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Hartman as well as curry lines Effect on Home

Hartman as well as curry lines Effect on Home

Vastu experts recommend Hartman as well as curry lines Effect on Home, for all householders. This blog will explain the importance of Hartman as well as the curry line's Effect on Home, So, let us begin.

The magnetic field of the earth is created by grids referred to by the term global network. They are the most preferred channels for energy circulation. Over these grids, low-intensity natural radiation is concentrated, and often invisible to the vast majority of people.


The most known worldwide network was first discovered in the 20th century, by Professor Dr. Ernst Hartmann. It is explained in depth in his book, Krankheit als Standortproblem (The illness as a problem of localization).

The Doctor discovered its existence by comparing the geo rhythm graph of thousands of people. His work revealed how the body's electric cal resistivity was divided into a grid that was oriented through the points of cardinal reference, and the grid was named after him.

In mid-latitudes, they're parallel lines that span an approximate separation between 2.5m East-West, and 2m from North-South. Between these lines, there is an area of neutralization.

The intensity of Hartmann lines is increased during the night. This is why the adverse impacts on the health of humans occur particularly during the time of rest.

Dr. Hartmann provides evidence of the negative effects on well-being in his work. They are most prevalent in areas that are located over the vertical of a Hartmann network crossing, or in one Hartmann line that crosses with other geological phenomena like faults or groundwater. They usually manifest as an increase in insomnia, anxiety, or trembling.

It is important to note that living creatures could already be part of these networks since they have surely always existed. However, human activity could affect these networks. Geobiologists detect it more intensely in urban areas that have more electromagnetic field pollution as compared to natural or rural areas that emit softer radiation.

This global web of networks, as well as other ones, is often in doubt. The primary reason for this is the difficulty in detecting it using instruments for measuring however this is not the case for other natural geobiological changes like the groundwater and faults that are easily detectable by using instruments, like magnetometers.

The most commonly used method of detection relies on the individual sensibilities of geobiologists with the aid of amplifying, or not. In this way, two geobiologists with professional experience are required to identify the location of the Hartmann lines just a couple of centimeters from one another.


The Curry line is named for Dr. Curry who was an American doctor who was born in Munich in 1899. He was named in honor of his publication in 1952.

The Curry network is a diagonal grid similar to that of the Hartmann network. It consists of northwest-southwest and northeast-southeast lines, separated by lines that range between four and sixteen meters.

Similar to the Hartmann lines the Hartmann linesCurry lines intensify the power of their radiation in the evening and at the locations where they intersect. Furthermore, their intensity is affected by lunar cycles. This is why it increases when the moon is full. In this regard, the most significant health consequences are experienced at nighttime during sleep, typically as a result of insomnia for those who are resting on the horizontal Curry cross.

Contrary to the Hartmann lines and the Hartmann lines, the Curry lines are believed to originate in cosmic influences, but not in radiation coming from inside the earth's core.


Other networks that have a north-south and east-west orientation include the Benker network as well as the Peyre network, which was discovered by Dr. Peyre, also in the mid-20th century. Both networks are grid-based with more lines that separate these than do the Hartmann network.

In general, the Hartmann lines are thicker than around 21 centimeters. In contrast, those of Curry, Benker, and Peyre have thicker thicknesses that can reach 40 centimeters.

The effects of Hartmann, Curry, Black, Ley Lines & Schumann Waves

Hartmann Lines and its Impacts

Hartmann lines are Hartmann lines have a natural charge named in honor of Dr. Ernst Hartmann a well-regarded German medical doctor. The Hartmann lines are located from North-South and East-West. Hartmann lines are the continuous line that runs every 7ft from north to south, and every 8ft from east to west.

 They are usually positive and negative charged, and when they cross, it's possible to have double positive charges as well as double negative charges or one positive charge and one negative. These intersections are believed as the root of possible problems.

 "ONCE I went to a man's house and told him not to sleep in a certain spot. He thought I was a Fool. Twenty years later, he passed away from cancer ."--ERNST HARTMANN M.D.

 He believed that his findings explained the reason the reasons why people became sick. He could not find cancer cases without being connected to the grid. The areas that are negative in the grid have been believed to be most hazardous when they meet.

 When magnetic lines exist they could disrupt the normal function of nerves and cells and cause disease.

 Once the space is healed the area will change "energies that are present in your environment to make it healthier, safer and more enjoyable for your family, your pet, as well as the plants." Don't forget the opportunity to learn what Is Geopathic stress.

 hartmann grid linesFacts about Hartmann Lines

The Hartmann lines are an arc of radiation that appear vertically above the ground, like invisible radioactive walls. It is magnetically aligned to the north, starting from North to South as well as in the direction of East westwards. Between these lines is the neutral zone, which is an unaffected microclimate. The network extends across the entire world through open spaces or homes.

 The Hartmann net is described with the Chinese term Yin as well as Yang. Yang is hot, dry energy that acts slowly. Yin (North-South lines) is cold energy that acts slowly and corresponds to winter and is associated with the occurrence of cramps, humidity, and any form of rheumatism. It is also known as the Yang (East-West lines) is hot, dry, rapidly moving energy.

 It is connected to fire, and it is also linked to inflammation. There is a negative earth line that plays a role in stress building and is known as "Curry lines".

 Curry Line and its Impacts

Curry lines were first discovered by Dr. Manfred Curry and Dr. Wittmann. They are global grid that is composed of charged electrical lines that are run diagonally. They aren't considered to be an issue unless the intersection points and lines that run this manner have many intersecting points. They are also double negatives, double positives, or a combination of both. Curry lines are run every 13 by 13 feet. diagonally, at a 45-degree angle.

 The doctor. Curry believed that the positively charged spots can trigger an explosion of cells as well as the potential for cancerous cells growing as well as the negatively charged spots may cause inflammation.

 The Facts about Curry Lines

There is a belief that Curry grids as well as the Hartmann lines are earth grids used to capture cosmic rays which often blast the Earth and could be altered by fault lines caused by geological processes as well as underground mining. The lines are all over our homes and do not cause any harm, except they cross beneath the bed or in your workplace.

 The locations in which lines Curry lines and Hartmann lines intersect, create additional issues. They are usually thought to be more damaging than one crossing these lines. Another line that creates geopathic stress. It is known as "Black lines".

 Black Lines and the Effects of it

Black lines form naturally, however, the way they appear is unknown. They can be concentrated at a particular point, and usually do not form networks like Hartmann or Curry lines. They are similar to "sha" also known as deadly energy lines in Chinese Feng-Shui.

 They come in a variety of shapes. maybe straight, curving, and straight at ground level or higher levels, and are also they can be found in the upper levels of structures. There are two kinds of Black lines, one described as "black with a pressurized" and the second as "pointed shiny and sharp. and tough." In addition, there are also lines called ley that contribute to the building's tension. Ley Lines Grid

 Ley Lines and the Effects of it

Ley lines are usually regarded as imaginary lines and believed to be supernatural. They happen when "holy stones" have been charged with energy and laid in straight lines.

 These lines are visible "naturally" and then suddenly when at least 5 of them are in line over the distance of 25 miles. The stones can be small or large, they're charged because of excessive heat or collision with significant force with other stones.

 Ley lines are usually ideal for sacred places, but not for homes since they emit strong positive energy that can cause ghostly visions. Another possibility is caused by a ritual wash using spring water or even the sound's impact. Learn more about the Schumann waves that were discovered by German scientists. Ley Lines Effects

 Schumann Waves and its effects

Schumann waves are natural beneficial electromagnetic waves are naturally occurring and beneficial electromagnetic. They fluctuate between Earth and specific layers of the atmosphere. As I said, they were first discovered around 1952 by professor W.O. Schumann who was a German scientist from Germany.

 He discovered that the waves are similar to nearly the same frequency as brainwaves, follow the same pattern throughout the day, and aid in regulating your body's inner clock, thus altering our sleeping patterns.

 The American space agency NASA began to become fascinated by this phenomenon after it affected the first astronauts, who returned to Earth after a brief period of space and felt extremely depressed, weak, and confused to the point that they were dragged in size from the spacecraft.

 In the end, NASA installed equipment in the spacecraft that could generate Schumann waves that are artificial.

 As a result of urbanization, the latest high-rise structures and other structures have reinforced concrete or metal roofs which can dramatically protect the occupants from beneficial waves.

 The theory is that a large part of the reason people experience jetlag is the fact that Schumann waves are weaker at altitudes of normal air-planes, and this is further diminished due to the fuselage made of metal.

 There is a tool called VIBBES SEEDER that can remove all negative effects of Hartmann lines Curry lines Black lines Lay Lines & Schumann Waves with ease. You must learn 

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