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Geopathic Stress Effects of Home Vastu

 Geopathic Stress  Effects of  Home Vastu

Vastu experts recommend the Geopathic Stress  Effects of  Home Vastu, for all householders.

This blog will explain the importance of the Geopathic Stress  Effects of  Home Vastu for home, So, let us begin.

Geopathic Stress  Effects of  Home Vastu

We all take pride in our homes, and we put in time and effort as well as money to improve their comfort. For the majority of people, purchasing an apartment is one of the biggest investments in their lives. Your home, and its non-Vaastu-compliant structure, can cause health problems for the inhabitants and contaminate the air you breathe as well as drink even without you being conscious of it. Similar to workplaces stress caused by the environment contributes to general strain and prevents one from achieving their full potential. Refusing external forces is crucial to ensure growth and development.


The natural radiations of the Earth traverse Earth, these radiations get affected due to weak fields of electromagnetic energy generated because of geological faults underground ore masses underground water, mineral deposits, and many others. The disturbances reflect or diffuse Geopathic radiation that moves through the earth. They also focus on the Geopathic radiation in certain regions that are located on the Earth's surface. Geopathic radiation lines emanate from the earth's crust and are present in various intensities at the surface of the Earth.

Geopathic radiation disrupts, reduces, and depletes positive energy. The energy deficiency will affect the cells and Organs as well as those energy centers (chakras) within the Human being. This can impact health in a severe way as well as the abundance and prosperity of the people who reside in that location. The extent of the issue is determined by the severity of the Geopathic tension lines that are present within the region.

Geopathic Stress is the term that refers to the high-frequency Zones that are caused by the disintegration that occurs in HARTMANN Lines and CURRY Lines that result from Earth Magnetism. They alter the HUMAN Bio-Electric field, or AURA which is the energy field of the Human being, and trigger Non-Infectious Diseases.

If we are in the upper or lower Zones for some time the body's resistance may be reduced, which can lead to anxiety and illness that is because of a reduction in the immune system      

  • Humans have evolved along with this magnetic background field They are accustomed to living in its vicinity.
  • Geopathic stress happens whenever the earth's magnetic field gets perturbed, whether intentionally or by design as well as the background field we encounter is altered.

For a better understanding take a look at the image above. It is a sketch of an underground stream depicting how, in this instance, harmful as well as "black" natural energy sources radiate upwards from the river, as well as at 45 degrees on either side, creating three vertical lines that contain vortices or spirals.

If your bed is along either of those lines or in particular, the middle of an arc, you could be seriously ill in a matter of minutes depending on your immunity or resistance to the illness.

  • Geopathic Stress is a common condition that can affect certain areas and may be detrimental to our health.
  • Certain places can make us feel uncomfortable and at the ease. It's not that we are uneasy. We're often in a quandary of describing or explaining this sensation. Geopathic stress could be a possible reason.
  • Geopathic Stress in conjunction with Other Infrared-UV Points along with SAP Points is the sole typical cause for the majority of chronic and long-term diseases and psychological disorders.
  • Geopathic Stress was confirmed to the delight of the medical profession more than 70 years ago and has been proven in numerous instances since. Geopathic Stress is extremely harmful to the health of humans.
  • In the past, Indians constructed homes in areas in which Cows, Horses, and Elephants were able to rest and sleep. This was because they could choose places without harmful earth radiation. Were the Bats, Cats, Bees, and Wasps who can settle and preferred Geopathic zones, and these regions were not favored by the animals.
  • Curry lines were discovered by Dr. Manfred Curry and Dr. Wittmann as a global grid network. It was also Hartmann's global grid network. Hartmann Global Grid Network was discovered by Dr. Ernst Hartmann. It's mostly the disruptions in those Curry and Hartmann lines that result in Geopathic stress-related health issues.

Baron Gustav von Pohl of Germany in the 1930s, who researched Geopathic stress radiation and cancer, found that 95 percent of all cancer cases had a connection with Geopathic stress radiation.

Ernst Hartmann. Germany (1940s-60) is the one to define the geomagnetic grids that are globally distributed and their effect on Geostress. In 30 years of studies, He concluded that cancer is a condition that is linked to location.

The Central Public Works department. within its review of the guidelines for reducing the negative electromagnetic radiation's harmful effects in urban areas in March 2014 included an entire chapter on stress caused by geopathic.

GEOPATHIC STRESS is the common cause of many chronic and long-term diseases and mental disorders. Researchers from Dulwich Health Society, USA examined more than 25,000 patients who were ill and discovered that the following categories are Geopathically stressed (GS).

  • 100 percent of people develop secondary cancer.
  • 95 percent of those who are diagnosed with cancer were asleep or employed in a gs location before or during the time the cancer was discovered.
  •  95%of children are hyperactive, suffer from learning disabilities, or have difficulties managing.
  • 80 percent of parents or caregivers abuse children.
  • The majority of divorces occur due to one or both partners, resulting in Gs.
  • 80percentof couples that are not able to have children, either one or both of them are Gs.
  • 80percentof women suffering from an unplanned pregnancy have a miscarriage.
  • 80 %of babies die of death in the cot.
  • 70%of m.e. (post viral fatigue) sufferers.
  • 70 percent of people are allergic to food or drinks

The GEOPATHIC STRESS affects the Bio-Electromagnetic field, also known as the Nervous Plexus and the cerebral plexus (chakra), and, consequently, it affects the energetic body. The AURA of the individual decreases and reduces the energy immunity which can cause diseases.

The Earth is vibrating at 7.5 frequencies and Sky is 14Hz. A healthy human must move in the middle of these frequencies. GS vibrations can go as high as 200 Hz and cause issues.

 What is Geopathic Stress and should you be Concerned About It?

Stress could be caused by any of a variety of causes, such as your work, relationships, or life-related challenges. other emotional stressors (just to mention just a few).

The idea of geopathic stress seems to be an additional reason to look into one of which is the energy of the earth itself.

A majority of people have no concept of what's in the ground beneath their homes. You may not have even thought about the man-made or geological elements beneath your house.

Geopathic stress is based on the concept that the Earth emits a particular energy frequency that is affected by underground features, for example:

  • tunnels
  • sewers
  • geological faults
  • pipes
  • mineral deposits
  • Utility lines
  • underground water

Being in one of these energy imbalances According to these theories could cause geopathic stress. This stress is believed to trigger a variety of physical and psychological signs.

The notion that negative vibes or negative energy can impact the health and well-being of a person isn't any time new.

Although the idea of geopathic stress may originate from the 1900s, it has many similarities to the long-standing practices of Feng Shui and dowsing. Both are practices that are popular with people who find them beneficial.

At present, there is no evidence to support the idea of geopathic stress. Medical professionals generally don't understand this condition and don't even believe it is an issue for well-being.

Symptoms commonly reported

Geopathic zones -- underground features that are believed to contribute to stress due to geopathic causes can be found everywhere.

The theory of geopathic stress suggests moving through these zones fast won't cause much harm. Therefore, if your normal commute takes you through a variety of underground tunnels, or even a huge mineral deposit, you probably will not experience any discomfort.

Anecdotal evidence and other sources on the internet suggest that you're more likely to feel symptoms when you work or live over a geopathic area, particularly if you sleep right above the disturbance in energy.

Some of the symptoms mentioned above have been linked to geopathic stress

  • tiredness along with fatigue
  • difficulty falling asleep or not falling asleep
  • Insistent migraines as well as migraine
  • decreased the immune response
  • Tingling or numbness in feet and hands
  • losing focus or experiencing difficulty focussing
  • general nervousness or a sluggish mood
  • unexpected shifts in emotional states as well as personality
  • tension and tension between roommates or family members

There is also a suggestion that geopathic stress may disrupt particular environmental aspects. For instance, roads situated in geopathic zones could be more susceptible to potholes or cracks, and traffic accidents may occur in these areas of the road more often.

In short, stress from geopathic causes is associated with a variety of mental and physical health issues that do not have a specific reason. Some have gone so far as to suggest that this is the reason for miscarriages or cancer however, no research-based evidence has been found to support either.

Does it exist?

It's a bit difficult to define.

Geopathic stress advocates believe that the vast majority of people aren't aware of the condition. This makes it difficult to disprove or prove, it also puts into question how important its effects are.

It stands to reason that a factor responsible for many health problems is likely to draw the attention of top experts and produce more well-known evidence.

Some experts have expressed doubt that the stress of geopathic nature alone can cause such a wide range of issues.

The Earth does possess some electromagnetic energy. Based on the World Health Organization's Trusted Source, however, there's no evidence for the claim that low-frequency electromagnetic radiation has any influence on the development of diseases such as physical ailments such as heart disease and cancer and mental health concerns such as depression and anxiety.

What do you think of all the research studies?

While most experts don't believe in the presence of geopathic strain, you will study studies that indicate otherwise. However, not all studies are made equal, and studies that focus on geopathic stress do have some serious shortcomings.

Example 1

In a study in the year, 2010 researchers requested 154 men of different years of age to lay down on the geopathic zones of stress for 20 mins. Then, they measured the blood pressure, heart rate, and pulse, and measured them against the results from a neutral zone.

The measurements revealed some variation in the zones but in the majority of cases, the difference was quite small. Based on these results the scientists concluded that the geopathic zones may have some effect on normal body functions.

This study, however, had only a tiny sample size and did not mention the control group.

A control group is comprised of people who were not lying within the geopathic zone. When they were testing the group, neither would they know what the zone is.

The absence of a controlled group hinders researchers to consider other factors that could cause changes in heart rate and blood pressure.

Researchers themselves have also pointed out that 20 minutes might not be sufficient to assess the effects that geopathic stress zones.

Examples 2

A second small study published in the 2010Trusted Source investigated the potential effects the geopathic areas have on wellbeing and performance at work.

Researchers conducted an array of tasks in a stress zone that was geopathic and then in a neutral zone. Participants answered questions regarding their overall health following each stage of the test.

The results indicate that the geopathic zone was not able to impact the participants' performance on the task. However, researchers did notice the respondents' responses to questionnaires indicated a decrease in well-being within Geopathic Zone.

While the study was blinded and randomized, however, it was a tiny study when compared with the study that was smaller earlier.

Example 3

In a small, randomized controlled study from 2005Trusted Source Researchers employed a gas discharge visualization (GDV) system to identify various degrees of "glow" in the 52 participants, in both geopathic zones and a neutral zone.

Participants had less luminosity in the geopathic zone which led the researchers to believe that the different geopathic zones affected participants in different ways.

Despite their tiny sampling sizes and other limitations, every study found geopathic stress zones using Dowsing. In dowsing, one employs a rod or stick that has a fork to find minerals beneath the earth, as per the United States Geological Survey.

Dowsing is an important method that's not supported by scientific research. Additionally, while certain people believe that GDV devices can detect the aura of a person and show symptoms of illness, scientific studies haven't provided any evidence.

Being aware of the ability of suggestions is a significant factor. If you believe that something isn't right at home it's possible to feel anxious and overwhelmed.

This discomfort can cause serious health problems -for example, sleep problems and anxiety-related symptoms which are similar to apparent signs of stress geopathic.

Fatigue can trigger other symptoms that can create a vicious cycle of stress that increases the sense that something's wrong.

You're worried about it at home

A lot of people seek alternative explanations for their symptoms when medical treatment isn't able to help or cure their ailments.

If you're feeling tired as well as sick and stressed but your physician hasn't identified a specific illness You may be tempted to explore any avenue to pinpoint the root of the problem and find relief. It's normal.

There are other options besides energy healers to get expensive treatments at home.

If you think something is going on in your home or workplace that is impacting your health and well-being, the following suggestions will give you more understanding of the potential sources.

Spend some time with a pal

A few minutes away from your home will help you determine if it's the reason behind your symptoms. If you notice your symptoms start to improve quickly then you may be suffering from a house-related hazard.

However, If you continue to experience symptoms that aren't related to your home, the problem is probably not connected to your home in any way.

Do symptoms of cold or flu manifest at work only to disappear during the weekend or in other periods? You may be suffering from sick building syndrome (SBS).

SBS is characterized by a range of symptoms. These include tiredness, difficulty concentrating, headaches, and irritation -- all of which can be believed to be caused by stress.

If this continues be sure to let your healthcare professional be aware of the symptoms, especially those that begin to appear and then disappear. Talk about your symptoms with an employee who can assist you in identifying possible reasons.

Look for other potential hazards to your household

If you are still not convinced that the issue originates in your house, you should look for any other factors that could produce unidentified symptoms, for example:

  • poor air quality
  • mold
  • humidity
  • rodents as well as their droppings
  • secondhand smoke
  • Cleansing products improperly stored
  • carbon monoxide

The symptoms that are caused by carbon monoxide poisoning could closely resemble signs of stress caused by geopathic. You might notice:

  • chronic headaches
  • fatigue and weakness
  • confusion
  • nausea and dizziness
  • blurry vision

Exposure to high levels of carbon monoxide may cause brain damage or even death which is why it's a good idea to check the battery of your carbon monoxide alarm. If you don't own an alarm, you should get one as soon as you can.

Review other stress-producing sources

Stressanxiety as well as depression can all cause physical symptoms, such as:

  • fatigue
  • trouble insomnia
  • headaches

The inability to focus on work is a typical indicator of various mental health issues.

Your mood may change rapidly without reason. Your frustration may extend into your relationships with other people.

Many people are not aware of mental health signs immediately. It may be helpful to look at the following factors:

  • Are you experiencing life changes?
  • Are you having difficulty getting excited about the things that you typically find enjoyable?
  • Does your life seem less fulfilling?
  • Are you feeling burned out in your relationship or job?
  • Are you struggling with any major fears that you cannot get rid of?

A session with a therapist may assist you in getting more clarity on the issue that is causing you to be unhappy.

Speak to an experienced professional

If you experience regular symptoms that are constantly recurring such as constant fatigue and headachesbody aches, or mood swings Begin by recording your daily symptoms in a log.

Record everything even those which don't seem to be pertinent. The smallest symptoms could lead to more clues. Note:

  • the intensity of the symptoms
  • When they show up
  • after they have gone

After that, speak to your doctor and present them with the notes you've kept. Many symptoms don't have an apparent reason until you talk with a doctor who is trained to see the larger picture.

It's the bottom line

Geopathic stress is probably nothing to be concerned about as research hasn't provided definitive evidence to prove that it exists.

There's nothing wrong with shifting your bed, tidying your home, or arranging furniture pieces If it will make you feel better.

The ability to open up your living space and take care of potential dangers like mold and dust can boost your well-being by improving your overall health and giving you an improved outlook.

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