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Vastu for business wealth :For a comfortable Business life

 Enhance Financial Growth Through These Stunning Tips

This blog will explain the importance of Vastu for business wealth,  as well as for all traders, entrepreneurs, and business men along with some useful tips for Vastu for business wealth. So, let us begin for business wealth.html

For a comfortable life, we all require the flow of mony . Use these Vastutechniques to gain more wealth and boost cash flow. Money is an integral element in our daily lives. We all have to work hard to create a steady flow of cash in our lives. Vastu Shastra is one of the most effective ways to boost your financial performance. If you've tried to find financial resources and have failed, here are some Vastu strategies that will assist you in increasing your wealth flow throughout your life.

Concentrate on North Pole Energies

Are you aware that the energy of the north pole can assist in boosting our financial performance? There must be more opportunities in the north since the energy of this region is controlled by the Lord Kuber the god of money. It is crucial to increase the light on at the North pole. If there's no opening to the north, ensure you add lighting to it, more that those at the South pole. The primary entry point to your house should be to the north if it is possible.

How Can I Increase Turnovers?

To increase the efficiency in your workplace and staff, look at the Northeast corner of your home or office. Check to see if the Northeast corner isn't missing. If it's not then the magnetic energy isn't able to penetrate your office or home. A few people want to expand their property for work by purchasing land close to their plots, which can cause financial issues.

Vastu Tip

  • If you are putting cash into the almirah or locker ensure that it is near the wall to the southwest or south so that it can open in the direction north. As mentioned earlier, the North will be the path of the Lord Kuber. Opening the locker to the north is a sign that you will get a blessing from God and will draw more cash. Do not place it in a different direction.
  • It is possible to make your business run smoothly by implementing the flow of payments and operations, by not having a pantry or pink and red colours in the northern zone.
  • Another method to increase your wealth is to place mirrors in front of your cash box. It should be placed in such a manner that it shows a picture of your cash locker.
  • According to Vastu the Hindu god, you should plant large trees along the southwest direction of your home or office. This will help in boosting the amount of money you earn. This helps prevent accidents and mishaps within the business or family.
  • The section of accounts, or the section where you handle your accounts should be located in the northern and east zones. Should you employ employees that deal with cash and bank transactions, then they should be in the direction of north and east. All financial records should be stored at the centre North or Southwest of the cabinet.
  • Check that the northeast portion of the plot you are planning to develop is clean or free of obstructions. This can help in increasing the amount of wealth. If you're planning to build an entirely new property ensure that there is no staircase on the site. Do not keep anything heavy such as equipment in this corner.
  • If you're planning to purchase a plot, ensure that no temple, building or high-rise or clinic is in the vicinity of your plot, as they could cause a loss of money. If your plot is located around high-rises and temples, at a minimum make sure their shadows aren't falling on your plot.
  • If you have an office space, your office must be situated in the Southwest direction. It is recommended to sit facing North. Never put any idols or temples of Gods behind the owner's chair.
  • Make sure that the southwest part of the roof is greater than that of the North-East section. That is the structure of the roof should be sloped towards SW towards NE.
  • Do not put your cash locker under a beam because it could lead to many financial difficulties within the family or in business.

If you follow these guidelines, you'll surely see greater money flowing in and a rise in your wealth.

10 ways to gain wealth through Vastu

Do you have any idea about living in a place that isn't affluent? If that were true, it would be an ideal environment to live in, however, the truth is that money is an important aspect of our lives. If you're trying to keep it, you should take a look at these fantastic Vastu ways to increase your wealth.

1. Five of the elements that make up Panchtattva as well as sixteen Mahavastu zones define the way you think and react.

2. Vastu-perfect houses attract the richest of people.
3. For the North Vastu zone, make sure you use blue as the predominant colour. Avoid red shades that are used to designate space for the kitchen or toilet. Don't even put the broom, dustbin, mixer or washing machine grinder in this area. The kitchen is a symbol of fire, and if you place it in the wrong spot you'll be wasting opportunities, money and your careers.

4. Maintain an investment plant in a vase of green or hang an image of an expansive field or thick forests located in the north-central. They will bring in the attention of potential employers and bring in more money.

5. In the northwest Vastu area offers you the backing (financial) from banks as well as the relevant people in your venture.

6. A stunning entrance can bring joy and prosperity. It also aids in recognizing the importance of an individual's contribution to the world. If your entrance is messy and unclean, problems can be nagging.

For example, the south-southwest region will bring loans, debts and financial issues. The north Vastu entrance will provide excellent prospects for career advancement and cash. East Vastu entrance offers peace. The west entrance can bring prosperity and wealth. Its south-facing entrance is beneficial.

7. The kitchen should be located within the southeast or to the southeast. The primary colour must be pastel tones of orange, red and pink. Make sure you have a safe working table and drawing space in the northern parts of the country to ensure a steady flow of cash.

8. In the West The predominant colours are yellow and white. This is another place to keep their security. Utilize round shapes since they are the earth element in this case. The west-south-west region is known as the area of savings. Maintain it in a clean state and make it a study space. Place your valuables and money in a safe iron within this area will make sure your wealth is secure.

9. All in all, determine whether there is a harmonious and balanced energy system within your home.

10. Make sure your house is thoroughly inspected by using the four-step Mahavastu method. Determine which areas suffer from an imbalance, and if areas are cut off, stretched or absent. They could be

The treatment is simple Vastu treatments using colours and light, symbols or rangolis, as well as plants.


What are the important Vedic Vastu rules for an office?

General rules to be adopted in office buildings are mentioned above, And 15 important Vedic Vastu rules must be followed.

  1. Accept the length, width, and height of the office buildings according to manaiyadi sastra, what is manaiyadi sastra a? Click here
  2. Design the office boss's general manager's rooms according to  manaiyadi sastra
  3. Construction of office buildings in good quality according to the Building Formula(Ayadi Vastu) is very important for offices, what is Building Formula(Ayadi Vastu)? Click here
  4. Do not place the pillars and walls of the building on the mahamarma points of the land on which the building stands
  5. The toilet should not come in the area where AgniSutra and Mrityu Sutra pass, otherwise, there will be a financial loss for the organization and failure in business.
  6. It is very important to note that if the KuberaSutra or soma sutra  block comes, the debt will increase for the firm
  7. Check if your organization is experiencing GeopathicStress
  8. Check if your organization is experiencing BuildingSyndrome
  9. Check if your organization is experiencing HartmannCurry lines.
  10. Follow GeoBiology for the good office environment
  11. Follow the instructions in Building Biology for a good office environment
  12. Choose the best name according to your date of birth by numerology and give it to the company
  13. Make the main door of your office or the door of your office cabin  towards the lucky direction of your horoscope
  14. On the day of starting an office, prepare the horoscope of your organization and check whether the organization is likely to face any obstacles or difficulties.
  15. The horoscope of the person starting the business should be checked
  16. According to your horoscope based on astrology, you should check 10 important things related to the profession you are doing

 opinion and suggestion

This information that I have shared with you is based on the Indian architectural texts and also the knowledge I have gained from years of studying under Acharyas and Gurus as well as my experience of architecturally designing many temples, houses and factories.  Get your office checked by a knowledgeable and experienced Vastu/Astrologer to check all the above. In my 15 years of experience, if you go through the above with a good Vastu consultant, you can be 100% successful in your career or business


 This is the conclusion for the topic Vastu for business wealth Vastu shastra, which combines science and architect ture in one world, is nothing more than science. It redefines the meaning of modern-age offices. Vastu  Planning is a positive force that activates the positive field to help you reach your goals. To create a positive working environment, Professional Vastu planning is necessary. 

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