variety of crystal forms, metals, lights, symbols and colours with which you can eliminate your Vastu dosh. You can also consult Vastu experts who are accessible online to assist you.

Vastu Shastra's suggestions for selecting a new flat

If you're planning to purchase a new Flat or apartment, you must be aware of several Vastu Shastra elements of your property you should consider. Here's a quick guide

The Indian architecture technique of Vastu Shastra is an important basis for identifying and constructing the most desirable living spaces. Vastu-compliant homes and plots allow the residents to live their lives with greater happiness prosperity, health, wealth and wealth. This old method has become popular in the world of real estate and is used to determine the most desirable areas, plots, and structures to be used for residential as well as commercial use.

Vastu Tips for Apartment entry

·    When evaluating the layout or design of a plot or structure (flat or an apartment) the primary consideration must always be a great entrance. The entrance is the most important factor in bringing positivity and joy to the whole family.

·    Every living space is comprised of 32 possibilities of locations that could serve as an entry point to a structure. Every one of those 32 places is significant and impacts our lives in a specific way. For instance, an entry to the southeast zone or that is known as the Vastu region of cash causes delayed payments. Southwest entrances are one of the most un-Vastu-compliant entrances and the families who live in such houses, may face financial and relationship problems to a significant extent.

·    If, on the other hand, you're in the north, then you are likely to have a great chance of success in terms of business and financial issues and also chances to advance your career. If your home or apartment does not have a Vastu-compliant entrance you are still able to purchase the property and then apply easy Vastu solutions.

Vastu compliant room direction

The best spot for a room is sure to ensure that you get the maximum benefit from that space. Every room can have the potential to have a positive or negative impact on the life of people living there according to the region that it is located.

For example, a living space in the east is ideal to develop and build social bonds. However, rooms that lie that is located between the southeast and east are not recommended as per Vastu. Sleeping positions by Vastu when sleeping in these areas can lead to an increase in anxiety and conflict with spouses.

One should not build toilets that are located in between northeast zones of the home. It could seriously affect the health and immunity of all family members living within the home. For kitchens in the southeast, it is a good zone. It is best to avoid having kitchens in the southwest and northeast zones.

Panchtattava Analysis of all five of its elements

Space is split into sixteen zones or directions within space. Each zone has its principal element that influences various aspects of our lives. For instance, the north zone is characterized by water as its principal element. The most important attributes in this region are prosperity, growth and career advancement, financial gains and more. Therefore, any deviation in this area has direct consequences for the business, career and financial health of the people living there.

Similar to fire, it is the primary element of the southern zone. The primary characteristics that the zone in the south is relaxation and sleep.

When purchasing a property one must verify the locations of the various rooms and the internal components which make up the house. These include bathrooms, kitchens balconies, open areas, slope gardens, water tanks, service lanes, storage of water of neighbours, drainage for rainwater and the building's elevation, shafts, etc. It is essential to confirm whether each one of the five elements, also known as Panchtattava is present in the area of its own - rain in the northern part, eastern air and burning in the southern and earth to the south, and space in the west.

Vastu solutions for apartment buildings

What happens if you've bought a property or paid for the booking? In this case, you may make use of the fourth test in Vastu which is space programming. With the latest Vastu methods and applications, you don't have to tear down or destroy your home. By using simple and effective Vastu methods and remedies that allow you to make sure that the elements are balanced in a particular area. The use of colours forms, shapes, light symbols and metals, can be extremely effective in this respect.

Vastu's most important inspections for flats

An entryway that is west or south into your home is not advised, according to Vastu Shastra. The reasoning behind this is that when it gets to noon the infrared radiations that are absorbed by your home will be detrimental to your health. It is recommended that your entry point is to the north or northeast. This will allow sunshine into your house all through the day.


The best bedroom is located in the southwest corner. This is crucial if you wish to ensure that your house is peaceful and helps you relax by getting good sleep. Do be aware that Vastu does not advocate irregular-shaped bedrooms. Therefore, look for rooms that are rectangular or square only.

Vatu as well as the space for kitchens

The kitchen can be found to be located southeast according to Vastu. This is so that food preparation should take place in the direction of the east. Make sure that your kitchen is not on top of the principal door.

Vastu for children's rooms in apartments

Take into consideration the northeast, or the northwest part of the apartment for your child's bedroom. In such situations, windows must be located on the north side of the wall as it allows abundant natural light to the room and also blocks the entrance of harmful infrared radiation.

Toilets and bathrooms in your apartment

A lot of people overlook the washroom space in the flat. It is essential to know whether the bathroom/toilet is located in either the southeast or northwest corners or the southeast corner of your flat. Be sure to not place the toilets close to your bathroom and kitchen.

Yoni numbers as well as Vastu

Did you realize that there are 8 houses with eight positions that relate to brahmasthanam as well as Vastu? Yoni is the place of birth or the place of origin for the house. North east-west, south, and north are the four directions of the cardinals, and north-east, south-east north-west and south-west are the corner direction. Every home should be constructed in the cardinal direction, rather than in the corner direction as suggested by Vastu. The properties built along corner directions do not create the desired prosperity for the household.

Yoni numbers for every one of the directions on the flat

Yoni number

Direction of house


Eastern house


House in the south-eastern region


Southern house


South-western house


Western House


North-western house


Northern house


House in the north-eastern region

What is the reason it is important to know yoni and the flat's direction?

Many Vastu experts compare living in a Vastu-defying apartment to driving a car that is parked against the direction of travel that the car. If you can picture that you'll be able to feel the frustration of being out of control of what is happening around you. In the case of a home, a flat or a house and our own homes, we want to control everything that comes before us. Also, we want to be able to solve issues that arise as problems. In essence, the new house or flat needs to be constructed along the motion of the earth Yoni 1, 3 5 and 7. This particular orientation works best to guarantee Vastu for flats.


Which one is suitable for an apartment?

Every direction has its importance. Learn more about what they will have to share. Even if the property you want to purchase isn't a Vastu-compliant entry point, you can nevertheless purchase the property and implement a few easy Vastu solutions.

Which side of an apartment is the most desirable?

Each direction is equally favourable when you adhere to the fundamental Vastu guidelines. Find out more about the most beneficial directions by Vastu.

Does Vastu work?

Vastu is science more like a general guideline to follow when purchasing an investment property.

opinions and suggestions

The information I've given you is based on Indian texts as well as my knowledge acquired from learning with Acharyas and Gurus and my expert science with designing several temples, houses, and factories. Has your flat been checked by an experienced and skilled Vastu/Astro loger who can verify all of the above? Over my fifteen years of experience If you do all of the above with a reputable Vastu advisor, you will be 100% rich and enjoy happiness at home.

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