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flat vastu : how to check flat Vastu

What are the considerations for creating a peaceful flat according to Vedic Vastu?

The Vastu of flats can be the main aspect to give optimism to a house to make it grow. Vastu shastra is essentially the study of architecture. It is a science that focuses on enhancing the layout, design and measurements, ground preparation, spatial arrangement and spatial arrangement of the house. Vastu plays a significant influence on every thought that comes to your head when you're at home. Both negative and positive energies and pleasant and unpleasant aura are purely based on the quality and flaws of Vastu.

This is why, in the past, people believed that we think and speak positively. Science says that our actions are a reflection of the mix of sad and happy times within our homes. If you are constantly groaning or fighting for no reason, or just for fun you may be facing the consequences of negative energy in your house.

If you remain positive in difficult situations and attempt to remain positive throughout the day, it plays a significant impact in creating positive effects on your life. When you see your neighbour satisfied and purchasing a new home, don't be concerned about what they did to get there. It's just the positivity they've built in their home that has them aiming to achieve every ounce of wealth.

Learn how to keep a record of all the Vastu work that is done for your home by going through this blog. Let's get started.

1- Vastu Studies on the  area outwards of the Building

It is advised to choose rectangular or square-shaped houses rather than circular or homes that are elliptical. Additionally, the entryway of the structure should not be in direct view of water bodies. The primary door should be the largest of all doors. The reason for this is that it can pave an avenue for the riches to enter.

2- Directions from Vastu to Flats

Each direction has equal amounts of negative and positive impacts on the Vastu Shastra. These directions play an essential function in improving the home's aura. If North is thought to be the Kubera entry point which is the South facing house is thought to have the status of a Yama Entrance. However, not all the time, the South is considered to be unlucky. It is all dependent on the individual's viewpoint and, of course, who previously lived in the house you selected.

But, North, North-West and West-facing homes are always favoured by Vastu experts. The legend says that Lord Kubera is the Lord of wealth and is located in the direction of the west and this is why the entrances to homes are usually situated in the directions discussed.

3-Vastu to Flats of Wall Colors:

The heart is in the home. is, so we must find letting go of colours to brighten up the house. Do not use black or any other dark shade in most often occupied rooms of your house like the dining room, bedroom and Pooja Room. Instead, choose pleasing and cool colours like lighter green, blue light violet and lavender shades to ensure you can get the maximum amount of positive energy in the room.

In a dining space, the use of acidic hues such as orange, red and so on are the most popular as they are believed to can induce hunger in oneself. Bedrooms should include soft colours like lavender, lilac, shades of yellow, and other vibrant colours that appear soft in the eyes.

The kitchen is the centre of the home. The heart must have "light" to avoid a mixture of emotions and confusion. The kitchen should have mild colours since it directly affects the psychological state of the cook. The soothing colours of calming colours can help the mind and produce positive vibes.

Pooja Room and the pooja room must be in Orange hue as it is believed to emit positive energy at that particular junction.

There's no limit regarding the colour of the sitting out room, drawing area or any other small space in the house.


The idols that are in the pooja area must be facing east. Also, during prayers, the devotee should not turn towards the south. There should be only a few idols inside the worship area. Don't create an idolatry room in a bathroom in a bedroom, in a storeroom or beneath the stairs.

Pooja Rooms must be clean and always fragrant with incense sticks, and well-organized. This space radiates positivity throughout the house.


The master bedroom is best located in the South-West and for older people, as well. It should also be the largest of rooms. Bedrooms in the Northeast could cause health issues. The Northwest part of the home is best suited for children. Elect tonics should be covered with a clean cloth to stop radiation from entering space. Mirrors, as the most effective reflectors, let your thoughts shine through. Because the bedroom is the area where you'll go to be at peace and in a state of distress, don't place a mirror in the opposite direction of your bed or in proximity to it. It is recommended to paint your bedroom with light and pleasant shades, and stay clear of darker shades. The bedroom should be organized. Maintain your bedroom tidy and free of clutter.


The living space is one of the most important areas in your house and we've got some intriguing tips for keeping the energy in the living room. Because guests sit in the living room just and their thoughts are transmitted from here and then spread to the whole home. Whatever the kind of energy, whether positive either negative or positive, the energy will travel across the entire home. If it's negative, the energy needs to be blocked from transferring. The house should face North or East, as the living space is located inside"Vaayu Sthan" and "Vaayu Sthan" and this will create a feeling of unease in the visitors' minds and they'll be able to leave quickly. A tank located in the South removes all positive energy from the house and should the TV be placed in the Northwest it will cause the energy of the inhabitants will be dragged into the television, and everyone in the house is likely to spend their time watching the show.


The kitchen is at the heart of the home. The heart must be filled with the most modern appliances and clean since these can have an immense impact on the chef's ideas.

A tidy kitchen can emit positive vibes, while an unorganized kitchen can produce negative effects. Be sure that the cook is in the east direction and that the stove is located in the southwest corner of your home. An L-shaped kitchen adjacent to the main kitchen's platform is a great idea for a home, and it provides enough space to stack the mixer grinders and microwave ovens grains box pulses, spices salt, etc.

Don't keep the main platform and sink together because water and fire are opposite dimensions that, when placed on the same level will cause friction between members of the family living in that home.

8- Doors and Windows according to Vastu's guidelines for Flats:

The kitchen should put two windows with gaps to exhaust fans on the west and east walls. This will make the kitchen more susceptible to natural solar sanitation. If the doors sound it is recommended to replace them and repair them as fast as you can so that it doesn't cause unnecessary tension among household members.

Poles, statues, and plants are best kept away in the entranceway since they create a barrier to positivity to flow through the house. Two houses should not be surrounded by gates open outwards as this spreads negativity and is intended to be negative. East north, northeast and North are great places to put windows.


When digging for the foundations one comes across cattle horns or copper or conch, the area is thought to be very auspicious. However, the case if you find aluminium, gold, metal or skulls, the land is thought to be unlucky, eventually which could lead to loss of life for the landowner.

opinions and suggestions

The information I've given you is based on Indian archite cultural texts as well as my knowledge acquired from learning with Acharyas and Gurus and my experience with designing several temples, houses, and factories s. Has your flat been checked by an experienced and skilled Vastu who can verify all of the above? Over my fifteen years of experience If you do all of the above with a reputable Vastu advisor, you will be 100% rich and enjoy happiness at home.

  How To Check Vastu for Flat? Step through Step Guide

This is a typical question that is asked by a majority of people on how to verify Vastu for a house. From high-rise apartments to stand-alone Vastu verification is essential before purchasing an apartment or a flat. Because builders don't pay attention to the Vastu of their flats the main goal is to utilize every centime to boost the size of square feet. If there is no difference in price between ordinary proper Vastu complainant apartments, then why buy a property with a Vastu defect? Therefore, Vastu screening for flats is required before buying any flooring.

We've written this article to provide everyone with an in-depth Vatu flat guide. If you are looking to buy a home many people are confused about whether plain Vastu is a problem or not, and how to verify their home properly . Applied Vastu offers Vastu checking services all across the world. In this, a blog we attempt to explain the process behind our Vastu checking process. Take the time to read the whole article and it will assist you in choosing the best property. Applied Vastu utilizes Vastu principles with logic and the wisdom of the past. It is classified in the seven-step methods of checking Vastu for apartments. Follow the seven steps to learn how to check over flats according to Vastu shastra.

1. Checking Flats Entrance. ( 32 Nos Pada in Paisach Bithi on Vastu Purusha Mandala )

2. Five Elements are scattered on The Apartments Floor. ( Water, Air, Fire, Earth, Ether )

3. 16. Vastu Zones ( Originated by Viswakarma Prakash ) as well as the checking of Architectural Activities in 360 degrees.

4. Checking and casting on Vastu Pusha Mandala ( 45 Energy Fields ).

5. Astrological Calculation for the occupants.

6. The Flat Number is checked according to Numerology.

7. Impacts of Objets Color, etc.

Maps that are scaled and precise geographical directions are the most important sources for evaluating the floor plan. Applied Vastu simplified requirements for Vastu check for flats, require floor plans for the apartment that are provided by the developer, or a brochure in image or pdf format. Google drop points are also required on the properties to determine the property’s exact location. Also, birth information is required for numerological and astrological calculations. Let's go over each step in depth.

·       When we talk about reviewing the Vastu of a house, it is only referring to the checking of Energy within the house. Following the chicken's order determine the home’s energy amount or the Vastu level.

·       From the centre, There would be 16 zones. The zones must be positive energy. The central point, which is Brahamsthaan should circulate Energy in these 16 zones. the individual zones must have enough strength to relay the power through Brahamsthaan in a counterclockwise manner.

·       The energy of the 45 Souls should be energized. The Panch Tattvas (Five Elements) must be in balance.  Cosmic Energy should be positive, that is to say, different planets that are in the house must be positively charged.

·       There shouldn't be any stress and the Earth Energies as well as the Directional Energies and Cosmic Energies should be producing positive energy according to the individuals who are staying within.

·       The colours should be in line with Vastu and there should not there be water contamination, or energy-diffusing points or entries.

How do I look up the Vastu Flats?

A frequent concern people have is how to verify the Vastu of an apartment.

This is a comprehensive guide to help you determine the Vastu of apartments as well as apartments. If you follow these tips it will help you know how to assess your flat's Vastuand find the good and bad aspects of your home Vastu.

It is important to look at the following 9 factors to determine the quality or lack thereof of your home according to Vastu's shastra on flats and the best way to design the perfect flat by Vastu.

9 factors that determine your level of good or in the flat-out --

1. The location of the main entry door.

2. Kitchen's location

3. The placement within Pooja room Pooja room

4. Bathrooms and toilets are placed in

5. Bedrooms' location

6. Colours and wall paints

7. Cuts and Extensions in the flat

8. The location of the storeroom

9. Mirrors are placed on the site.

This is a thorough review of all 9 factors to help you select the ideal flat or apartment.

It is important to find an apartment that is Vastu compliant. What happens if the house I am interested in isn't in line with Vastu what will that mean for my lifestyle?

·       There is no classification in the form of Vasthu compliance or Vastu Non-Compliant. It is only a business strategy to make more money or convince customers

·       Vastu is a pure Science with lots of flexibility to adjust to your needs and options, as long as structural needs are concerned. It is already handled by the Architect who is responsible for the construction.

·       Vasthu can be described as the Traditional Architecture that ensures the security and comfort of the people who live there as well as the long-term durability of the structure

·       The balance of the Vasthu Principles can be beneficial to ensure the proper coordination of the four essential elements, including Air and Fire, Water and Space inside the house which is essential for better living.

·       In the modern world of the living, we can set up fans to supply the needed Exhaust and Air system for keeping the Fir element in check Installing mirrors in smaller rooms to better visual Comfort can be controlled these small changes according to your requirements

·       In the case of multiple Family apartments or units related, Vastu Principles would have been used, naturally, by the Architects when planning that was based on contemporary Architecture. Nothing else than Vastu. There are a few minor deviations in the apartment in the area but are not significant enough to worry about or consider. About Be brave, never be emotional.

·       There is no obligation to use any negative magnifications

·       Therefore, acquiring the property of your preferences is essential to benefit from the Property to reap the rewards.

·       The key is to avoid unimportant issues, focus on the things you are most concerned about, listen to your heart, and then apply it to your life.

We hope that this helps help you understand and be helpful to select the home you like to make it a happy and sweet home.

Which are the Vaastu guidelines for apartments?

·       Entry is from North East

·       Lounge, Verandah, Balcony in North East.

·       Puja Room in the North East

·       Underground water/water body in North East

·       Bathrooms are available in North West

·       Guest Bedroom or Daughter Room in Northwest

·       Master Bedroom(Head of the family) located in South West

·       Wardrobes that contain valuable items should be Southwest with the doors facing at least North or East

·       Mirrors of Mirror South wall or West Wall

·       Kitchen in South East

·       Fire Place in Southeast

·       Store in West

·       Staircase in the south or West

·       The Centre section is accessible to Sky

·       The Southwest portion has to be greater than the other portions.

·       The slope of the roof or flow of water is to North East from South West

·       Keep the North East part clean and free of.

·       Create South West heavier than others.

What is Vastu's advice on flats, flats Vastu?

When searching for flats, make sure you look for the points below that are the reason why you should end the search.

1. When the balconies (any of the available is between 204 degrees SW up to 258° SW)

2. The bathroom should be situated between 22 ° NE between 67 and 22 degrees NE OR between 204 degrees SW and 248 degrees SW

3. If your bedroom is located between 248 degrees SW and 294 degrees west OR within 338° NW to 68degrees NE

4. The entrance should be situated between 158 degrees SE and 200 degrees SW OR between 248 degrees SW to 294 degrees NW

5. If the living area is situated between 112 degrees East to 158 degrees SE

6. When the bathroom is located between 22 ° NE up to 68° NE OR in between 248 degrees West and 294 degrees W

7. If the study area is located between 293 degrees and 338 degrees NW OR between 294 degrees SW and 204 degrees W.

Otherwise. It is your choice to be shifted. If any of these problems are evident if you were shifted before or for a prolonged period and have identified them at this moment, then please get in touch with me. Each Vastu problem can be solved by a scientific method. Vastu is all about the balance of energy which has a huge impact on our lives.

There are many benefits of using Vastu Shastra

·       Financial Prosperity

·       Career

·       Stability

·       Academic Growth

·       Improved Relations

·       Aids in maintaining excellent physical and psychological health.

What floor would be the most suitable in an apartment, as per Vastu?

·       Vastu experts state that homes that are above the fourth level are devoid of water elements and should not be purchased to avoid issues in careers or relationships. Also, the ground floor the first floor, the second floor, the third floor, and the fourth floor are the best places to live by Vastu.

·       If you're planning to purchase a house in an apartment or are looking to lease a flat it is important to look at certain Vastu features. Many people believe that Vastu isn't a factor because their home isn't situated on the ground, however, Vastu isn't like that. Whatever floors higher you are it's still tied to the ground. This is where the Vastu guidelines will help you to find an apartment that correctly makes use of Vastu.

·       Avoid unusually shaped apartments. Instead, opt for rectangular or square buildings.

·       Avoid homes with large bodies of water that are located in direction of the South or West direction of the apartment.

·       You will likely be a victim of bad luck when the entrance to your apartment is to or to the South or West of the South-West corner. East as well as North-East are the most beneficial directions for the entrance and is believed to bring luck and positive energy.

·       The main entrance to your apartment must be in the direction of North-East, with your wall. North or East facing wall. Check that the door does not open directly towards the lift.

·       The kitchen of the apartment is not supposed to be facing the main door but should be ideally facing East.

·       Search for homes with borewells, pumps and lawns that are located in the North-East direction of the property.

·       If you discover that balconies are presently located in either area to the South or West it's not a good idea to buy or rent the property.

·       For homeowners of apartments located that are located on the middle floors, it is recommended to put in sufficient lighting to overcome the absence of sunlight.

·       Floors that are near the septic tank or water storage should be avoided.

·       If you are living on higher levels, make sure that the flow of energy isn't hindered by trees. Make sure the apartment has great views of the surroundings and also has windows.

·       As basements do not have sunlight, they should not be used for residential purposes.

Vastu Tips to Learn When purchasing a new flat

A Vastu-based approach to life brings happiness and Success in all areas of your life. There is a belief that when you believe that the Vastu that is in the home is not right there are many negative things that can happen.

A Direction to Guide.

·       Do not book a new apartment or move into your new home on a Sunday or a Monday because they are thought to be unlucky.

·       Avoid flats that are constructed on areas of North East or South West corners.

·       When purchasing the flat, be sure to check your drainage is located in either the North, North West or West direction.

·       If the flat is equipped with an outdoor balcony, its slope must be either in the direction of the North or East.

·       If there is an area located on the roof terrace, the room must be located on the South West corner.

·       Make use of light hues on your walls such as Cream white, yellow Blue, Green, and Blue to bring positivity.

·       The purchase of apartments with balconies in areas to the East as well as North is thought to be the most desirable.

·       Do not buy flats that have balconies facing the South.

·       It is recommended to purchase flats that have Rectangular or Square designs.

·       Do not buy a home with a kitchen as well as bathrooms within the northwestern North East.

·       Book flats that feature Windows either in the direction of the North or East.

·       Avoid using dark hues such as Black, Grey in your home as they symbolize negativity.

·       The room to or to the East, as well as the North West, should be made the drawing room.

·       The study desks in the rooms should be set either in the East or North direction.

·       If you have pictures of gods, put them on the walls of your home's West or East.

What's the direction that flats are facing? What are Vastu's suggestions for flats and Vastu?

If you are searching for a flat, make sure you look for the following points that could be the reason you should put the brakes down.

1. When you are on the balconies (any of the available is within 204°SW and 258 degrees SE SW)

2. The bathroom should be located between 22 ° and 67° E OR between 248 degrees SW and 204 degrees E degrees SW

3. If the bedroom is situated between 248 degrees SW to 294 degrees West OR within 338° NW to 68degrees NE

4. When the entry point is situated between the 158 degrees SE and the 204-degree southwest OR Between 248 degrees SE and 294 degrees NW

5. If your living space is located between 112 degrees E to 150 degrees SE

6. When the bathroom is situated between 22 ° NE up to 68° NE OR in between 248 degrees West and 294 degrees W

7. If the study space is located between 293 degrees up to 338° NW OR between 294 degrees SW and 204 degrees W.

Otherwise. You are welcome to shift. If any of these issues are apparent if were shifted before or for a prolonged period and have identified them at this moment, then please get in touch with me. Each Vastu issue has been solved with a proven solution. Vastu is focused on energy balance, which profoundly impacts our lives.

What are the important Vedic Vastu rules for a Flat Vastu?

General rules to be adopted in Flat Vastu are mentioned above, And 15 important Vedic Vastu rules must be followed.

  1. Accept the length, width, and height of the Flats | Apartments according to manaiyadi sastra, what is manaiyadi sastra? Click here
  2. Construction of Flats | Apartments of good quality according to the Building Formula(Ayadi Vastu) are very important for offices, what is Building Formula(Ayadi Vastu)? Click here
  3. Do not place the pillars and walls of the building on the mahamarma points of the land on which the flats | Apartments stand
  4. The Flat  should not come in the area where  AgniSutra and Mrityu Sutra pass, otherwise, 
  5. It is very important to note that if the KuberaSutra or soma sutra  block comes, the debt will increase for the Flat owner
  6. Check if your Flat is experienced ng GeopathicStr
  7. Check if your Flat  is experiencing   BuildinSyndromeme   
  8. Check if your Flat is experiencing HartmannCurry lines
  9. Follow GeoBiology for the good  environment
  10. Follow the instructions in Building Biology for a good flat environment
  11. Yoni numbers for every direction on the flat Click here
  12. Check if Your House is Lucky for you or not. Click here
  13. Choose the flat no  according to your date of birth by numerology and give it to the flat
  14. Make the main door of your flat  towards the lucky direction of your horoscope
  15. On the day of  Housewarming a Flat, prepare the horoscope of your flat and check whether the Flat is likely to face any obstacles or difficulties.

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