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Tips of Vastu Shastra For Main Door Entrance

This blog will explain the importance of main door Vastu for flats  ,  as well as for all house owners along with some useful tips for main door Vastu for flats. So, let us begin door vastu for flats .html

Vastu shastra is the ancient art of architecture based on directional alignments, an abiding essence of objects, things, articles, goods and wealth, property and so on. But, many people label it as a superstition, however, it's an actual scientific method of mapping the methods to attract positive energy in your work or home. If a landscape or structure is planned correctly, Vastu can impart growth prosperity, happiness, and success throughout your life in all aspects.

In the Vastu Shastra, the home is the place of residence of Lord Ganesha, the Goddess Lakshmi, and Goddess Saraswati. It is believed to comprise five fundamental elements i.e. water, earth, air and fire. Space is also one of them. Through these components, Vastu Shastra helps to draw positivity. To do this, it's essential to pay atten tion to the direction of certain objects and rooms, as well as the dimensional accuracy, and the positioning of the entrance gate according to the established rules. This article provides some suggestions for an area that is prominent in the home i.e. the Main Entrance. It also provides Vastu guidelines for the same.

Vastu Tips For Main Door Entrance

1.  After having performed this Vastu Puja, a favourable day should be chosen to fix the main door.

2.  Divide the length of the structure into 9 equal parts to determine the exact position

3.  The door must be secured to the 4th section on the right side, then the sixth section on the left and facing the house.

4.  The effect of Cardinal orientation is about the directions such as

5.  North and West can bring riches to your life

6.  East is for all advantages

7.  South is a symbol of liberation.

8.  The precise position that the entrance door will be essential to ensure the stimulation of positive energies in the surrounding

9.  Don't put doors in the corners of the room.

10.  When compared to other entrance doors in the home The main door should be the biggest one

11. Fix doors to the outside with a straight line inside the structure

12.The entrance door should be located on the same side as the main entrance door.

13.  Do not directly face the house in front of you.

14.The front door of the property must not be facing any property that has been demolished.

15.  Don't store any underground tanks below the main entrance.

16.  The gate should be constructed out of wood made comprised of Teak, Honne and Matti instead of Peepal and Coconut

17.  Decorate your entrance with the auspicious omens that are associated with God Ganesha or goddess Lakshmi to bring luck to your loved ones.

Vastu Shastra is believed to be responsible to bring peace and joy to millions over time. So, to improve your life, use the Vastu Shastra when designing an important element such as the Main Entrance to your house.

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