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Vastu for office room: for all entrepreneurs and professionals

 Vastu Tips to Design Your Office Cabin

 This blog will explain the importance of the Vastu for office room as well as for all entrepreneurs,  and professi onals along with some useful Vastu tips Vastu for office room , So let us begin for office room.html

Your office space is just as crucial as the home you live in. When you plan your home, you make use of Vastu Shastra to design your kitchen, entrance to your home and prayer space. Why not your office? Offices are the spaces that are the foundation of a successful career as well as business and finance. Let's consider the significance of Vastu for the office room physical.

Vastu Shastra refers to the science of architecture Geometric excellence is an essential part of physical reality. Hindu mythology claims that everyt hing in the universe is made of 'Panchabhoota', or 'Pan' five elements: "air" ('Vayu'), Earth ('Bhumi'), Water ('Jala'), Fire ('Agni'), and Space ('Akasha'). Vastu Shastra is a renowned science that originated in India that explains designs, and measurement principles as well as space arrangements and spatial geometry. This science assists in balancing all these tattvas of the living spaces to ensure the best life.

Importance of Office Vastu 

The atmosphere of an individual determines their personality and their efficiency. A dark space will provide your customers with a feeling of inactivity or poor performance. When business owners and entrepreneurs are in a healthy state they are in control of their future. Making a great office Vastu program will guide you and helps you become more efficient. Vastu for office buildings guarantees growth, success and success Your office should be the perfect place to impress your staff as well as your customers with Vastu for the office.

Vastu Tips for Office Space

Vastu advice for office spaces will differ depending on their location or layout, such as the offices of comm ercial structures or offices that are set up in a ho requi re es a completely different Vastu method d. Here are some tips taken from Vastuexperts at Vastu Bhavan to help you design a stunning and well-lit office arrangement.

  1. Vastu for the office boss's cabin The office boss should sit in the chamber at the northwest corner. He must sit in the north. Tables should sit located in the corner to the south of the room. The entra nce to the chamber should be located in the northeast corner.
  2. According to the office Vastu chart, the most suitable position to sit in the office for the person who is next in charge (Manager) is to sit in the west or south. He should sit facing north while sitting on a ronin located on the southern side and should be facing east when seated in the ronin to the west.
  3. The northern direction has been ruled over by the god of wealth Lord Kubera and the thnortheastst one is ruled by water which is a sign of the state of your finances. Change all important documents and your departments of accounts in this direction.
  4. Use natural lighting to improve your performance and health. Many entrepreneurs fail to create a beautiful office space. elegant, however natural light is crucial since it radiates happiness and positivity.
  5. Vastu shastra for office space recommends having at least one water feature in the workplace. The presence of water bodies brings an abundance of fresh energy to the workplace. Install an aquarium that has nine goldfish or one blackfish in the direction of the North-East to ensure an effective flow of money and business. Try adding small fountains. Add some green plants and they also symbolize growth.
  6. The design that the Office cabin must be consistent, i.e., square or rectangle
  7. When entering the Office cabin the door that opens is believed to be auspicious.
  8. The door must be installed on hinges and be simple to open.
  9. The head's chamber is thought to be situated in a southwesterly direction.
  10. The managers, directors and officers must face the east, North, or Northeast direction.
  11. What area, location or position, and which direction is your desk facing? Your work performance is affected by the directions ( North, South, East or West) you're facing during your work. Innovative, cutting-edge research in neuroscience research, shows how facing a certain direction is essential for integrating brain functioning and the highest mental performance.
  12. Studies have revealed that the high brain function indicates how the neurons' firing pathways (brain cells) in the thalamus (which regulates sensory data and levels of information.) are significantly distinctivdependingds on the direction in which a person is facing.
  13. The nerve cell of the system is aware of and reacts to changes in posture. Look in a particular direction, and then a certain set of neurons begin. Look in a different direction, and another set of neurons begins.
  14. Does Vastu clarify the most effective direction to maximize brain performance during your work? Vastu Shastra tells it. East and North Direction
  15. That's right. Based on the findings of the study it's evident that facing east is the best direction to be in for peak productivity or the all-around mind-body connection.
  16. The next, and most beneficial is in the North direction. It is important to note that the South or West orientations are unfavourable and should be avoided as much as you can.
  17. In the past toilets were not included in Vastu for the home. Toilets were kept separate from the house. Today, however bathrooms and toilets are integrated into offices and homes. Vastu Shastra suggests the ideal placement of toilets on the Northwest or West side of your home or office. According to Vastu Shastra, 
  18. one should stay clear of toilets located in the centre of the workplace (Brahmsthana) or in the northeast direction of a building.
  19. In the bathroom or toilet, the toilet should be placed on the west or Northwest part of the room, with a person who is sitting there in either the North or South direction. The Mirrors are placed on either the North or East sides of the wall. Vastu Shastra also has a role when it comes to the construction of windows and doors in toilets and bathrooms. It is the East or Nortareng are the ideal locations for doors and windows. Vastu can also guide the selection of shades that have lighter shades. appealing.

Vastu for Office Conference Room or Meeting Room

  1. The conference room is a fantastic tool to develop plans for projects gather ideas and opinions and manage group activities. Without Vastu meetings, face-to-face interactions with coworkers and other members of the organization could fail even with enough planning and effective management.
  2. Evevisitedit an appointment held at the office conference centre, where the conference room appeared uninspired?
  3. There was perhaps an excessive amount of chaos or the chairs and tables were a mess. Maybe the room was either too small or large for the participants. No matter what the conference room may end to be more distracting than a venue for production and could significantly impact the outcome of a meeting. A dull or dull conference space might not inspire the person to do the right thing, leading to a disappointing and uncomfortable meeting.
  4. The strength of Vaastu the ancient architectural style has created harmony and inspiration at the place of meeting improving productivity and encouraging members to show their enthusiasm and their innovative ideas.
  5. Vastu Office Meeting RoomsThe meeting room is a smaller or mid-sized cabin or cubicle that is often constructed with transparent materials such as glass. In these rooms, regular interdepartmental or small gatherings are held. Most of the time, if an area is situated near an area for reception, it is used by outsiders consumers, clients as well as other general gatherings. If this area is designed according to Vastu principles, it will create a positive environment. Set up a meeting space in a manner that office delegates and officers have the highest dominating positions and those who are not in the office use the more sluggish direction to ensure that they do not hinder your speaker.

If you adhere to Vastu Shastra guidelines in the case of Vastu for Office, it helps to ensure the growth of the company, assists in tackling employees, helps make the work environment positive and lively and helps remove the obstacles to the growth of the business.

Vastu's consultation with the office demands an in-depth study.

  • The office should be located correctly within the building
  • The exteriors of offices like the shape, slope, elevation, the level of water
  • The direction of the entrance
  • The direction and position of windows
  • The beams' location
  • The basement's location
  • The direction and placement within the MD room
  • The placement and direction of the employee's title and work habits
  • The direction and position of the reception
  • The direction and location of AC coolers, AC and audio systems.
  • The direction and the location of the steps.
  • The direction and position of electronic equipment
  • The direction and location of the kitchen/pantry
  • The direction and position of toilets
  • The direction and placement of the conference or seminar rooms.
  • The direction and placement of the water-based products
  • The colour plan of your room

What are the important Vedic Vastu rules for an office?

General rules to be adopted in office buildings are mentioned above, And 15 important Vedic Vastu rules must be followed.

  1. Accept the length, width, and height of the office buildings according to manaiyadi sastra, what is manaiyadi sastra a? Click here
  2. Design the office boss's general manager's rooms according to  manaiyadi sastra
  3. Construction of office buildings in good quality according to the Building Formula(Ayadi Vastu) is very important for offices, what is Building Formula(Ayadi Vastu)? Click here
  4. Do not place the pillars and walls of the building on the mahamarma points of the land on which the building stands
  5. The toilet should not come in the area where AgniSutra and Mrityu Sutra pass, otherwise, there will be a financial loss for the organization and failure in business.
  6. It is very important to note that if the KuberaSutra or soma sutra  block comes, the debt will increase for the firm
  7. Check if your organization is experiencing GeopathicStress
  8. Check if your organization is experiencing BuildingSyndrome
  9. Check if your organization is experiencing HartmannCurry lines.
  10. Follow GeoBiology for the good office environment
  11. Follow the instructions in Building Biology for a good office environment
  12. Choose the best name according to your date of birth by numerology and give it to the company
  13. Make the main door of your office or the door of your office cabin  towards the lucky direction of your horoscope
  14. On the day of starting an office, prepare the horoscope of your organization and check whether the organization is likely to face any obstacles or difficulties.
  15. The horoscope of the person starting the business should be checked
  16. According to your horoscope based on astrology, you should check 10 important things related to the profession you are doing

 opinion and suggestion

This information that I have shared with you is based on the Indian architectural texts and also the knowledge I have gained from years of studying under Acharyas and Gurus as well as my experience of architecturally designing many temples, houses and factories.  Get your office checked by a knowledgeable and experienced Vastu/Astrologer to check all the above. In my 15 years of experience, if you go through the above with a good Vastu consultant, you can be 100% successful in your career or business


 This is the conclusion for the topic Vastu for office room Vastu shastra, which combines science and architecture in one world, is nothing more than science. It redefines the meaning of modern-age offices. Vastu  Planning is a positive force that activates the positive field to help you reach your goals. To create a positive working environment, Professional Vastu planning is necessary. 

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