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Vastu for apartment: Vedic vastu tips of the Apartment

Vastu for Flat and Apartments: The important  Guideline

 This blog will explain the importance of Vastu for apartment,  as well as for all house owners along with some useful tips for Vastu for offices. So, let us begin
Vastu for apartment

In our modern world, purchasing a piece of land can be extremely difficult and expensive, so apartments are the most suitable option. Apartments are preferred over independent homes due to the variety of amenities and services available to residents. Children can enjoy well-maintained parks, swim in pools for everyone as well as a place for adults, and general security for every one. Modern architectural designs are almost impossible to locate an apartment or flat with any cuts, and by principles in Vastu cuts and extensions play a crucial function. I've tried to bring on the table a few of Vastu for apartments and flats that one must be aware of if they're in the stage of selection of their apartment or they already live in one.

If you're looking to purchase a house or you currently reside in one the answers to all your questions related to purchasing or changing your home or apartment are fully explained in this article.

10 essential things to look for when searching for apartments and flats in Vastu

  • The entry point is the most crucial
  • Its shape comes in second place as the most significant
  • Locating Water bodies is very important
  • Floors and slopes are vital to Vastu point
  • the position of the bedroom
  • position of the bathroom
  • the kitchen's position
  • location of puja room
  • the balcony's position
  • Interior management as per Vastu laws

Vastu Tips for Flats: A guide way to conquer life's obstacles

We all nowadays are stressed due to something or another in our life. Money, health, relationships, etc. could be in danger as a result of erroneous Vastu placements

Building houses is an unattainable dream for the majority of people. The high cost and difficulties that go with built ding have caused many to move to apartments by some Vastu suggestions for flats.

This has increased the need for Vastu e  apartments and flats.

That's why the majority of individuals turn to the old method that is Vastu Shastra to smooth another existence.

Vastu For Flats: Does it truly required?

  • The majority of the homes are built by the builders, and they do not care much about Vastu conformity. Their main goal is to fill all the space, even if they do not respect their own vastu
  • Tenants or buyers will have to deal with the issues that arise due to the Vastu doshas.
  • An uninformed Vastu results in a myriad of health problems, emotional peace, and relationship problems.
  • It is therefore recommended and strongly suggested that you adhere to the Apartment Vastu guidelines to lead a secure and prosperous existence.

How to check the Vastu for flats?

The most frequently asked query people are asked is how to verify the Vastu of an apartment.

I've put together this thorough guide to assist you in evaluating the Vastu for apartments and flats. If you follow these rules you will be able to know how to look over the Vastu flat and find out what positive and negative aspects of your apartment are about to Vastu.

You should look at the following 10 factors to figure out whether the good or bad quality of the home is according to Vastu shastras for flats and how to design the perfect flat according to Vastu:

Deep Examining all the 10 checklists of The Vastu to Flat and Apartments

  •  The location of the main entrance door.
  • When it concerns the principal entrance in Vastu to flats individuals may find it difficult to get it done in the right method. Because there is a limited opportunity completely or even shift directions of the primary entryway and exit, it is imperative to choose a house carefully
  • We invite you to read our in-depth article about Vastu for principal doorways to have full knowledge of the ideal and worst places in Vastu in open entrance positions according to the apartments in Vastu.
  • In a house, it isn't always possible to adhere to all the rules in Vastu to the door, and therefore, I've mentioned certain essential points that must be observed.

The main door Vastu for apartments and flats Tips to be aware of

  •  In the beginning, try to choose a room that is flat to either to east or north, ad the principal entrance.
  •  Select a property that has its primary entrance precisely at East, North, and West. If you are looking for a south-facing apartment you should be cautious as Vastu for flats that have entrances in the south could be excellent or very bad based on their position.
  •   Beware of the Vastu for flats that have the main door located in South West, North West or South East corners.
  • An North East entrance is not always beneficial, as many Vastu experts recommend. The exact position of the entrance can be very risky in certain situations and could cause accidents as well as financial loss. Thus, you should pick Vastu as the doorway to the apartment in a selective manner.
  •  The main door must always be open clockwise.
  •  Beware of the main entrance that is right to the left of the staircase or lifts. This is among the most significant Vastu problems that cause property disputes. (learn marabout dwarfs).
  •  Do not place any God idols near your main entryway. Many people put idols of Lord Ganesha that are not suitable according to the Vastu flat shastVastu. One of the most significant Vastu legends states that Lord Ganesha's statue in the entryway will keep away any evil. It is just a popular myth.

The form of the flat or apartment

  • A cut space in a flat is the floor space missing in a certain direction. A similar way of thinking about the term "extension" in flats is referring to additional floor space in a specific direction.
  • The opposite of a cut and an extension can be considered a good idea for flats of any kind. This means that some energy fields are missing completely or are present in excess in the flat. The result of either is ideal.
  • So, when choosing the right residential Vaastu it is important to check for extensions and cuts in various directions.
  • Each Vastu guidance is responsible for one or another aspect of life.
  • As an example For instance, for instance, the South East direction governs your digestion and cash flow. That means that when the South East area of your flat is damaged then you're more likely to suffer from financial and digestive issues.
  • So, it is best to stay clear of an item that has large cuts or extensions in multiple directions. One classic example can be an L-shaped or U-shaped flat.
  • Although neither a cut nor an extension is a good idea for flats They can be handled efficiently through careful utilization and use of mirror colour and s, metals.
  • Below, we have listed a few crucial factors to consider for Vastu to discuss with his apartment or flat in the f flat.

Vastu form for flats and apartments Tips to remember

  • ·    Square-shaped apartment flats are considered to be the most ideal according to Vastu laws.
  • ·    A rectangular shape in the ratio of 1:2 is considered to be good by the Vastu laws.
  • ·    Beware of flats or homes that have cut-outs in the northwest beasties in the southwest-west direction.
  • ·    minor cut in northwest and southeast manageable.
  • ·    The extension to the northeast is ideal.
  • ·    The extension that runs to the southwest is extremely bad.

Locating water bodies within the vicinity of the building.

  • Water bodies like (ponds lakes, ponds and bores reservoirs, etc.) are a major factor within Vastu laws.
  • It has tremendous effects in both good and bad ways therefore one should be cautious when purchasing a house or apartment, without identifying the bodies of water as per Vastu laws.
  • For instance, a house with a lake or a pond in the south of the country is likely to deteriorate until Vastu solutions are implemented.
  • Some of the major issues are listed below for water bodies.

finding water bodies according to Vastu for flats and apartments Things to consider

  •   Avoid buildings that have lakes, for example, large lakes or ponds that are located in the west and south directions.
  • Well, boring and other things in the southwest part of the building should be avoided.
  • A septic tank that is located in the northeast corner could result in financial and health problems it should be avoided.
  •  Flats/apartments have ponds as well as lakes to the east and north are excellent.

Floors as well as hills Vastu rules for apartments and flats.

·    you may be wondering what the effects of floors and slopes have to have to do with Vastu laws. Let me keep in mind the fact that Vastu has always been a scientific method to ignore negative energy and create positive energy, and then keep the same.

·    I've seen many people who are referred to as Vastu gurus who have not discussed the flooring or slopes or aren't aware of the research behind it, but this is the most vital aspect of making and storing positive energy.

Let's look at the most important things to adhere to.

·    The southwest part of the flat/apartment should have more and stronger flooring than other sports parts

·    The southeast should be lighter and lower compared to the west, however, it's heavier and higher than the northeastern northwest east.

·    The northwest should be lighter and lower in comparison to the other southwest flooring, but it must also be heavier and higher than the northeast east.

Location or the placement of bedrooms in apartments or flats as per Vastu law.

As it is crucial to have a Vastu-compliant house in general and also to arrange the bedrooms placed in the best direction to increase your growth and wealth.

To provide Vastu for bedrooms and a deep knowledge about Vastu bedrooms we've created a complete article that will provide you with:

  • How do you choose the right orientation for your room?
  • What is the best way to select curtains, walls and furniture colour for your bedroom in a flat, according to Vastu
  • The proper placement of furniture as well as.
  • Important things to remember about dos and don'ts.

Below are the most important aspects to consider for bedrooms in the form of Vastu within the apartment as well as the apartment.

Bedroom locations according to Vastu for apartments and flats Tips to remember

  • There must be bedroom locations in the southwest/south/west/and northwest directions.
  • The bedroom located in the southwest should be occupied by the family head.
  •  Bedroomsooms in the southeast direction should be avoided.
  •   bedrooms in the direction of the northeast are not suitable for children and should be kept out of.

Location or the location of the bathroom in apartments or flats as per Vastu laws

bathrooms are considered to be the point of exit of negative energy within Vastu laws, and therefore they are given the highest importance. If the bath is set in the wrong way, it could have immediate negative consequences. ( i.e. (i.e. (i.e. - a bathroom located in the northeast-east region is always a cause of health as well as

Note: Check out our awesome article on organizing bathrooms.

To understand Vastu's deep understanding of bathrooms, Vastu has written an exhaustive article that will inform you:

  • How do you determine the best instructions for the bathroom?
  • According to Vastu, how do you select the right colours for bathrooms in flats?
  • The proper placement of mirrors in the bathroom.
  • Important things to remember about dos and don'ts.

Below, we have listed the key points the bathroom must have according to the requirements of the apartment and flat.

Bathrooms as per Vastu for apartments and flats The best tips to remember

  • In all circumstances, there shouldn't be bathrooms in the southwest or northeast corners or zones.
  •  In the bathroom, the north/west is excellent.
  • Bathrooms in the southeast are standard and have Vastu solutions.
  • The toilet or commode must be situated in the wall to the west or south with a view to the north or east directions.
  •  The room must have ventilation or windows on the north or east wall.

Location or placement of kitchens in flats/apartments by Vastu laws

We all know that food is the primary source of energy for living organisms. According to Vastu shastra, food is also believed to be energy from nature in addition to its primary nutritional value. Vastu laws state that when food is preserved and prepared in the correct direction, where the natural energy is in sync with the food value, it will give greater nutritional value to the food that in turn provides a healthy blessing to family members.

To get a deeper understanding of Vastu in the kitchen I've written an extensive article that will explain:

  • How do you select the best instructions for the Kitchen?
  • According to Vastu, how do you select the right colours for your kitchen in the apartment?
  • The correct positioning of kitchen appliances and sinks inside the Kitchen.
  • Important rules and guidelines.

Below are the most important aspects to consider for the Kitchen in the form of Vastu inside the flat as well as the apartment.

Kitchen location according to Vastu for apartments and flats Tips to be aware of

·    A Kitchen located in southwest west, northeast corner/direction is not allowed.

·    Southeast is the most suitable area for another kitchen.

·    Northwest is the second most ideal location for kitchens.

·    The kitchen that is located in the middle of the flat is very shoddy.

·    The kitchen located in the south/west/east can be used in the light of Vastu remedies.

Location or the placement of puja rooms or worshipping areas in flats/apartments according to Vastu laws

·    Whatever your faith is or the god you believe in, it's all about meditation and enhancing your harmony with positive vibrations in your body.

·    Vastutu indicates which area of your home generates positive energy and provides you with an enjoyable, serene and result-oriented experience in spirituality.

·    Therefore, it is an essential aspect to find an exact spot by Vastu guidelines.

·    Below are the most important aspects of the bedrooms according to Vastu in the apartment and flat.

places of worship according to Vastu for apartments and flats Tips to remember

·    It's not essential to have a puja space within the flat. However, should it exist, it should be located at the northwest corner or in the direction.

·    One must look east or north while praying. The northeast corner of the apartment or flat is thought to be the best location for positive energy, so it should be open and have windows.

·    lighter shades of colours such as (blue-green, blue and cream) are possible to use. Beware of dark shades of colour, primarily black and red. A water tap has to be installed in this area.

Location or the placement of Balcony in flats/apartments as per Vastu laws

·    We indeed tend to overlook balconies when we choose an apartment or a flat according to Vastu laws. However, we do not realize that a balcony is a principal object that extends or cuts an area of your apartment according to the most crucial point (shape of your flat).

·    An apartment's balcony can be directly tied to the design and the shape of an apartment (i.e. an apartment with a balcony in the southwest direction is referring to a cut or an extension which renders the flat design wrong according to Vastu laws.

·    Let's look at the main things to consider about the balconies to consider when selecting an apartment.

Balcony areas according to Vastu for apartments and flats Tips to remember

·    The southwest-facing balcony is a no-no.

·    The balcony to the Northeast is a positive sign of Vastu.

·    Beware of the possibility of an extended balcony in any corner, excluding the northeast.

·    Balconies located in the southeast or northwest are possible in certain conditions.

Interior Management of Flats and Apartments according to Vastu laws

It is said the 70% rule of Vastu laws depends on the way an interior is handled for a home apartment, flat, or flat.

The topic of Vastu's interior Vastu inner world is extensive and crucial because even minor details are a crucial part of Vastu's nature.

(i.e. Mirror that is placed in the wrong direction can cause serious health problems and costly expense.)

Note: Please read our incredible piece about Vastu to get a complete understanding.

To help you gain a deeper knowledge of Vastu Interior Design, I've written an extensive article that will inform you:

  • How do you choose the right direction to place the mirror?
  • How do you choose the right colours for a home, flat or apartment?
  • The proper arrangement of furniture.
  • Important things to remember about dos and don'ts.

Below, we have listed a few crucial tips to consider for the Interior according to Vastu in apartments and flats.

The interior arrangement in Vastu in Flat and Apartments: Tips to be aware of

  • ·    The mirror should be located on the east and north walls. 
  • ·    Beware of putting Mirrors on the southwest and southeast walls.
  • ·    Don't put the bed on any beam.
  • ·    Colour plays a crucial part in emotions, so the colour of every aspect of the apartment or flat must be in line with Vastu laws.
  • ·    It is important to avoid sleeping to the north, in any situation.


A flat purchase is among the most important and costly decisions that one can make in their life. We highly suggest following Vastu for flats rules to ensure that the apartment is worth your time.

Although one might not have a lot of options for the rectification or moving of bathrooms, kitchens, rooms or bathrooms, etc. However, there are simple-to-use solutions that can transform your home into Vastu conforming.

We hope you enjoy the most thorough article online regarding Vastu inflators. Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

opinions and suggestions

The information I've given you is based on Indian architectural texts as well as my knowledge acquired from learning with Acharyas and Gurus and my experie nce with designing several temples, houses, and facto ries. Has your flat been checked by an experienced and skilled Vastu/Astrologer who can verify all of the above? Over my fifteen years of experience If you do all of the above with a reputable Vastu advisor, you will be 100% rich and enjoy happiness at home.

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