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Vastu sleeping position for couples | sleeping direction for couples

 The best sleeping direction for Couples according to Vastu

Vastu experts recommend Vastu for Vastu sleeping positions for couples, and for all households. This blog will explain the importance of the Vastu sleeping position for couples, So, let us begin.

Table of Contents

  • The Best Sleeping Direction for Couples according to Vastu
  • Vastu for bedroom for a couple
  • The direction of the bed as specified by Vastu
  • Why is good sleeping important?
  • Important suggestions for sleep directions for the bedroom of a couple
  • What should I avoid?
  • Proper placement of furnishings in the bedrooms
  • Beware of electronic devices
  • Bedroom entrance
  • It is the direction of the legs when sleeping
  • Select the appropriate color for your bedroom
  • Colors that are ideal for the bedroom according to Vastu
  • Vastu Tips for furniture that you can use in your bedroom
  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Dining table
  • Bed box
  • Mattress type
  • Covers for beds
  • Kill negative energy
  • The wardrobe's position
  • Other Vastu-like Ideas to Follow in the couple's Bedroom
  • Last words on sleeping Direction in Couples

Being in love with someone is a wonderful moment, and keeping the love in a relationship is an essential aspect of living a fulfilling life. What Vastu shastra can do is increase the romance in the relationship between two people by increasing the energy surrounding it. If you and your partner are compatible, your life will be more pleasant. Every couple desires a tranquil existence. Every aspect is essential to happiness, and that includes the direction of sleep for couples, which can alter your life from a Vastu perspective or a scientific point of view.

The fundamental premise of every healthy relationship is care, love, and respect. There are many ways to maintain romance within a relationship. The bed position, color scheme, and the direction of sleep for couples according to Vastu are just a few of the useful Vastu suggestions to improve the marriage between husband and wife. The right sleeping arrangement for couples by Vastu can also provide security, love, and a feeling of belonging to you and your partner.

But, it also has a most significant influence on your mood than you realize. Vastu Shashtra, an ancient Indian guidebook, supplies us with an architect's reference for creating the perfect home. Take a look at the best sleeping arrangement for couples as well as other suggestions to improve your relationship.

The Best Sleeping Direction for Couples according to Vastu

Vastu for a couple's bedroom

The bedroom Vastu for couples must be designed so that the atmosphere enhances the relationship. If couples are the owners of the home, your bedroom must be located in a northwest direction. If the couple is newlyweds and lives with an elder brother or working parents The bedroom must be located in the northwest. The married couple should avoid the bedroom in the northeast since it can affect the health of both parties. Couples who are planning to have a baby could opt for a southeast-facing bedroom for a short time. The scent of the bedroom influences the rest

The direction of the bed is as per Vastu

The bed should be placed on the southwest side that is facing the southwest wall of your room. The bed should not be facing the door. The most comfortable sleeping posture for couples according to Vastu is to move the head to the southeast, south, or southwest. It is highly recommended not to position your head toward the north while sleeping. This can cause stress and tiredness.

It is the Southwest wall is the best option to keep the bed

Why is it important to get a good night's sleep?

A good night's sleep helps you stay in an optimistic state during the entire day. It can prevent serious illnesses. Sleeping well is also beneficial keeping your mind sharp and letting you make rational choices. In general, it helps you be far more productive at work and also happier. A clean bedroom makes you sleep better

Important guidelines for sleeping directions for a couple of bedrooms

The person should not be sleeping in the space in the corner. It doesn't allow for the circulation of energy. Make sure to position the bed so that there is room on both sides. Your husband must be placed on one side and the wife to the left. If you wake up several nights, you must improve your sleep environment.

Set the bed up with enough space between the two sides

What should you avoid?

Beware of sleeping on the beam that carries the entire weight that the construction. It could bring bad luck to your family. Don't store any items under the mattress. Avoid a bed made of metal because it can cause illness. Avoid the bedroom with a kitchen that is located directly beneath the lower level.

Proper placement of furnishings in your bedroom

By arranging furnishings in the bedroom you'll be likely to feel at ease. By Vastu Shastra that large objects in the bedroom must be located in the southwest, west, or south direction.

South or west direction for furniture with a lot of weight

Beware of electronic devices

Nowadays, a majority of people have electronic devices in their bedrooms. If you've placed your devices in the bedroom, be sure to place them away from your mattress. The magnetic waves produced by the majority of electronic gadgets could disrupt sleep and lead to issues such as insomnia.

Beware of electronic devices in the bedroom

Bedroom entrance

The door for the entrance should be located on the wall's west, north, or east sides. Make sure that there is only one door for the entrance. It shouldn't be placed on the south-facing wall.

The direction of entry into the bedroom is crucial

the direction that the legs when sleeping

Make sure you choose the best sleeping position, with your feet pointed toward the east. This solves health issues. The south and west are also excellent locations for this reason.

Legs shouldn't face the way to enter.

Select the best color for your bedroom

Avoid dark hues! Pick light shades like off-white, pink, and cream. Be aware that each hue has its significance. Pick a hue that lifts your mood.

Light colors are important because of their meaning

For better sleep take a look at the Vastu guidelines, as Vastu shastra is a scientific basis to help you feel more energetic and happy every day.

Here's our list of easy Vastu suggestions for couples' bedrooms:

The ideal colors for bedrooms according to Vastu

The bedroom is a space to relax, unwind and enjoy private moments. When planning a bedroom design you must think about Vastu as it is believed to promote love, happiness positive energy, peace, and positivity. Selecting the best color for you can be important and a challenge. Your spouse and you may be struggling to find the right colors for your furniture, wall colors, and other things that match your preferences.

When it comes down to picking colors for your bedrooms, as well as the ideal sleeping direction for couples, the Vastu must be observed. Take a look at the most appealing color schemes for couples' bedrooms, as they promote peace, relaxation, love, and closeness.

Blue Blue Blue is a color that radiates positive energy. Blues that are lighter help create an atmosphere of calm and peace. When you're in your bed it will assist you to unwind, creating a sense of happiness, and taking away the stress.

Pink is the most universal hue of love and is among the top sought-after colors for bedrooms. It also symbolizes the joy of intimacy, happiness, and imagination. Paint the walls with a soft pink hue if you'd like to strengthen your relationship. If you or your spouse do not prefer the pink hue of walls, then you could add the color with a few decorative elements. Metal accents with rose gold hues like vases, knobs, and side tables are an excellent option to add a splash of pink to your home.

Green is The color that symbolizes healing and relief. It provides the room with an air of calm. Since not everybody likes wall coverings of green in their living spaces It is possible to add plants that are green to add joy to your space. It can assist you in creating lovely memories for yourself.

Brown-Brown is a blend of luxury and comfort. Brown is believed to bring warmth to any space and can make you more attractive in your sex life.

White White, This color is considered to be a symbol of purity and peace. White is, as per Vastu a symbol of innocence in weddings and keeps free of unnecessary arguments.

Vastu Tips for furniture that you can use in your bedroom

Here are some things you can and can't decide about regarding the placement of the furniture in your bedrooms as per Vastu.


Close the door of the bathroom that is connected when it is it is not in use. Make sure that the doors are closed in the bedrooms as quickly as possible.


Do not leave windows open on your head when you sleep.

Dining table

Set the dressing table near the bed, as the mirror doesn't reflect the body's image while one is asleep according to Vastu. The table on the north, east, or south wall of an east-facing bedroom. Place the dressing table to the north or northwest, if the bedroom is facing north. Make sure it is away from the southwest and southeast walls.

Bed box

The idea of keeping debris under your mattress or in your bed box isn't ideal. Make sure your bed box storage is tidy. It is recommended to stay clear of broken clocks and bed sheets, as well as toys and other things within the box. The things you store in your box will influence how you sleep, according to Vastu.

The type of mattress

If you do have an extra bed for a double in your bedroom, make sure you use one mattress, particularly when it's a couple's bed. Don't keep any extra pillows on the mattress.

bed covers

The light-colored bedding such as pale green, pink, and light purple. Beige white or brown may help you unwind. Don't use too many geometrical designs that are blue or black on the sheets. A couple should pick soft red, calming pink, or peach patterns for their bed covers.

Eliminate negative energy

Make sure to clean the floor with sea salt mixed with water at least once per week to get rid of negative energy. This is among the most efficient Vastu bedroom suggestions to create an appealing atmosphere inside the home.

The wardrobe's position

Be sure to follow Vastu guidelines when choosing the right wardrobe or storage system in your bedroom. When you've got an almirah place it on the west or south wall. The wall behind the toilet or toilet seat should not be facing wardrobe doors. Light colors, like pale yellow, cream light grey, white or beige, are best employed for the almirah or closet.

Wood and iron are suitable wood are suitable for making wardrobes. Pick a wardrobe with a single door. an oval or square shape. To keep your clothes tidy, you should organize your clothes regularly. Don't keep unneeded or damaged clothes. The cash vault must be placed near the north entryway of the almirah, while jewelry is best kept from the east or the south.

Other Vastu-like Ideas to Follow in the Couple's Bedroom

A neutral bedroom theme that has an ambiance of peace

Set up blooming flowers, plants, and fresh plants in the couple's bedroom to attract positive energy. Plants in the northwest and red roses in the southwest create a perfect atmosphere to keep the relationship in good shape.

There shouldn't be any scary or naked images in a bedroom for a couple.

Clean your bedroom floor using ocean salt, and water and eliminate negative energy from the air.

A messed-up room always invites negativity. Maintain your bedroom clean and tidy to attract positive energy to the room.

Use cheerful wallpapers and pictures that have a positive vibe on your walls in your bedroom to attract positive energy.

Use soft light sources, such as candles and lamps in addition to the usual light lights to make a peaceful environment.

Last words on sleeping Direction in Couples

For a long time, Vastu has been an element of Indian tradition. While many aren't following the tradition anymore, many believe in its significance. But, following some simple rules to enhance your love life shouldn't prove any trouble. Since honesty and genuine love will always be the best ways to build a strong relationship The sleeping direction of couples as well as other advice can assist you in balancing the proper energy in your home.

In the end, choosing the best sleep position for couples as suggested by Vastu could have an enormous difference in your daily life and allow you to feel more energetic every day. Therefore, plan your bedroom and experience the benefits for yourself.

Most frequently asked questions

Which sleep orientation for couples is best?

The northwest and southwest directions are the most suitable sleeping positions for couples, according to Vastu. Couples should rest with their heads facing toward the south, and their feet pointed toward the north.

Which sleep direction for couples is most attractive to couples to each other?

The southwest corner is an earth element that signifies love, passion, and marriage. Be sure that your bedroom is located to the southwest and helps you sleep peacefully.

What is the most suitable sleeping position for couples according to Vastu?

Men who sleep on the left-hand side are more relaxed than those who sleep on the right. The left is the most comfortable sleeping position for women, according to Vastu.

The significance behind correct sleeping position for couples according to Vastu?

Vaastu brings a lot of positive energy to your life. It also offers an evening of restful sleep. It also helps to enhance the love life of couples.

Is the east the ideal sleep direction for a couple?

Couples can sleep in the south, east or west directions, as per Vastu. The husband should rest to the side on which he is sleeping while the wife must lie in the middle.

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