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How Geobiology Affects Homes |Geobiology and healthy Home

 THE GEOBIOLOGICAL STUDY |Geobiology and healthy Home

Vastu experts recommend Geobiology and a healthy Home for all householders. This blog will explain the importance of Geobiology and a healthy Home, So, let us begin.

The geobiological analysis of a home or office will identify and assess the risk factors that could affect the health of those who reside in places of greater permanent use including areas of study or rest.

Utilizing protocols like the one created by the Institut fur Baubio logie studying geobiology, one can determine in a contrasted and reliable way the most suitable place for people to be in their home, bedroom, room, or at their workplace.

The instruments for detection used in the protocol are the most advanced instruments like the magnetometer and the radioactivity meter. However, they are complemented and contrasted against traditional instruments, such as pendulums and "L" rods that are shaped.


Human existence has always evolved through the influence of natural radiation on the Earth. This kind of radiation is comprised of Earth's natural radiation along with the magnetic field. good home has the longest-lasting permanence in spaces that have minimal amounts of radiation.


Geobiology is the study of the relationship between the Earth (GEA) and living creatures (BIOS). It studies the biological impacts that geology on the earth has on humans and blends the knowledge we have accumulated from our ancestors along with the most recent research conducted by geologists, engineers biologists, doctors, and other scientists.

The study of nature has been studied in the past. In the past, people relied on observation of nature to determine the location they would settle. In China, they created feng-shui which was a science that examined the positive impact of spaces on the people who live in the space and aimed to avoid changing the energy of spaces.

In Rome, they employed methods that were far from modern Western norms. Before deciding on the sites of cities the Romans would allow a swarm of sheep to wander around and, after killing, they'd examine the health of their livers.

Similar examples are present throughout every culture, from the Arabs and those to the Indians from America. Nowadays, it blends perception and the application of modern technology.


The results of technical tests have revealed that faults, groundwater, and deposits, in addition to other modifications, create significant variations in the natural radiation.

The motion that occurs in water on the ground and the friction it experiences with the environment could create electromagnetic waves. This is why changes in electrical potential and radioactivity are often observed vertically from the location in which it is moving.

Geological faults are ground-level fractures that allow for the release of gases like radon as well as natural radiation onto the surface. This in turn means that the magnetic field of the Earth is enhanced.

Geobiology also studies networks that span the globe. The most famous network was discovered during the middle to the end of the 20th century when the scientist Dr. Ernst Hartmann, a network where natural radiation of low intensity is concentrated.


There is a belief that humans today are more prone to natural influences than they were likely due to an increase in stress, an affliction of the immune system, or an increase in exposure to radiation from the environment and pollution.

Natural radiation's effects on human health are distinctly different for each individual. Sleeping under an environmental disturbance typically have sleep disorders (especially for children) and then waking up exhausted and exhausted or in pain.

Other common discomforts that can occur after prolonged stays in geologically altered environments are fatigue, nervousness, or headaches.

In mammals, some species are seen to move away from natural influences and rest for a while, like dogs. Bees, cats, and insects, on the contrary, however, seek out disturbing spots whenever they can. 

Enhance your home's appearance by incorporating geobiology

With the assistance of our friend Carlo Vander Noot, we are pleased to provide you with an introduction to the field of geobiology. Geobiology is the process of searching for areas that are disturbed in the structure to eliminate the effects and make them more habitable. Its primary goal is to create living habitats healthy and conducive to harmonious living.

What's the procedure?

The research conducted is using both artificial and natural waves. The health of the people is enhanced by neutralizing cosmo-telluric systems (Hartmann, Curry, Sacred Great Diagonal) and water veins, faults, deep galleries, as well as punctual disturbances using some or all harmonizers.

Geobiology plays a significant role in the overall health of residents. Certain, more or less severe illnesses that can't be managed with traditional treatments fade away or go into the process of being cured. Additionally, when it comes to the day of selling a property, homes that are hard to sell can attract buyers faster.

Geobiology is not just about issues created by the waves. In livestock and farm farms electric issues (insulation faults, poorly placed earth rods, poor electrical connection, inducing currents, etc.).) should be removed. These deficiencies can adversely affect the cosmo-telluric systems and can affect the health of animals (lower mortality, reduced disease, and improved production,...)

A variety of methods of geobiology.

There are two primary methods of geobiology:

  • Harmonizers are used to reduce any "harmfulness" of cosmic or natural waves based on the kind of disturbance. The placement of these devices is made by an antenna called the Lecher antenna.
  • The positioning of the physical "shields" can allow you to neutralize emissions from the antennas for data transmission (microwaves, EMF (ElectroMagnetic Fields), and non-ionizing radiations produced from antennas WIFI, Bluetooth, and so on. ).
  • Geobiology also finds excess radiation, which causes significant disruptions to the magnetic field of the earth.

When should geobiologists be brought in?

It is the responsibility of the tenant to decide the property according to their preferences. Sometimes, the work was performed by an estate agent because the property was not rented or selling at a speed that was fast enough.

In the ideal scenario, a geobiologist will be consulted at the start of the project to place the building in the most efficient possible location on location and in the rooms within the building. The geobiologist will be able to advise on the arrangement of electrical equipment as well as the decision-making process for the selection of materials. The geobiologist can also be involved in an old building to clear it up and fix any problems. Most of the time the memory of walls and other obstructions can be removed.

Certain structures need to be frequently "cleaned". Sometimes, there are disturbances and new ones show up. In this instance, the harmonizer (s) must be required to be relocated. It is typically the owner of the space who carries the work via videoconferences with the geobiologist every 6 to 18 months.

Geobiologists are an important factor in the location of electricity poles with high voltage, radio-frequency data transmission antennas as well as wind turbine masts to ensure that these structures (including foundations) aren't erected in geopathic currents or on regions.

Some symptoms may be connected to the "affected" home

The discomfort is often due to a fault or a vein of water flowing through the region. For humans, this may result in eye pain, headaches skin issues such as hives, dizziness muscle pain, respiratory tract infection, problems with concentration as well as depressive tendencies, aggression and heart issues as well as cancers, autoimmune disorders, etc. The list is endless.

Animals may also react to your house. Stress, not using the proper watering area, and so on.

Does the impact last for a long time?

The effect can be felt in about an hour for both humans and animals. There may be an adjustment period for certain individuals as the home has been elevated to an energy level higher than the inhabitants. They can get energy when they are working, but before that, they provided an energy source for buildings.

Sometimes, it is necessary to conduct energy therapy on any or all of the people in the house to ensure that their health is "perfect".

A few words of advice

It is suggested to utilize high-frequency waves in moderate drinking and to use cables and stay clear of WIFI, DECT phone, and Bluetooth Babyphone. When working, the same as at home. All electrical devices must be grounded. A distance of 1 m must be maintained away from any live lower frequency (50 Hz) power cable in order not to be impacted by the EMF that it releases. The low-frequency interference caused by live cables can be prevented by keeping cables out of the body at places where people spend long periods (beds or desks.) or by turning off the power supply using an individual-pole switch that is installed on the phase or double-pole switch if the network doesn't have neutral. On farms, it's crucial to limit the loss of current as you can and thus avoid any stray current. Earthing is required in neutral zones.

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