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flat Vastu :Tips to choose a good flat

 Vastu for Flat

 This blog will explain the importance of flat Vastu,  as well for all house owners along with some useful tips for flat Vastu. So, let us begin Vastu.html

We all know that India's population India has grown in a significant way. The metro cities, specifically Delhi and Mumbai are extremely populated. Both cities have a price of land is extremely high, and there's also a lack of land. Both of these factors contribute to the high percentage of residential construction. The majority of people prefer multi-story buildings (flats) because a home built on their property is not the ideal choice for them.

VastuShastra offers some guidelines, not just for flats, but also for the whole Housing Society or apartments. If you adhere to Vastu's rules for apartments, housing societies or flats, you can have a healthy, prosperous and content living in the dream home you've always wanted.

VastuShastra focuses on three principal aspects of Vastu while providing rules for Vastu for apartments, flats or housing societies: 

The three main aspects of Vastu Shastra are:

1 Vastu to accommodate multi-story Housing Society

2Vastu for a flat or an apartment in the Housing Society

3 Vastu Tips for the interiors of your apartment or flat.

Vastu is a multi-story Housing Society

Vastu Shastra gives the basic principles for Vastu for the Multi-Story Housing Society. These fundamentals of Vastu Shastra can be used in the context of the individual dwelling i.e. Flat or Apartment

·    If you are thinking of Vastu as a possible option for a Housing Society (flat or apartment). In this case, you'll need to adhere to the rules of Vastu Shastra for your home by making the entire community a single parcel.

·    When you think about this you must think of the flats as distinct rooms within the same plot.

·    In the present, it's difficult to build an entirely Vastu-friendly structure. However, if it's 75 per cent Vastu compatible, then it is considered excellent.

·    To select which Housing Society, apartment or flat -- you need to take into consideration the following aspects according to the specifications of Vastu shastra.

The form of the plot of the society:

·    the plot shape of the society must be consistent, i.e., square or rectangular. Avoid buying circular, curved, or unsymmetrical plots with a curved shape of the society.

·    If the plot is not shaped, it can be transformed into a normal shape by cutting off the extended sections. The extended areas can be used to increase the green space by planting trees, playgrounds, libraries, and so on.

Roads in the vicinity or around the housing association

If there are roads to or around the housing society in the North or East this is advantageous for the housing society. If the roads are to the west or south, there must be more offsets to the east or north. In this case, the housing society must be located in one of the Southwest, West, or South direction.

The plot's slope of the housing society

The slope of the plot owned by the housing society must be located in either the east, North, or northeast direction. The rules of Vastu Shastra about how the plot slopes.

The place and direction of everyday things:

The location and direction of things that are commonplace, such as the overhead and underground water tanks elevators, stairs, the watchman's post, sports room gym, parking, Garden, Community Centre, etc. must be built by Vastu's principle shastra. The location and position of the temple within society should be in line with the guidelines in Vastu Shastra.

Types of building material 

·    green building materials should be utilized for the building of housing societies. Sandstone, natural sand, bricks, lime, and marble are thought to be a blessing and sustainable since they have a positive impact on the society's inhabitants.

·    RCC glass, RCC and granite are, in general, not as good and ominous. The unlimited use of heavy steel can have an unfavourable and stressful impact on people in society.

·    Vastu Shastra encourages the use of powerful and eco-friendly building materials during construction.

Flat for Vastu

Keep in your mind the following Vastu guidelines when buying an apartment:

The shape of flats or apartments

It is always best to choose regular-shaped flats such as rectangular or square. By Vastu Shastra, you should not purchase circular, curved or unsymmetrical flats because they aren't considered to be auspicious.

Direction and place of the flat or apartment

Try your best to buy an apartment situated in one of the North, East, and the North-East region of the housing association since they are the best places to attract positive energy in the morning, and keep negative forces from home.

There should be plenty of space around the apartment, or in the sense that your block shouldn't be too Close to the blocks of this residential association.

The front of the apartment or flats flat or apartments facing

Prefer the flat that faces either the northeast or East-facing north direction. Balconies on the flat must be facing north or northeast direction. Balconies located in the South are beneficial in the winter months for a warm sun. Do not buy a flat balcony, and only have balconies in the west or south direction.

Entry into flat or apartment

If you plan to buy a house in Housing Society, then the direction of the entrance to both could be different. Also, Vastu for flats entrance and the entrance of the housing society both must be taken into consideration.

Dampness or leakage in the flat

Do not buy a flat that leaks or has dampness. Examine the toilets and bathrooms carefully for this. Do not buy a flat that is part of the overhead tank of an apartment.

Direction and the location of toilets

Never buy an apartment with toilets in the direction of the northeast, because it is believed to be unlucky by the Vastu Shastra. The toilet should not be situated near the entry point to the apartment.

Directions and the location of the bedroom location of the bedroom 

The bedroom should be situated a distance from the primary entrance of the flat. It should also be located in direction of the Southwest direction. Bedroom Vastu

Directions and  location of the kitchen 

The kitchen should always be situated in the South-east or Northwest direction.

Vastu Tips for Apartment

Vastu Shastra Tips to buy an apartment or flat to keep in mind:

1. Make sure that the northeast is empty as much as you can. Put heavy objects such as almirahs, furniture etc. on walls to the South or West walls.

2. Maintain the centre of your home ( Brahmasthana) clean, free of clutter and free of items.

3. Place cooking on the stove that is gas-powered in your kitchen to your East or South-East. When cooking food, you should be facing east.

4. The bed should be in the southwest corner of the bedroom. Don't sleep with your head towards the north. Your head should be facing in the west or south direction. The bed should be constructed out of wood in the shape should be rectangular or square.

5. All windows and doors ventilators need to be open and shut without restriction and should not emit any sound while opening or closing. 

6. Maintain your main entrance clean and tidy, and decorate it to attract positive energy into your home. It is also possible to draw rings in front of the main door. If the main door is facing an unlucky direction, close it

7. Use light colours to paint walls with white, cream pink, light green and light blue. Avoid dark Grey and bright colours.

8. Decorate your home by adhering to the guidelines from Vastu shastra. Make sure to use auspicious artworks, sculptures, pictures, images and so on. The wall clocks should be hung in the correct direction.

9. Plants that are heavy in pots should be kept in the South direction however fragile plants, as well as Herbs such as Tulsi mint, may be planted in both the North and East.

10. Fix the leaky faucets and non-working hand clocks as soon as you can. The flow of water from leaky taps is the main reason for wasting money. Clocks that are not working can be a sign of trouble for your health.

11. last but not least, a mahurat or auspicious date and time must be selected to book and enter the apartment.

Vastu Tips to Buy a New Apartment 10 Tips To Take into Consideration

When you're looking for the perfect apartment You want to make sure that the property is ideal for you in every aspect. When you are deciding on your new residence take a look at these Vastu suggestions for purchasing the perfect flat., be sure you read these Vastu suggestions before buying.

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian practice of creating a positive home. Vastu-compliant plots and apartments enable their inhabitants to enjoy more happiness as well as health, wealth and wealth. Vastu is a field of study focused on max imizing the fundamentals of optics, engineering, spirit uality, and acoustics. If you're currently looking for a new home be sure to determine whether the house you are planning to purch ase is in line with the basic Vastu principles.

Vastu suggestions for buying a flat

Make sure the house you plan to purchase follows these fundamental guidelines that are part of Vastu Shastra. These Vastu guidelines for purchasing new homes will help you ensure that the house you choose is Vastu in compliance.

1. This is the orientation of your plot, as well as construction, which should be facing east or north.

In Vastu's suggestions for happy homes, certain directions, like east and north are beneficial to the property, while others are negative. Vastu's suggestions for buying new flats say that north and east-facing plots are ideal for the building of houses. The homes that face south or west must be avoided.

2. The plot should be in a rectangular or square

Vastu's advice for buying an apartment suggests that the design of the plot for the property must be rectangular or square. It must also be facing directly in all four directions of the cardinals. By the rules of Vastu, the ideal ratio between length and breadth of the structure should have a balance of 1:1, 1:1.5 or even 1:2.

It is best to avoid irregularly-shaped plots that are oval or circular, as well as triangular. A plot that has 4 corners, as well as a square form, is the ideal plot according to Vastu's advice when buying a new flat.

3. The form of the structure must conform to Vastu rules.

According to Vastu's suggestions to boost the energy of your home, two forms are crucial when buying properties. The shapes determine the overall health and prosperity of those who live in the house. A ' Gaumukhi' shape appears narrower at the entry point and wide at the back, and is considered to be a good choice for plots purchased for residential purposes. The shape 'Shermukhi' is broad at the entry point and narrow in the back. It is believed to be the most suitable for commercial properties. The extended corners are not suitable for residential buildings, except in the northeast.

4. Vastu suggestions for purchasing a new apartment to decorate it and colours for houses

Vastu's suggestions for homes that are new suggest purchasing flats that are painted in darker hues. This is because dark colours are on your flooring, furniture, walls and so on. radiate negative energy. However, light colours like yellow, pink orange, pink, etc. radiate positive energy. The colours of the balcony and home according to Vastu can be purchased according to Vastu principles.

5. Location of areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, staircases and the main entrance

Buyers of homes should take into consideration the location of rooms like areas like the kitchentoilets and the staircase before purchasing an apartment according to Vastu's advice to buy a house. Be sure to place them located in the southwest or south directions. The position of the principal door is also crucial when buying a brand-new apartment. There are many high-end flats located in Kolkata that must be inspected and follow these Vastu suggestions during the time they are constructed.

6. Beware of flats with large bodies of water that are located in direction of the South or West direction.

Vastu's suggestions for purchasing new homes suggest that homeowners should stay clear of buying apartments that are surrounded by huge areas of water. Particularly on areas that are in the South or West direction of the house.

7. Check that the kitchen is positioned to the southeast according to Vastu

Vastu's advice for purchasing the perfect new home suggests that if your kitchen is located in the direction of the southeast, food is prepared in the direction east. This is believed to be auspicious.

8. It is recommended that the entrance of your home is to the north or northeast.

Vastu Shastra's suggestions for your home, This will ensure that you have that your home is shady throughout the day.

9. Bedroom Vastu advice for purchasing the latest flat

The ideal bedroom location is best placed in the southwest corner because it will allow you to relax and unwind at end of your day. The placement of your bedroom is crucial for ensuring that your home is tranquil to Vastu's advice for purchasing a brand-new flat.

10. Toilets and bathroom facilities in the flat

It is essential to know whether the bathroom/toilet is situated in the northwestern or southeast corners of the apartment. Vastu's suggestions for purchasing the right flat suggest that toilets should not be situated close to the Pooja space or kitchen.

Take a look at these Vastu suggestions for purchasing the new  flat

Vastu Shastra is extensively used to resolve issues for both old and new houses. Therefore, various Vastu strategies are commonly utilized to help bring energy and life to our homes. While some might doubt the wisdom that comes from Vastu shastras, the suggestions are worth considering when it comes to bringing positive energy into your ideal home.


What is the most suitable option for flats according to Vastu's advice for purchasing a flat?

It is ideal if your entryway is flat and flat. is in toward the East or North-East direction. to will get the most energy from your home.

Are there any solutions to fix the problem of Vastu in an apartment?

Yes, even if your apartment or flat isn't constructed according to Vastu some modifications can be made to alter and enhance the energy level of the home.

What is HTML0? Vastu suggestions for home pages for primary entry?

It is ideal if the entrance to your home is on the north or northeast. According to Vastu Shastra's advice for homes that will allow your home is shady throughout the day.

How can Vastu advise you to purchase a brand new bathroom for your new home?

It is essential to know whether the bathroom/toilet is situated in the northwest corner. Vastu's advice for buying an apartment also recommends that toilets shouldn't be situated close to your Pooja area or in the kitchen.


 This is the conclusion for the topic flat Vastu, which combines science and architecture in one world, is nothing more than science. It redefines the meaning of modern-age offices . Vastu  Planning is a positive force that activates the positive field to help you reach your goals. To create a positive working environment, Professional Vastu planning is necessary. 

opinions and suggestions

The information I've given you is based on Indian architectural texts as well as my knowledge acquired from learning with Acharyas and Gurus and my experie nce with designing several temples, houses, and factory es. Has your flat been checked by an experienced and skilled Vastu/Astrologer who can verify all of the above e? Over my fifteen years of experience If you do all of the above with a reputable Vastu advisor, you will be 100% rich and enjoy happiness at home.

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