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Vastu for education business : Vastu tips for Educational Institutions

 Vastu tips for Educational Institutions

This blog will explain the importance of Vastu for education business ,  as well as for all traders, entrepreneurs, and busin essmen along with some useful tips for Vastu for educa tion business. So, let us begin for education business .html

There is a time when studying was not as important and learning about family life was essential. Today, many people are opting for higher education, learning various disciplines and becoming professionals. Many are working day and night to master new skills and gain experience in their chosen field. However, the schools and colleges do not provide sufficiently professional Education They lack the knowledge and infrastructure. In the current times, students are shifting to educational institutions that offer practical and courses professional.  Educational institutions provide superior educational facilities, as well as more professional surroundings and permit students to study for professional examinations and pass with flying colours.

Many are even creating a profession through the establishment of educational institutions employing highly educated staff and helping students prepare for their examinations. When it comes time to open an educational establishment, it requires an enormous amount of work, investment, and proper market ting and human resources to ensure that all employees and students are content. However, not every institution succeeds, some are open for a while, but then close after a specific amount of time.

What's the cause of the inability to succeed? There are numerous, including a lack of capital or a lack of staff who mark the property, inadequate infrastructure or poor place of residence. Yes, you read it right, location is a crucial factor in the growth or demise of an institution. If the location isn't right and you are not happy, then it is time to shut down the institution.

How do you choose the most suitable site? Which direct ion is the best for the institution you are studying in?   Who can advise you on the best location, layouts and directions to achieve success quickly?

These are some of the questions that arise when building an educational establishment. The solution to all of the issues of architecture is Vastu Shastra. It is the capacity to build an area and also make it lucky to be able to do anything.

Educational institutions form the basis of the nation . They must be constructed by the Vastu principle to guarantee the continuous and constant expansion of a country.

  • Every educational institution should be constructed with an east, North or northeast entrance.
  • It is recommended that the area for prayer or the area must be located in the North-East.
  • Schools must have big playgrounds that are located situated in North East. The construction of a borewell or pools could also be built for the region of the North East.
  • The majority of classrooms must be rectangular or square with a 1:1 ratio.
  • Students must face East or North when in the classroom. in their classrooms.
  • Beams are to be placed with care in classrooms, ensuring that no one is sitting beneath the beams.
  • Toilets can be located in the North-West and also in the bathrooms for staff.
  • A cafeteria should be located in the South-East.
  • There is an administrative, as well as the cashier’s block, which may be located in the North. North and it would be advantageous if staff members sit on the side facing North.
  • The principal of the school must be located in the block to the southwest of the building.
  • Block and Generator for computers are in the South-East.
  • Its staircase could be located situated in either the South, West or South-West.

In conclusion, running an educational institution is the latest trend and if you're investing a large sum of money, why not take a look at the rules of Vastu Shastra to make the institution a thriving spot? Therefore, get out of your closet and gain fame and riches for the Institute simply by following certain guidelines. Follow them to climb to the highest levels.

An Arrangement for Drinking Water in a school or college

Schools are the places in which a child begins to be educated formally and begins the journey to becoming a competent and organized person. Schools work to provide social good through the education of millions of children and establishing their base of knowledge in a variety of fields that include humanities, culture and religion, science and mathematics, among others. The schools should be constructed following Vastu's guidelines. Here are 20 of the best suggestions to follow

College or school's location

The school's location is important and should be selected with care. According to Vastu the best location for the school should be situated in the centre of the city and have great connectivity, and it should be able to draw ever-growing numbers of students.

schools-location ideal school location

Admission to college or school

Because a school is considered to be an information hub and knowledge, the entry point of the school should always be located in the North or east direction. Being able to enter the school is believed to be highly bene ficial. According to Vastu for schools, it is best if the school's entrance is located in the North or east direction, it can facilitate easy movement and stop possible chaos. schools-entrance

Prayer hall's location in a College or School

It is best to place the prayer hall of the school in the direction of the Northeast for the maximum benefits from the same. It can also help improve concentration.

the prayer-halls-location-in-a-school prayer hall in school

Placement of Reception

Every school has an office reception. It is the place where all visitor's and parents' questions regarding admiss ions, school, teachers or syllabus are dealt with by the receptionists who are in charge. As per Vastu's guidelines for school buildings, the reception area in a school should be located just behind the main entrance and on the first floor. This would make it simpler for the students to walk into the reception and adder ss any issues.


The classrooms of schools should be constructed in either the North or East direction to create the most pleasant classroom environment. The seating arrangement should be designed so students can sit on either the room's East or North sides.Classrooms-placement classes

Ventilation in the Classroom

If there isn't enough air circulation in the classrooms at the school, it could cause toxic air quality since there will be numerous children in the same classroom. Thus, every classroom must always have large windows or utilize ventilators to provide adequate air circulation. Windows should be located on either the Eastern or Northern sides. Fans for exhaust should be installed inside the classrooms when needed. The windows should be kept open even when the classes are in session. This will ensure that enough air and sunlight enter the space and circulate positive energies and positive energy. ventilate ion-of-the-classrooms

Electric Appliances

There are a variety of electrical devices such as inverters, generators, and music systems typically installed in modern schools. The generators and electric meters should be set up in the direction of South-Eastern, according to Vastu guidelines for schools for the prevention of any type of accident. electrical-appliances generators in school

Toilet The school or at the college

There must be toilets on each level of the school. Because of the large number of students who attend school each day, it is essential to have sufficient toilets to ensure that there aren't a lot of toilets at a school. The toilets must be located in a North-Eastern location.toilets-placement-in-the-school school toilet

The location of an address for the Canteen and Kitchen at the College or School

There are many canteens, kitchens and areas for refreshments designed specifically for teachers and students in the school. According to Vastu guidelines for schools, the canteen and kitchen in a school should be situated in the direction of the South-Eastern and serving should be performed in the Eastern direction. These directions are highly recommended since they promote growth satisfaction, satisfaction and happiness. location-for-the-canteen-and-kitchen-in-the-school school canteen

The placement within the Administrative Block

The administration block at the centre of the campus is where the accounts of the school as well as other administrative tasks are handled. To ensure that the finances are in order the administration block should be built in the east or North direction by Vastu for the school. placement-of-the-administrative-block administrative block in school

Playground for students

Every school has a playground. It is so that students can play in and release their excess energy most efficiently. A school playground constructed in the North, East or North-Eastern direction greatly assists children in achieving achievement and greatly enhances their abilities in extracurricular activities. playground-for-students school playground

Staffroom Positioning

According to Vastu, the classroom for teachers should be constructed towards the North Western portion of the school. The staffroom must be a pleasant and bright area for teachers.

The staffroom at the staffroom-placement school

Avoiding Beams

Beams are thought to be detrimental to the eyes and brains because it puts an immense amount of stress on children's minds. This makes it difficult for kids to focus. Therefore, it is advised to avoid beams to ensure that children do not must sit under a beam in the classroom of a school.avoiding-beamsClassroom without a beam

Open Area

According to Vastu for schools, it is recommended that there be an open area toward both the northeastern or Eastern orientations of the school's grounds. Vastu recommends using west, south-west, and South directions when building the school's structure, to stay clear of any negative influence.

open-area open space in the school

Principal's Office

The principal's office should be situated on the Southern or South-Western part of the school's structure. Principals of schools should face the north side of their office. Principals' Office Principals' Office

Conference Rooms

The meeting rooms at schools should be located in the Northern part of the school's building, and the entrance of the room is located in direction of the Eastern direction. The furniture used in meeting rooms must be placed in a way that allows allowing free movement in the meeting space. meeting-room meeting rooms at the school

Cashier Room or Counter

The counter or cashier's room is best located in either the Northern or Eastern part of the school for optimal business and cash collection. The cashier counter cashier at her school's building at the eastern end of the school.

The Right Colors for Classrooms of Schools

The most suitable colours for classrooms of schools are white, light yellow cream, or light green according to the Vastucolours school colours. White is chosen since it is a pure hue as well as a mix of all colours. Green is the colour of the Mercury planet and helps in learning and writing.right-colors-for-the-school-classrooms allow-colored classroom

A Teacher's Sitting Structure

There should be an area in each class of the school, where the desk for the teacher to be set. This will enable the teacher to be in total control of her class and allow her to monitor the activities of each pupil within the classroom. the-teachers-sitting-arrangement teacher's sitting arrangement in a staff room

The entry point to the Institution :

By Vastu Shastra, The east and northeast directions are considered to be significator for the entrance. The directions in these are directly in contact with sunlight. Also, the first rays of the sun are reflected in the northeast and east directions. This makes the region clean and clear of negativity.

Open Area :

In a school, it is recommended to create open spaces in the northeast and east direction. Vastu suggests using the south or west directions, as well as south-west and west to construct since these directions are vulnerable to negative energy. Many negative energies may find an appearance in these directions which is the reason it is recommended to block the directions.

Classroom Placement :

Institutions can't be complete without adequate classrooms. The classrooms should be large, spacious and well-ventilated to improve the concentration and focus of students. The entrance to the classroom must be situated in the east direction while the blackboard should be located towards the west. The desk of teacher should be placed on a platform which is above the floor.

Avoid Beams :

Beams are detrimental to the eyes and the brain since they put pressure on minds, making it difficult to focus. Vastu recommends that beams be used in so that they do not directly impact the eyes or put unnecessary pressure on the brain. It is always recommended to avoid using beams, however, if it's necessary, the beam must be designed with care and ensure that no one sits beneath the beam.

Positioning for the Staffroom :

Some schools build staffrooms for teachers, while others do not. The staffroom is the place where teachers can store their belongings, relax and talk about the course with the other teachers. Vastu recommends making the room to be a calm, focused, and comfortable space for teachers. The best direction to go is northwest. the building.

The arrangement of drinking Water in the School

The water supply arrangements should be located in the Eastern or North-Eastern Northern direction of a school's building. arrangement-of-drinking-water-in-a-school arrangement of drinking water in school

The Vastu guidelines for schools should be followed to achieve a variety of advantages like increasing the profitability of a college, providing recognition to the institution, more enrollment retention, faculty retention and financial stability. It is also a way to maintain an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity in your school.

Vastu Tips for Institutions

Educational institutions must be planned so that students studying there can effectively focus on their studies and career futures. Institutions range from vocational and educational institutions that provide academic instruction and each one needs to be properly analyzed to ensure the trust of its customers and produce results.

  • Vastu for an educational institution is essential to create an atmosphere peaceful, a positive student experience and attain higher standards of professional conduct and social goodwill. Vastu establishes the basic guidelines for institutes: 
  • Vastu for an educational institution is essential to create an atmosphere peaceful, a positive student experience and attain higher standards of professional conduct and social goodwill. Vastu establishes the basic guidelines for institutes:
  • Every institute should be built with east or northeast entrances.
  • Make sure to leave more space for the East and Northeast, and other areas like South, West and Southwest should be utilized for construction.
  • Classrooms should have the entrance to the East and the blackboard to the West.
  • The platform for the desk teacher must be at least a few feet higher than the ground.
  • Beams used in classrooms must be carefully designed to ensure that no pupil is seated on the beam.
  • Rooms for staff must be created in the North-West.
  • Toilets should be built up in the direction of North-West.
  • The canteen or pantry in the institute should be set in the southeast corner.
  • The office of the principal or owner should be built in the southwest or South direction, to allow the owner or principal to be seated in the direction North.
  • Meeting rooms should be placed on the North with an east-facing door.
  • The open playground should be built in the Eastern section.
  • The cashier room and reception should be on one of the Eastern or Northern sides.
  • The library at the institute could be constructed in the Western part.

It is essential to be aware of the following aspects when looking at your Vastu for the organization. Vastu consultation for institutions requires an exhaustive analysis.

1.  The correct location for the institution

2.  The surrounding environment of the school building

3.  The exteriors of offices like the shape, slope, height and level of water

4.  The beams' location

5.  The direction of entry

6.  The direction and position of windows

7.  The direction and position of the temple

8.  The direction and placement of the classrooms

9.  The direction and placement of the furniture

10.  The direction and placement of the main room

11. The direction and location of the room for staff

12. The direction and location of the library

13.The direction and placement of the laboratory

14. The direction and position of the medial space

15.The direction and location of the administrative block

16. The direction and position of the canteen

17. The direction and position of the dining room

18. The direction and placement of the playground

19.The direction and position of the swings

20.The direction and location of electrical equipment such as generators, inverters and inverters.

21. The direction and location of the staircase

22. The direction and location of the kitchen or pantry

23.The direction and location of toilets

24. The direction and location of the water-based products

25.The direction and location of water bores.

26.The direction and location of the staff's underground water tank

27.  The direction and location of the water tank that is above

28. The direction and location of the tank and the disposal facility

29.  The direction and location of the parking

30. The layout and direction of the quarters for staff

31.The direction and location of the hostel for boys and girls.

What is the reason to follow Vastu to Educational Institutions?

·       Business expansion

·       Increase in admissions for students

·       Reputation for the institution

·       Financial stability

·       Peace to students, teachers, and their owners

·       No disputes

·       No stress

Vastu Shastra offers many suggestions for schools, all you have to do is follow the guidelines and you can create the school to be one of the most popular and most well-known schools within the metropolis.


What are the important Vedic Vastu rules for an Educational Institutions?

General rules to be adopted in office buildings are mentioned above, And 15 important Vedic Vastu rules must be followed.

  1. Accept the length, width, and height of the office buildings according to manaiyadi sastra, what is manaiyadi sastra a? Click here
  2. Design the office boss's general manager's rooms according to  manaiyadi sastra
  3. Construction of office buildings in good quality according to the Building Formula(Ayadi Vastu) is very important for offices, what is Building Formula(Ayadi Vastu)? Click here
  4. Do not place the pillars and walls of the building on the mahamarma points of the land on which the building stands
  5. The toilet should not come in the area where AgniSutra and Mrityu Sutra pass, otherwise, there will be a financial loss for the organization and failure in business.
  6. It is very important to note that if the KuberaSutra or soma sutra  block comes, the debt will increase for the firm
  7. Check if your organization is experiencing GeopathicStress
  8. Check if your organization is experiencing BuildingSyndrome
  9. Check if your organization is experiencing HartmannCurry lines.
  10. Follow GeoBiology for the good office environment
  11. Follow the instructions in Building Biology for a good office environment
  12. Choose the best name according to your date of birth by numerology and give it to the company
  13. Make the main door of your office or the door of your office cabin  towards the lucky direction of your horoscope
  14. On the day of starting an office, prepare the horoscope of your organization and check whether the organization is likely to face any obstacles or difficulties.
  15. The horoscope of the person starting the business should be checked
  16. According to your horoscope based on astrology, you should check 10 important things related to the profession you are doing

 opinion and suggestion

This information that I have shared with you is based on the Indian architectural texts and also the knowledge I have gained from years of studying under Acharyas and Gurus as well as my experience of architecturally designing many temp les, houses and factories.  Get your office checked by a knowle dgeable and experienced Vastu/Astrologer to check all the above. In my 15 years of experience, if you go through the above with a good Vastu consultant, you can be 100% successful in your career or business


 This is the conclusion for the topic Vastu for education busine ss Vastu shastra, which combines science and architecture in one world, is nothing more than science. It redefines the meani ng of modern-age offices. Vastu  Planning is a positive force that activates the positive field to help you reach your goals. To create a positive working environment, Professional Vastu planning is necessary. 

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