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Vastu tips office |for entrepreneurs, professionals

Vastu Tips in Office Space

This blog will explain the importance of the Vastu tips office  for traders, entrepreneurs, businessmen professionals tips office.html

Most people try to adhere to the Vastu Shastra guidelines, for luck and luck. It's just an issue of faith. Many think they believe the Vastu’suggestions the officesicesl will give them a steady flow of cash and give them stability in their business. If you're an advocate of Vastu of energy advice, then stay on at the tips of your feet. I will share excellent tips about Vastu in various places. energy

Seating area arrangements according to different departments 

  • The north, east or northeast is beneficial for entrepreneur rs. This is because these directions promote growth and new beginnings.
  • Affirming the nortnortheastection can be advantageous for those who work in sales or marketing. This is because these guidelines provide proactiveness.
  • The northeast direction is going to be beneficial for the Account department's officials.

Seating area arrangements of the employee

Employees should face the direction of the northeast or north. Thisbecausethat this direction increases productivity.

Vastu Tips to help you get into the entrance

North or northeast entrances are good for the entrance of the office. These directions are a sign of prosperity and will bring good luck.

Vastu Tips for reception areas

This nortnortheasteast direction is great for areas such as reception desks in offices. French flower arrangements in lavender or treen jade are excellent to have in the reception areas. The receptionist is a can either facing north or east.

Vastu Tips for the canteen

A southeast orientation is great to build a pantry for your office. It is possible to choose either a light blue or green cocalero to mmakeiteit easier to enter. It is a good idea to have some plants in the area.

The idea is that bathrooms give negative energy. Therefore, it is important to place your bathroom in the correct direction  The direction of northwest or west is ideal for bathrooms.  These Vastu suggestions are essential for offices.

Vastu Tips to use the staircase at work

A southSouththethe perfect is south out the perfect choice to build a staircase in your workplace. Be sure not to have stairs in the central office. It can cause financial difficulties for you. In addition, you can put plants on the corners of your stairs. Vastu experts recommend installing elevators in either the east or north directions within the office.

Vastu's tips for selecting wall colours 

selecting a  colour that gives energy  to you  about some cool colours

Vastu Tips for arranging plants

The plants will add green to your office, as they will also bring luck. Some of the best plants to plant at the office include bamboo as well as jade plants as well as island-based plants.

Vastu suggestions for meeting/conference rooms

As per Vastu, northwest is an excellent direction to establish an event or meeting space. This is also an ideal location for setting up waiting areas.

Vastu-based tips to work in the comfort of your home

Due to the pandemic Covid-19, The necessity of working from home has been the norm. Therefore, it is more productive when you are at home. I'll share with you some fantastic strategies.

  • Your home office should be set in the southwest or west direction.
  • Make sure you have a light gold colour l  colour your set-up. It's because this colour is considered to be efficient and lucrative.
  • Naturally, your chair for work must be comfortable and spacious.
  • The southwest or west-facing section is ideal for drawers.

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Vastu Tips for Office Space Design

  • Southwest, West and South Zones are believed to be the best way for employees to be seated. It is not recommended to sit directly under the beam.
  • The reception area should be located to be located in the northeast of the office, and the receptionist should face both directions, North and East.
  • Temple is best made in the Northeast part of the offices.
  • The open spaces must be located more located in either the North as well as East direction.
  • The height of buildings should be the same from all angles.
  • The location of tubes or boring wells in the direction south this detrimentaltal to the financial situation.
  • North or Northwest are the most suitable directions to build toilets in offices.
  • It is suggested to construct your staircase in the western or southern area of the building. The staircase's placement in the centcentrenot is recommended.
  • It is recommended to construct stairs in either the western or southern portion of the workplace. The staircase's placement in the centre is not recommended.
  • The painting of sadness must be avoided at all times in the office they can affect the unity within the office. Instead, paintings depicting goods with good addresses are recommended because oftcarebere is a source of luck and prosperity.
  • To store documents or place the files, cabinets that face north are recommended within the workplace.

Vastu Tips Office/ Vastu Shastra for Offices/ Vastu Advice for Corporate Office

1.  The rectangular and square-shaped plots are the best choices for the business. bu nesses direction your office isn't oval on rectangle cabinets or screens can that be used to give it an even shape.? 

2.  Mars is the god of the South and is the symbol of physical force. Ice that faces south in which a lot of physical work is a good choice.

3.  The North-East is controlled by Jupiter along with the Sun. It is orientation is ideal for consulting, teaching, etc.

4.  East is controlled by the Sun and North of North-West is ruled by the Moon as well as Mercury. These are the most suitable office locations for those who are involved in intellectual pursuits like writers, engineers editors, designers, publishers etc.

5.  The SoutSouth-East is the ideal office location that is run by women since it is the domain of Venus.

6.  A southwestern-facing ice, that is ruled by Saturn is the ideal choice for a laboratory or research institute or detective agency.

7.  The South-West is an aspect of Rahu that is ideal to locate factories as well as offices dealing with poisonous chemicals, pesticides as well as mosquito mats.

8.  The North-West is the best place to have an automobile display with play with opening term North of North-West as well as salons and air conditioners and so on. This is the zone of air in which nothing lasts forever.

9.  The North is the best choice for moneylenders and bankers.

10. There should not be Vedha or obstructions at the entrance to the office. Shermukhi plots are great for commercial activities.

11. In the area for reception area should be facing East or North.

12. The  Vastu waiting area for clients as well as seats for marketing and sales staff could be located situated in North West. Toilets must also be located in the North-West.

13.   The person in charge of the organisation or office should be in one South-West. It should be an adequate wall behind his desk, and it must always be rectangular in shape. Second-level level levels should be located in their respective areas of South and West. Install large cabinets to the South-West South or West.

14. The accounting department is the best located in the North with staff members seated with their backs to the North.

15. Boardrooms and conference rooms may be situated in the East or the West. East is the direction for fresh beginnings and new ideas. West is ideal for posting an analysis of the target when it is completed.

16directionse    South-East is the best choice for a pantry or kitchen that is part of a larger company. Equipment that is related to heat, generators, fire boilers, photocopier etc should be located situated in the South-East.

17 The section in the North-East of the office can serve as a prayer space. It should be kept uncluttered and neat.

18. Everyday day cleaning is required in the office space and regular sorting out of unneeded papers and items should be completed. This is crucial to keep ta a positive vibe within the office.

The Vastu tips office boosts your productivity at work

Vastu Tips & Remedies For Large Spaces

  • Offices should face east.
  • Beware of irregular ship shapes on the plot. A square rectangle or square is ideal for office structures.
  • North or east sides are the preferred choice for executive executives and other staff.
  • Water purifiers and other water bodies may be placed in the North East direction in the direction of h-east.
  • The business's owner should be facing north while handling customers
  • The staircase's direction should be Southe h, South-west or West. Avoid stairs in the centre or Brahmsthan of the office.
  • Toilets should be built on the Wontthe or the North-west. The pantry must be built in the southeast.
  • Reception should be located in the North-East.
  • Beware of employees who are seated in the beam.
  • The waiting room may be located situated in North-West or the northwest.
  • Office ce colours should not be too bright.
  • It is recommended to put the desk in a rectangular angular shape in the office of the CEO and MD.
  • Marketing department with a direction of north-wests was is considered to be good
  • Stairs must be in the clockwise direction.
  • Do not water the r bodies on the outside of the door to any entryway.
  • The floors sloping should be oriented towards East, North or North-East
  • Rooms should be situated close to the gates.
  • The staff canteen is located found in South-East.
  • Staff members should work in either the east or north direction.
  • The accounting department must be situated in the direction of the southeast.
  • The monitor of your computer must be located on the right side of your computer.
  • Tube wells or boring wells in the south of the h are damaging to finances and must be avoided at all expenses.
  • The office's central area must be kept unoccupied.
  • The Purchase department should be located in the south or west.
  • Keep the sales file - in the note h-west shelf on watch the l and Credit ppurchasingfilenorthwestnorth-west corner shelf.
  • Place the file containing the final product on a northwest corner shelf.
  • The cashier should be located in the north

 Vastu Tips for Office: Key to Growth & Prosperity

Finance is the centre and soul of any company and it is, therefore, essential to establish a workplace that is filled with optimism and motivation, as well as divine blessings along with financial peace. It doesn't matter if it's a home or an office creating and designing interiors and exteriors based on Vastu will bring luck and prosperity. If you are planning to build your own office or to make changes to your office there are some helpful ideas to remember.

Vastu-based tips on Office Buildings to Bring Prosperity

The proper arrangement of walls paints decor, and more will help to ensure financial stability and enhance a person's overall well-being. We have provided the top office Vastu Shastra guidelines to ensure your workplace is filled with positive energy and development.

1. Office plot

If you have the option of selecting an area, Sher Mukhi plots are the ideal office building plots since their shape is a Lion. The plots are large in front, but small at the back. They typically face in the North direction.

2. The direction for an office structure

The direction of commercial buildings is a subject of debate. However, the majority of people believe that the North, North-East, or North-West is the ideal location for offices or businesses, as they bring luck and optimism to business. For office spaces in the service sector offices, the East direction is ideal for them when it comes to profitable companies The NorthHoadvice colour the (direction of Kuber the Lord of Wealth) is a good investment for financial gain.

3. Building location

The office must be surrounded by roads that are running instead of an isolated one to ensure success.

4. Entrance to Office

It is recommended that the principal entry point into the office is facing either the North or East direction, with no obstacles

5. Reception

The office's reception must convey positive energy to clients, visitors and even employees. The best location for reception is located in the East or Northeast direction. The name boardrboarddirectionpurchasesenergy board ofpurchase the office should be placed on the south side of the wall. Then set the reception desk diagonally from the main entrance door.

6. Staircase

  • The correct position for stairs according to Vastu lies in the South in the South of the South West direction. painted in pastel light shades.
  • The best thing to do is not build staircases that are at the centre, as it could result in financial losses.s. Avoid staircases that are black and red.

7. Indoor Positioning

The location of each department such as the pantry, department, and more play a crucial role in Vastu. Let's take a look at the best places to have things placed in the office to ensure that success and prosperity be yours.

Office Vastu Sitting Position

  • Employees: They should look in the North direction or East direction.
  • Accounts Department: This should be situated within either the North or East direction, as these directions are perfect to conduct cash transactions. Put the financial records on your cabinet's Southwest and/or North in the cabinet.
  • Tech Department Southeast orientation is most effective as it evokes power and passion.
  • Department of Marketing and Sales The departments are located situated in the northwest corner of the office, facing towards the north, to help keep them focused.
  • HR and administrative The HR and administrative staff can be located within the Southeast Northeast or northeast.
  • Executive level: Executive individuals should look in the Southwest, South, or West directions as per Vastu for office, as they are believed to improve the ability to make decisions at work and add positive energy to workplaces.

Office Vastu Rooms Position

  • Owner's Room The cabin for office owners are required to be located in the direction of the southwest and facing north when working.
  • Conference room: Create the conference room to the northwest.
  • Waiting room: It should be located in the northwest or the northeast direction.
  • Cash secure: The direction to the southwest indicates financial stability.
  • Pantry: A pantry may be placed in the South-East or South-West direction in any workplace, and painted blue. Plants that are bright green can bring freshness to the office. Don't put a pantry inside your workplace in the North direction and paint it in rea d or pink hue.
  • Storage rooms: Storage rooms lockers for employees, storerooms and storage spaces may be located in the south or southwest directions in the offices.
  • Temple Room: Create the pooja area in the northeast direction similar to your home, and ideal to promote business growth. If the NE direction is not accessible you can build the pooja area in the dof direction purchases purchaseastpurchases energy. If you're interested in knowing the god's image you should keep it in the entryway Vastu experts recommend placing it in the Ganesha idol, however, make sure that trear-facing it faces the office's main entrance. Ganpati murti or the image faces the office's main entrance.

 Exterior Positioning

The exterior area of an office is comprised of many elements: Guardrooms, staff quarters office lawns, etc. Their location is based on Vastu Shastra is described below:

  • Parking for office vehicles: Parking of the vehicles should be located in the direction of North West of the building for offices. Do not construct the parking space in the direction of the North-East.
  • Security Room: Northwest orientation is the most effective way to keep your eyes on visitors and cars that enter the office.
  • Office lawns If you have a yard that is surrounded by trees, they should be located to the West and South of your office space. You can however have small lawns that are not surrounded by tra trees Nin the East, North and east directions.
  • Quarters for staff: The best location for staff quarters is North West for staff quarters The second option is the southeast there's no space.

Wall colours in the Office

The office space should be painted in bright colours promotes positivity, reflect light and keep negativity at bay however vice versa can work in certain situations. Let's look at the colour selection for the walls of your office.

Colour Palette

Blue: Helps keep the ambience bright, especially on the southern wall.

Green: Paint the wall southwest green to bring harmony to the office. 

White different shades of yellow, white and cream should be used on the southeast east, northeast, and northwest corners of walls. 

Red and Pink: Generally office interiors aren't decorated with pink and red colours, however, you can use these colours only on south-facing walls should you wish to paint them.

 Plants are placed in the office

It is a good idea to place snake plants, jade plants, or bamboo plants on your desk at work as they bring luck, prosperity and good fortune. The other plants you can choose from include palm trees and money plants. They can also be called the dracaena plant.

Workplace Furniture

Workstations shouldn't be in L-shape or have any other shape that is irregular because it could cause confusion and cause delays in the process of delivering work. For east-facing workstations storage needs to be located on the right side of the table, while those facing north may have additional space on the left-hand part of the table.

Divine Vastu Tips for Office Interiors

  • There should not be any obstacles located near or directly in front of the entrances to the offices.
  • The central portion of the office must be kept clear.
  • The reception area should be in the northern-eastern area within the offices. The receptionist must face either the East or North direction.
  • The water bodies should be located within areas such as North East or Eastern region.
  • An aquarium that has 9 gold fishes and a blackfish is suggested for the North-East is a good idea to use for Vastu to decorate office spaces.
  • Directors, executives and managers should be within directories should be located in the West, South or South-West areas of the office, according to Office Vastu. Eastern, as well as Northern zones, are reserved for middle-level managers and employees. Field personnel should be placed in the North-West.
  • Vastu’stu suggestions suggest that the personnel work in towards the North or East directions.
  • Office Vastu recommends that the accounts department is located in the southeastern region.
  • The marketing department must be situated northwest of the office layout.
  • Be sure to not place employees in the beams. If it is not possible then cover the beams with an artificial ceiling.
  • Office Vastu suggests that the person who owns the table or MD should be seated at a rectangular table.
  • Pantry and lunch rooms must be situated in the South East and North-West as per Vastu's tips.
  • The restrooms must be located in the North-West area of the building or the North-West corner of the rooms. Alternate directions for restrooms include Central South or Central West. Bathrooms are not recommended in the North-East area, North and East.
  • Important documents and papers must be kept in cabinets and safes with a South-West orientation.
  • All telephones and side tables must be set in the South-West corner.
  • Conference rooms are most effective in the direction of North-West.
  • employees who require improvement in their performance must first be situated within the Western region before being moved to the South-East.
  • The placement of images of Gods and gods to the right of mirrors is thought to be a sign of prosperity from a financial perspective.
  • The staircase is most effective within its South, West and South-West places in the office design.
  • If the office is equipped with temples, the art here is to place it in the northeast portion of the office layout.

These Vastu techniques are intended to draw inspiration from nature and boost energy levels in the work environment. It is important to note that the Vastu for office design has several other elements, however, it could be used to measure small modifications

 opinions and suggestion

This information that I have shared with you is based on the Indian architectural texts and also the knowledge I have gained from years of studying under Acharyas and Gurus as well as my experience of architecturally designing many temples, hou ses and factories.  Get your office checked by a knowledgeable and experienced Vastu/Astrologer to check all the above. In my 15 years of experience, if you go through the above with a good Vastu consultant, you can be 100% successful in your career or business


 This is the conclusion for the topic Vastu tips office  Vastu shastra, which combines science and architecture in one world, is nothing more than science. It redefines the meaning of modern-age offices. Vastu  Planning is a positive force that activates the positive field to help you reach your goals. To create a positive working environment, Professional Vastu planning is necessary. 

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