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The effects of the panchamahabhuta imbalance in a building


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The effects of the panchamahabhuta imbalance in a building

This blog post will explain the importance of the Vastu effects of the panchamahabhuta imbalance in a building,  Vastu shastra

The effects of inequities of five components in the human body can be felt easily, but the result of any imbalance that occurs in an area is evident as a result of problems for the people who live there. These can be physical, mental financial, emotional, etc.

    1. Imbalance of Earth It can happen in many ways.
      • An area of depression in southwest
      • The south-west corner is cut off
      • The owner of the house lives in a different section of the house.

Earth is symbolized as the northwest corner of a building. It is the heftiest and highest point of a home and must be used only by the owners of the home or the head of the office.

    1. Imbalance of Water:
      • North-east getting increased
      • There is a fire risk in the north-east
      • North-east separated
      • Toilets in the north-east

The water is represented in the northeast part of a building. It is the smallest and cleanest area of the structure. It is the ideal place for an area for prayer. A lack of balance in this area can lead to mental and financial difficulties.

    1. Imbalance of Fire:
      • Depression located in southeast
      • The southeast region has a wealth of water resources.

The fire is symbolized through the South East of a structure. This is best for the kitchen in the house, or electrical boards, air conditioning plants, etc.

Fire is the key element to fame and vision. Unbalanced energy can lead to conflict and litigation.

    1. Imbalance of Air:
      • Depression in the north-west
      • The northwest region of the country is flooded by water.

Air is symbolized by the northwest. It is the source of emotions. In the North-West, imbalances block the goodwill of the public towards the residents of the building, or toward goods and services at commercial or office establishments. In addition, the imbalance of the North-West also increases the cost of doing business.

    1. Imbalance of Space:
      • The water source is located in the center of the building
      • Massive storage space in the middle of the building

Space is symbolized by the center of a building. This is a symbol of inner strength. A lack of balance in the center causes internal strength to decrease and can cause a loss of money.

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