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Vastu tips to increase business :Information to improve business

 Vastu Tips to Boost Your Business

This blog will explain the importance of Vastu tips to increase business,  as well as for all traders, entrepreneurs, and busine ssmen along with some useful tips for Vastu tips to increase business  . So, let us begin tips to increase business .html

Vastu Shastra, the ancient Indian art of building provides the best way to attract positive energy into your living spaces An uplifting workplace is essential to improving the mood of employees and their energy. A workspace that is filled with a positive vibe can be a positive sign of an increase in cash flow and business.

One of the most common misconceptions about creating a Vastu-friendly office space is that it could be an expensive affair. In reality, Vastu practices are simple and affordable ways to bring positive energy to the office environment.

Vastu Tips for Office Interiors

Vastu's methods focus on increasing positive energy in workplaces. This article will provide simple-to-implement Vastu techniques for office design to improve your business.


1. The reception counter is at the front of the office, and therefore should convey positive energy towards employees and guests. Make sure to set up your reception desk either in the East or Northeast direction, with the name board of your office to the south. Your receptionist needs to be facing North either East or North.

2. Flowers bring freshness to receptions. A bouquet of fresh lavender or green jade blooms in the reception will draw a lot of attention.

3. In case adding greenery to your reception is on your list you can liven up your reception area by planting a snake plant, palm of Areca and four-leaved clover plants as well as lucky bamboo. According to Vastu, plants are powerful enough to bring luck and prosperity to your business when they are placed in reception areas.


4. The ideal place to put office equipment of all sizes including generators, electrical equipment and scanners, printers, and servers, is towards the southeast. The same is true for electrical appliances like the oven or coffee maker located in your pantry.


5. The office design should allow for more sunshine. Sunshine is a source of positivity and helps to revitalize your workplace naturally.

6. Make sure that the south part area of the office is better illuminated than the rest. This improves the productivity of employees and helps to create a welcoming atmosphere throughout all work areas.

7. The office's lighting needs to be soft and relaxing so that it doesn't create any glare on the employee's computers' screens.

Colours and Painting

8. Vastu shastra recommends lighter colours for offices. They create a bigger feel for offices and help to increase the flow of positive energy.

9. For new businesses there is nothing better than green when it is painting the interior of the office. Green and its shades encourage the mind and can boost revenues.

10. The light blue colour calms and relaxes the minds of those in the living area. Thus blue and its hues are the perfect choices to create relaxing areas for employees such as game areas as well as chill areas.

11. Be sure the ceilings are not as dark as the walls. In addition, Vastu recommends staying clear of shades of brown, black and dark blue in offices.

Office of the CEO/Managing Director/Founder

12. The MD or the cabin of the founder is situated on the corner of the South West, with them either facing north or east.

13. To encourage harmony and draw abundance The Office of the Chief Executive Officer/Managing Director has to be set in yellow. Green, brown, and red are not good matches for the office of the CEO, according to Vastu.

14. The wall behind the seat for the CEO must be sturdy. Vastu is not a fan of crystal frames made of glass, idols or wood partitions that are placed behind the desk of the CEO as they reflect positive energy.

15. Always opt for a wood table in the room of the CEO as their desk, instead of glass. Also, choose a rectangular or square-shaped table, rather than a curving or elongated model.

Desk Rules

16. A night spent at the desk can affect the positive energy that surrounds it. Also, make sure that employees be clutter-free at their desks for a more lively look at their workspaces.

17. Include peace lily, jade plant and lucky bamboo at the workstations of staff as well as higher officials.

Paintings and artworks

18. Illustrations of greenery and sun in the North walls encourage the element of fire in office spaces which increases employee creativity and productivity.

19. Enhance your company's revenue by putting paintings of sea blue or turquoise that hangs on the northwestern walls of your workplace.

20. Pictures or paintings of conch shells and sea scapes encourage good team relations and customer relationships.


21. Mirrors are among the most vital elements of energy in Vastu. Make sure to use square or rectangle-shaped mirrors in your office. It is recommended to avoid circular or oval mirrors.

22. To encourage more cash flow, managers can keep a mirror in the cash locker. But, the mirror must not be stained or have cracks.

23. Employees should avoid placing reflections in their workplaces. If they do, their workload could be piled up, causing additional stress.


24. The office steps are likely to be unusual in the number of steps, as per Vastu. In addition, they should be lighter in shades and not dark shades.

25. A staircase should not be situated in the centre of the office space. The most effective direction for it is to the southwest or south.

26. One of the best office interior design tips, according to Vastu is to set plants near the end of each step. They bring positivity, boost the well-being of employees and also bring prosperity and fortune.


27. The north-facing side is the best option for the office to put up the idols. Keep the space clean and pray.

28. Ganesh's idol is dressed in white, and in Lakshmi's idol, the sitting posture is ideal for offices. They bring prosperity and boost the chances of business owners to succeed.


29. North-East is the ideal location to have an aquarium in the office. Vastu experts recommend nine goldfish and a blackfish in the aquarium to boost the amount of wealth and wealth.

Vastu Strategies to Ensure the success of your business

Vastu Shastra which means the study of construction is an old Hindu system of architecture that declares that any building should be carried out by balancing the five essential elements in the earth that are earth, water, fire and air. Even though Vastu was regarded as a mythological concept and was based on superstition during the colonial period in India but scholarly research in the past has shown that it was not the case.

Below are some suggestions to make sure that your company:

  • If you're planning to buy land for a commercial venture, such as a factory or office space choose Sher Mukhi plots, which are wider in front and narrower at the bottom. Try to buy land near roads with frequent traffic.
  • To ensure good luck and positive energy The office building must be facing north, northeast, or northwest direction.
  • Don't place any object that could make a barrier within or near the direct view of your main entryway. The entranceway or main door of the office must be facing north or east by Vastu.
  • The reception area of commercial buildings should be placed on the eastern side or in the northeast corner.
  • The central part of the office must be kept clear.
  • There shouldn't be idols or temples in front of the seat of the owner. The room of the owner should be situated in the southwest direction. He or she should face towards the north. Glass structures are not permitted behind the owner's chair, instead there should be an exterior wall of concrete. The desk of the owner should be rectangular.
  • The employees should be working in either direction, east or north.
  • The conference room needs to be constructed in the direction of northwest.
  • Workstations and desks must be rectangular or square only. Nothing else. Shapes that are irregular cause confusion and must be avoided according to Vastu shastras for office space.
  • All electrical devices should be located in the direction of the southeast of the office.
  • In the case of companies associated with manufacturing the business should begin in the south moving east and north before reaching the east.
  • The accounting department must be located in the north or east zone. Employees dealing with financial transactions should be facing north and east.
  • All financial records must be stored in the central northern or the southwest region of the cabinet.
  • White horses represent financial support, so they should be put in the northwest zone, and the northwest part of the building must be used for things like pantries or toilets. Avoid pink or red colours here.
  • The previous Vastu guidelines will allow you to begin your journey to success with confidence.