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office vastu :Vedic Vastu for Entrepreneurs and businessmen

Vastu Shastra of Offices - Office Vastu

office vastu

This blog will explain the importance of office Vastu as well as for all traders, entrepreneurs, and businessmen along with some valuable tips for office Vastu. So, let us begin

office vastu

A positive work environment is a key to the growth and success of any business. Vastu Shastra's architectural science helps create a positive professional work enviro nment for managers and employ ees. This will help make office spaces flourish and bring in more profits. The Vastu guidelines for the design and construction of the exterior and interior of an office will bring prosperity and good fortune to the business. Here is some office Vastu tips to make your office a boon.

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office Vastu: Directions for an office building

North-East, North-West and North-West are all good direct tions for office buildings because they bring luck and opti mism to busine sses. Kuber, the Lord of Wealth, is in the North direction. This direction brings financial benefits to your business. For a service-related office, the East direction is ideal.

office vastu

Office location

For prosperity, the office should be in a busy area. It should be surrounded by running roads.

 Office Vastu; Plan for the office

Sher Mukhi plots work best for buildings that are built for commer cial purposes. Their shape is symbolic of a lion, which is considered to be the symbol of power, efficiency and control. These plots are wide at the front and narrow towards the North.

Office entrance

The main entrance to the office must face either the North or East without obstacles. Avoidance: Do not place the door at the entrance of an interior wall. This can block positive energies coming in.

office Vastu: Reception 

Vastu Shastra says that the reception of an office is a refle ction of the power and nature of the company. It must radiate positive vibes to clients and visitors as well as emp loyees. The receptionist should face either the east or north direction. The East or Northeast orientation must be used for the reception area. The company profile should be on the south wall. The reception desk should be placed diago nally to the main entrance. For positivity, you can keep flowers in the reception.

office Vastu : Staircase

According to Vastu's office guidelines, the best place to build a staircase is in offices that face the South or South-West. Staircases should be painted in light colours. Avoid a staircase in the middle of an office. This could lead to finan cial loss. Avoid red and black-coloured cases in offices.


Things like files, documents and electronic appliances such as computers, must be stored on the left side for north-facing works tations. For east-facing workstations, the above-mentioned objects should be on the right-hand side.

According to Vastu Shastra, square-shaped and rectangul ar-shaped desks are best for workstations.

Things to avoid: Desks and workstations should not be L-shaped. This can cause confusion and delay in delivery work. It is disresp ectful to keep idols of Gods or Goddesses on your desk. This pace is strictly for business purposes and you should not eat at your desk or workstation.

 The rooms of office owners

The South-west direction should be used by office owners . While working, they should face north. The desk must be square with four corners. The owner's back must be supported by a concrete wall.

Avoidance: Temples and divine idols should not be kept behind the office's seat.

 Office Employees'

All employees' desks must face East or North.

 Accounts department

Because cash transactions can be done in these directions, the accounts department should be in the North or east . The cabinet's North or Southwest corner is where you should keep financial records.

Marketing department

The northwest corner of the office must face the north for sales and marketing staff. This is a good direction for them to stay motivated.

 Cash safe

The southwest direction is the best place to keep cash safe at work. This denotes financial stability.


Vastu says that the North-West or West direction is the best for building toilets in offices.

Avoidance: Do not build washrooms in the North, South, or East directions of offices. They are symbolic of negative energies.


The North-East direction of an aquarium is good for busin ess. For wealth and prosperity, put nine goldfish and one fish.

Conference room

The northwest direction is the best way to build an office conference room


Any office pantry should be located in the South-East direction. For a touch, of more freshness, paint the pantry with blue colour and include bright green plants.

Avoidances: Your pantry should not be oriented in the North and painted in pink or another colour.

Office walls in different colours

Bright colours are a great way to bring energy and positivity into the workplace. The perfect colours to paint office walls are white, grey, and blue.

  • For walls facing the South, blue is the best colour.
  • For East, Southeast and Northeast walls, white or cream is suitable.
  • Southwest walls are an excellent choice for office work because of the green colour.

Things to avoid: Avoid using colourers such as red, coral and pink in the office. This could lead to negativity.

 Manager seating position

As per office Vastu, the Southwest, South, or West direct ions must be faced by the manager, director, chairman, and other executives. These directions allow employees to make better decisions and add positivity to their offices.

Administrative and HR positions

These two departments can be located in the southeast or northeast corner of the office. Their professional hierarchy should dictate the position of their desks.

 Technical Department

This direction is ideal for this department because it inspires passion and power.


The best place to keep your temples is in the North-East corner. This area should always be kept clean.

Avoid heavy items in the North-East area of your office.

 Parking for offices

You must park your vehicle in the North-West direction towards the office building.

Avoidance: Office parking zones should not be constructed in the North-East.

Overhead tanks

For overhead tanks, the South-West direction or South direction is best.

Avoid these things: Never place an overhead water tank in a room above that of the office owner.


The guardroom for office Vastu should be in the northwest direction so that he can keep an eye on visitors and vehicles entering the office.

Avoid these mistakes: Never construct a guardroom in the North-East direction.

 Equipment for electric motors

Electric equipment, such as servers, panels and photocopy machines, cameras, etc., should be placed in the South-east direction. The South-east direction should be used for electrical equipment.

 Lawns for offices

Large trees should be planted on the West and South sides of lawns. You should not plant trees in the North-East or North-East directions.

Staff quarters

office Vastu Staff quarters are best in the North West direction. The southeast direction is second best.

Avoid these areas: Do not construct them in the North-East or South-West directions.


For ventilation purposes, windows must face the Eastern or Northern directions.

 Directions for senior executives

The ideal locations for building these cabins are Southwest, South, or West.

 Waiting room

In offices, the waiting area must be in the North-west direction.

Official files

These directions will help you keep your important files safe.

office vastu
office vastu

Lucky plants for your office desk

office Vastu for Business success is enhanced by the presence of bamboo plants, jade plants and snake plants, Areca palm and money plants, as well as dracaena and dracaena trees on your office desks.

Additional office Vastu tips to help you in your office

It is important to leave the central area of the office empty.

Your office's northwest corner is an important one. This area should not be used for toilets or washrooms. It should also be klear of clutter, as this could hinder cash flow . Financial support is symbolized by hanging a painting featuring white horses in the North West zone.

  •  A manufacturing company's construction should begin in the south and then move to the west and north before reaching the east.
  •  Maa Lakshmi is firm in cleanliness and order at work. Untidiness can cause confusion and discord among employees.
  • In the southwest, you will find the best location to store bank papers and files. It is essential to use kumkum-tilak when preparing the books of accounts.
  •  The South-east corner of the office should be painted blue and surrounded by green plants.
  •  Negative energy is created by sleeping at the desk.
  • To promote better communication between colleagues, place a turquoise pyramid at workstations
  •  Side tables and telephones should be located in a southeast direction.
  • To win the trust and respect of your peers, place a photo of the mountain scene behind the seat.
  •  To ensure that finished goods are sold, the best place is in the northwest direction.
  • You must keep the open spaces in the northeast, east, and north directions.
  • All sides must have the same height. The Southern and Western sides must be higher than the Eastern and Northern.
  •  Perfect for the slope of floors, the Northeast direction of the office works well.
  • The northwest zone must have septic tanks.
  •  The reservoir bore well and pools should never be built along the northeast axis.
  • North-West and Central-East are the best places to store weighing machines in offices.
  • Storerooms, lockers for employees and other stores should be located in the southwest or south direction of the office.

office vastu

The Ending Note

Do you plan to open a new office to support your business? This Vastu for office tip will help you create a positive, encouraging, divine blessings and profitable workplace. To bless your business with all the blessings of prosperity, you can also perform puja in your new office during the auspicious muhurat 2022.

What are the important Vedic Vastu rules for an office?

General rules to be adopted in office buildings are mentioned above, And 15 important Vedic Vastu rules must be followed.

  1. Accept the length, width, and height of the office buildings according to manaiyadi sastra, what is manaiyadi sastra a? Click here
  2. Design the office boss's general manager's rooms according to  manaiyadi sastra
  3. Construction of office buildings in good quality according to the Building Formula(Ayadi Vastu) is very important for offices, what is Building Formula(Ayadi Vastu)? Click here
  4. Do not place the pillars and walls of the building on the mahamarma points of the land on which the building stands
  5. The toilet should not come in the area where AgniSutra and Mrityu Sutra pass, otherwise, there will be a financial loss for the organization and failure in business.
  6. It is very important to note that if the KuberaSutra or soma sutra  block comes, the debt will increase for the firm
  7. Check if your organization is experiencing GeopathicStress
  8. Check if your organization is experiencing BuildingSyndrome
  9. Check if your organization is experiencing HartmannCurry lines
  10. Follow GeoBiology for the good office environment
  11. Follow the instructions in Building Biology for a good office environment
  12. Choose the best name according to your date of birth by numerology and give it to the company
  13. Make the main door of your office or the door of your office cabin  towards the lucky direction of your horoscope
  14. On the day of starting an office, prepare the horoscope of your organization and check whether the organization is likely to face any obstacles or difficulties.
  15. The horoscope of the person starting the business should be checked
  16. According to your horoscope based on astrology, you should check 10 important things related to the profession you are doing

Vastu's consultation with the office demands an in-depth study.

  • The office should be located correctly within the building
  • The exteriors of offices like the shape, slope, elevation, the level of water
  • The direction of the entrance
  • The direction and position of windows
  • The beams' location
  • The basement's location
  • The direction and placement within the MD room
  • The placement and direction of the employee's title and work habits
  • The direction and position of the reception
  • The direction and location of AC coolers, AC and audio systems.
  • The direction and the location of the steps.
  • The direction and position of electronic equipment
  • The direction and location of the kitchen/pantry
  • The direction and position of toilets
  • The direction and placement of the conference or seminar rooms.
  • The order and placement of the water-based products
  • The colour plan of your room

  opinion and suggestion

This information that I have shared with you is based on the Indian architectural texts and also the knowledge I have gained from years of studying under Acharyas and Gurus as well as my experience of architecturally designing many temples, houses and factories.  Get your office checked by a knowledgeable and experienced Vastu/Astrologer to check all the above. In my 15 years of experience, if you go through the above with a good Vastu consultant, you can be 100% successful in your career or business

Important aspects to take into consideration when following Vastu Shastras for offices (office Vastu):-

  • Shape and Size of the Office
  • Reception Area Arrangement
  • The location of the power spot
  • Brahmasthan - Energy Centre
  • Place of Business Promotion/Marketing Area
  • Principal Entry (door) to the offices
  • Door location and view of the door
  • The location within the Master Cabin the CFO, CEO Manager Director, Managing Director, as well as other key employees
  • Department of Place of Financial/Accounts
  • Staff placement, and even its orientation
  • Placement and arrangement of the location and arrangements of the conference room
  • The Marketing Director's Direction actions/Display
  • Colours for the interior as well as outside of your office
  • The direction of the AC Mains, Electrical and as well as Coolers.
  • The Direction of Pantry, Canteen
  • Placement of Toilets
  • The Direction of Windows
  • The location of the zone of Higher as well as the Lower zone
  • The Dry zone is located in the and the Wet zone
  • A place to have a temple or the pooja room (Prayer area)

Alongside the above, we are taking into consideration the following locations for office Vastu: Office equipment such as computers, fax machines and printers, servers, phones, painting, display and promotions, etc. in the office


 This is the conclusion for the topic office vastu, which combi nes science and architecture true in one world, is nothing more than science. It reads fine the meaning of modern-age office es Vastu Planning is a positive force that activates the positive field to help you reach your goals. To create a positive working environment, Professional Vastu planning is necessary. 

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