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Vastu tips for flat :Excellent VastuTips for Flat and Apartments

 Vastu Tips for Flats and Apartments: The Ultimate Guide

This blog will explain the importance of main door Vastu for flat,  as well as for all house owners along with some useful tips for main door Vastu for flat. So, let us begin

Vastu tips for flat


Flats and apartments are the norms in major cities, due to the booming population. These structures are inhabited by many residents in a restricted space. Additionally, such structures are efficient, as the maximum use of space is made.

When creating multi-story flats and apartments Pay attention to the land plot and its position. The plots facing north and east are perfect for such kinds of structures. It is worth noting that it isn't possible to follow every single rule of Vastu Shastra in the building of flats and apartments. However, it is essential to remove any unwanted material from the earth and apply the standard Vastu principles.

Even if only half the rules that are outlined in Vaastu Shastra are adhered to in the building of apartments, more benefits can be gained for the prisoners to enjoy their lives without stress.

The guidelines set out should be strictly followed so that the maximum benefit is provided to the owners of the flat.

1 1.The location should be a suitable rectangular or square as far as is possible, with a South West corner equal to 90 degrees.

   2. North, East or North East roads are better by having two gates, one located in the East and the other North. 

  3. Alongside being good for the North East, South West or North West blocks are also beneficial.

  4. The ground levels should be sliding toward North East and the levels in the South West should be higher than any        other side.

5. An open well or a bore well must be constructed to the North East before the construction is completed.

6. North East projection in a plot is great.

7. Kitchens are most popular for those living in South East or North West.

8. Balconies facing North, East and North East are recommended.

9.  It is not advised to build balconies towards those areas that are South or West.

10. The kitchen should be used to use in South East, or North West on the terrace.

11. Staircases must be located situated in the Southwest, south or South West and must avoid in the North East because the size of the staircase's headroom, greater than South West isn't acceptable.

        12. The main entry point into the flat must be via East, North, North East, West and North West.

        13.   Bore wells and wells are not permitted. are to be dug in South East, North West or South West.

14. The height of the second storey is bound to be slightly smaller than that of the initial storey.

    15. Cellars must be stored in the eastern or northern area of the complex and not on the western or southern side.

16. North East cellar to be used for parking vehicles, but preferably not large trucks.
17. An open area in the North East should be used for lawns, borewells and pumps.
18. A lake, a canal or a river an enormous well or a pond ought to be located in the east or north.
19. Mountainous constructions or constructions that are heavy must be situated to the south or west of the area.
20. There shouldn't be large trees to the north or east of the area.
21. There should be no hole or well located in either the west or south direction.
22. All four corners must be at 990 (set square). If there is only North East is extended i.e. when it's less than 900 the extension will be sufficient.
23. All rainwater must be flowing from south to north as well as west to east.
24. Southwest is the best and North East should be lowest in elevation.
25. If all corners aren't at 900, then we need to correct them before starting construction.
26. If the side of a road approaches our property, it is important to take it seriously because some are beneficial and some are not. This is known as Veethi Shoola.
27. Apartments shouldn't be painted in sky blue, black or red hues.


Tips to remember to arrange your kitchen in flats, as per Vastu:

  • A kitchen should be located situated in South East to South directions.
  • If it's not feasible to do so in the Southeast alternative directions for placing the kitchen include the West or North West directions.
  • It is important to turn your back East or North when cooking.
  • If the kitchen is located toward the South East or South the South, you should stay clear of black or blue kitchen slabs.
  • Do not use granite near the gas stove. A marble slab is suggested by Vastu to make a flat.
  • Kitchen cabinets to store items should be put on your Southern wall.
  • The mixer should be stored in the Eastern area of the kitchen.
  • Do not buy an appliance that is blue or black in case you plan to put it in your kitchen.

Vastu for the pooja room inside the flats. to keep in mind

  • The images/ idols from Gods should be placed around your chest and not lower than that.
  • Beware of using a red cloth if you're Pooja room is located in the North East
  • According to Vaastu's advice for flat the best colour is shades of green, blue and light yellow to accent both the North East East and West.
  • If you live in a Pooja room located in the East It is recommended to stay clear of silver idols and tools. Choose copper, steel, or brass in place.
  • If you are planning a pooja area in the West Silver or brass or gold utensils are the ideal choice.
  • Do not keep more than two images or idols of one God and Goddess.
  • It is recommended to install mandirs of wood for your North East, East, and South East. For mandirs located in the West white marble is the best choice.
  • Always ensure that the mandir is well-lit by proper lighting.
  • Be careful not to place a mandir, or pooja space close to the toilet, or beneath an escalator.

Vastu for bathroom/toilets in flats

·    Avoid using a toilet in the North, North East, and South West directions. They could cause serious health and financial difficulties.

·    The toilet seat must not be located directly next to the door of the toilet.

·    The idea of a toilet beneath the staircase is okay so long as the direction of the staircase is correct.

·    A slope on the floor of the toilet must always be toward the North or East and never to the South or West.

·    Pick the wall tiles carefully for toilets, based on the direction they are installed.

·    According to Vastu's rules for flats and toilets, for toilets located in the East or North choose brown or blue tiles. for toilets that are located in South East or South use yellow or orange tiles, and for toilets located in the West and North West use grey tiles.

·    The toilet's door shouldn't be opened directly in front of the bed.

·    Toilet seats or toilets must always be about a foot above the floor.

Vastu for Bedroom flats

·    Beware of false ceilings that are placed that are directly above your mattress. A lot of wires and metals are not healthy for you or your sleep since they create many electromagnetic fields.

·    Always choose light shades for bedroom wall paints. Darker shades can affect your mind and make it difficult to unwind.

·    Choose wooden beds over metal as it is a natural substance with higher vibrations over metals.

·    Don't use a box bed. The box beneath the bed blocks the flow of energy, which can cause disturbed sleeping and backaches.

·    Always rest with your head pointing towards your East or South and never to the North.

·    Mirrors placed in front of your bed are fine if your bedroom is situated in the north, east, or west directions. For bedrooms that are located that is located in either the South or South West, you must stay clear of placing a mirror in the South or South West.

·    Beware of having a fountain in your bedroom. Water that is flowing creates a lot of energy that can disrupt sleep.

·    Fresh flowers in the bedroom draw in positive energy and bring in abundance.

Vastu for Colors in flats

·    Always use naturally produced colours instead of synthetic colours that are everywhere. They can be harmful to well-being and peace of mind.

·    If you are decorating a room located in the North you should choose shades of white, grey-green and blue.

·    Brown, beige, and green are the best colours suitable for rooms in the East

·    According to Vastu's rules for flats in a bedroom located in the Southeast and the south shades of light orange, pink maroon, red and brown are ideal.

·    Silver, grey and gold are the best choices for bedrooms located in the West.

Important  Vastu Tips for flat


·    The direction of North and East is most suitable for windows and balconies.

·    Toilets and bathrooms should be built in the south or west region. Drains should be located in the northeastern part.

·    You could build a tiny puja space in the northeast of the plane. If there's no room for a puja area, the construction of the temple in this direction could be most effectively away from toilets and bathrooms.

·    If you have the possibility of a study area for children, north, northeast north, east, and west directions will work most efficiently.

·     It is possible to place studying tables on your east side. Also, keeping the puja room close to the study area is believed to be a blessing for people who are in it.

·    The southern section of flats is great for storage rooms.

·    Flats should be built in the shape of a rectangle or square Beware of circular or irregular forms.

·    Do not enter the lift facing it.

·    The ideal height of spaces is between 12 and 14 inches and there should be at least 3- 4 feet of space between windows and floor.

Great Strategies - Vastu for homes:

  • A home with no paintings appears empty. If you're an avid art enthusiast and would like to display artwork in your home make sure you choose pictures that portray peace and love. Don't choose images that portray violence and sorrow.
  • Do you love flowers? Is gardening your hobby? It is possible to choose bamboo and money plants since they are believed to bring wealth to your life. Beware of cacti and other thorny plants.
  • The direction to the northeast of the house is believed to be a sign of prosperity. Block this direction to bring prosperity and peace.
  • The hinges of the door shouldn't make noise. Check that the hinges are working properly.
  • The entrance door for the main entryway must be wider than any other entryway to the house.
  • The door's height should be at least two times the width of the door.
  • Do not install doors that automatically close.
  • Make sure your nameplate is attractive since it's said to improve your health, wealth and prosperity.
  • It is also possible to put a toran over the gate that you are using as it is believed to be a sign of prosperity and good luck.
  • A string of mandarin, Ashok and peepal leave near the entryway to block negative energy.
  • Keep the entrance spotless and free of clutter.
  • The most effective direction to construct your kitchen is to go in the Southeast direction. This is because of the flat. This is also referred to as the 'Agni Con'.
  • If establishing the kitchen cannot be accomplished in this direction, then other directions that work are east and Northwest directions.
  • The room for drawing on the flat should be located in the North or Northwest direction of the flat. Also, the sofa placed should be placed in direction of the Southwest or South direction.
  • Bedrooms for the master should sit located in The South West or South direction of the flat. This will benefit the head of the family.
  • If the balcony is situated in either the North, East, or Northeast direction, then it is best to leave it open. It is not necessary to drape it with curtains.
  • If the balcony is located in the direction of west or south the best option is to be sure to cover the balcony with heavy and dark curtains. It can also be used as storage.
  • The bathroom or toilet must not be located in either the North, East, or Northeast direction. The best place to put them is located in either the Northwest or West direction.
  • If you don't have enough space in your home to set up a room for pooja. You can create a small mandir for the pooja ritual located in either the Northeast as well as the East direction of your flat.
  • Power supply, generators and other electronic equipment for the community or the house should be placed in the Southeast direction.
  • Before moving into the flat, it is essential to perform the Vastu pujas and Griha Pravesh pujas should be performed to ensure that the flat is cleansed. the flat.
  • The entrance gate or the main entrance gate of the apartment or society is best placed in the direction of North, Northeast, or East direction.
  • If you're repurchasing an apartment that is previously owned, it is recommended to paint the walls throughout the apartment. This can help in enhancing the atmosphere of the place.
  • Cracks of any kind and structural damage to the flat must be quickly repaired. They should not be left in this state for too long.
  • It is best to stay clear of a building with a bizarre or unusual design. Shapely buildings are preferred when buying flats.
  • The doors of the flat should open in an anticlockwise direction. They should also be placed in the right direction.
  • For storage of heavy items and other storage objects in your apartment, you'll need to choose to store them in your flat's Southwest as well as the South direction of your flat.

Height of Rooms, Windows, Doors

·    According to Vastu the rules, rooms situated in the northern region of a flat need to be greater in size by 6 to 9 inches (and smaller by one to three inches) than rooms that are constructed on the southern end.

·    The ideal height for rooms is 12 to 14 inches.

·    The main door in the apartment must be bigger than the other doors within the apartment. Additionally, each door should be able to open towards the walls.

·    Windows should be constructed at least three or four feet above the level of the ground and must be the identical height from the top.

Vastu Tips For Flat: Things To Keep In Mind

·      The flat should have a normal shape, for example, an oval or a rectangle.

·      The house must not fall on the dead end of an avenue.

·      T-point structures must be avoided.

·      Each room should be surrounded by four walls or corners.

·      Study the soil in the area (different soil types produce a distinct kind of vibration)

  • By Vastu Shastras, the area that the flat/apartment is located on must be square or rectangular with no slope downwards. It should not have an irregular form, such as the hexagonal or triangle shapes.
  • Check the open space for any signs of obstructions, there shouldn't be any lakes near those on the South or West sides of your home. A well, river canal, lake, or river must be located situated in either the North or East direction only.
  • A house with a North, East or North-west entrance will bring happiness to the residents, as per Vastu Shastra. Avoid apartments with South, West, South-west and southeast directions as it will bring negative luck for the homeowners.
  • A spacious courtyard at the centre is ideal.
  • Vastu Shastra teaches that bore wells as well as lawns, pumps and pumps should be located in a Northeast direction.
  • Beware of apartments with balconies located in the South and West directions.
  • Kitchens located in the South-east direction, as well as the North-west direction as well as on terraces, are ideal according to Vastu.
  • Colours can be a game changer for Vastu Shastra. Flats and apartments painted in black, red or blue hues are best to stay clear of.
  • The house that is located at the dead-end of the road can bring good and bad luck to the inhabitants.
  • Flat/Apartment extended to Northeast direction is acceptable and is recommended to avoid any other directions.
  • Avoid flats or apartments that have cuts in the South-east and northeast directions.
  • Vastu Shastra explains that the Pooja room is best placed in the North and East directions.
  • Bathrooms should be located in the East or in Between the East and northeast directions according to Vastu.
  • When cooking, the face must be facing in direction of the East direction.
  • Apartments, where bedrooms are situated on the southern side, are preferable. Bedroom on the western and southern sides is best used by boys as well as parents. South-west is used by parents and north-west by daughters.
  • The door to the bathroom or toilet must not be facing the kitchen or dining area.
  • According to Vastu Shastra Guidelines, the staircase must not be located in the Northeast corner since it can cause problems for residents
  • The Watchman cabin shouldn't be located in The Northeast part of the building.
  • Heavy construction should be located in the west or south direction of the land, by Vastu Shastra Guidelines.
  • Beware of large trees to the north and east sides of the land
  • A total of Windows and Doors should be at least as high as 2.4...
  • The doors of the flat must be opened to allow for inside access.
  • Worshippers should stay clear of south-facing

Here are some useful ideas to help you get the most Vastu flats that are suitable for a Vastu

·      The doors of every room should face east.

·      Bedrooms should be situated between the South as well as West.

·      Mirrors' placement on walls to the South as well as the West walls is not a good sign.

·      When sleeping, the head must be located in either the South or West but not the North.

·      The pooja area should be located in North East. Photographs and idols are to be positioned East or West.

·      Toilet seats should be located in North-South only. They should not be situated East-West.

·      There shouldn't be a toilet in the North East of the house.

·      Outhouses should not be in contact with the walled compound on both the North and East side.

·      Stairs should always be placed in the clockwise direction.

·      Anything underground must be located in either the North or East.

·      Anything above ground must be located in or to the South or West.

·      The porch shouldn't extend beyond any part of the North or East wall of the compound.

·      The largest trees should not be planted in either the North or East. They should be placed on or on the South or West side of the house.

·      Look East or North when reading or conducting any business transaction.

·      Cooking in the east, you can also cook west in the event of no other choice and you must not cook with a southerly angle.

·      The principles regarding land can be applied to any place. So, land selection and excavation of unneeded material must be carried out according to the guidelines from Vastu Shastra.

·      Space for open spaces must be created throughout the building. There ought to be more open spaces to the North and east than in the West and South.

·      A total of windows and doors should be equal for each floor, but they should not end in a zero number such as 10, 20 or 30. The size of the door should be equal to the length of the doors. The door shouldn't be too high either, or too low, wide or narrow. The doors must be square and rectangular. must be avoided at all times.

·      The ventilation system should be monitored and a good cross-ventilation should be available.

·      Don't put up posters of crying girls, sexually explicit scenes, war scenes such as angry men, owls or eagles or any other animal on your wall. They're not a good sign.

·      Doors should open in the room, not outside.

·      In bedrooms, utilize a bed with just four feet. Don't use a box bed as they hinder the circulation of air beneath the mattress which is harmful to health.

·      There should not be any water body that is in front of any doorway into the home.

·      It is not recommended to build a room under the stairs.

·      The wall cabinet must be placed in either the Southern or Western portion of the home.

·      The kitchen, the grinder fridge, the kitchen, the shelf, and other heavy objects should be placed toward the South or West walls.

·      Maintain your home free of clutter

Excellent vastuTips 

·      The entry point from North East

·      Lounge, Verandah, Balcony in North East.

·      Puja Room in North East

·      Waterbody underground in North East

·      Toilets in North West

·      Guest BedRoom for guests Daughter Room in Northwest

·      Master Bedroom(Head of the family) located in South West

·      Wardrobes that contain valuable items should be Southwest with the doors facing North or East

·      Mirrors on the South wall or West Wall

·      Kitchen in South East

·      Fire Place in Southeast

·      Store in West

·      Staircase in the south or West

·      The Centre section is accessible to Sky

·      Southwest portion of the region must be more than other

·      The slope of the roof/flow of water flows towards North East from South West

·      Keep the North East part clean and free of.

·      Create South West heavier than others.

 Vastu Shastra is believed to be responsible to bring peace and joy to millions over time. So, to improve your life, use the Vastu Shastra when designing an important element such as the Main Entrance to your house.

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