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Vastu for business development :Information to improve business


 This blog will explain the importance of Vastu for business development,  as well as for all traders, entrepreneurs, and businessmen along with some useful tips for  Vastu for business development. So, let us begin for business development .html

·        Every businessperson would like to enhance his busin ess. It is not necessary to be negative. Vastu will certa inly be available to help. Some may be wondering what the reason is for an area of pits located in the Northe ast. It is a sign of prosperity. It assists in solving many problems. If the North is low and brings in profits, the business grows. If the South is of the highest elevation, it can bring a lot of money. If the Northeast is very high the prosperity is slowed. Vastu can greatly assist us.

·        Our elders of the past are conducting business in peace with easy earnings. In the same w, ay they provide real service. However, today business is going in a completely different direction and we are not able to anticipate.  Everybody crores of rupees, easy money, cut through competition towerless profits ratio, labour problem, a duplicate mall in the market, heavy shop rents, shopping complexes competition etc, shopping malls attraction is more attracting the public, crowd hands, forcible donatio ns to the rowdies, government officials red tapism, adva nces to the shops, power cuts etc and many more prob lems we are now facing in the market.

·        To escape these difficult situations, we must earn profits through our business activities, and costs for the educat ion of children are very high. What do we can do to ensu re profitable business, greater profits, how do we attract the masses and ways to save money Everything is poss ible with a few simple Vastu modifications. Let's look at the steps to build a business. What is the best way to market the products? How do you attract the public? How can we increase Stand hardness within our company?   The location of the sitting area is an essential element for a good business. The owner of the shop should be seated in the Southwest section facing towards the east, this is ideal and facing the north of the rds is equally beneficial, however, it's a secondary location that is only for. The above position of sitting is beneficial when the shop's street is on the south.

·        Make sure the north part of the flooring in the shop this means that north is down. Once north is down, it can bring in business especially if the rth direction is very beneficial to business. Therefore, if we ensure the north area and then we can increase profit and business. If your shop or business premises has a single street focus, and the brands are pushed toward the northeast direct ion, it has a great result. Look for such a property, and you can easily start your business. If your shop or business property has a single road that runs towards the north from the south-southeast, it's excellent for health-related businesses. The street focus is known as southeast to the south of  the street for us. This is the best street for business. This street focal point gives people the opportunity to go to shops or their premises.

·        In the Eshan (northeast) area We can choose to build a water feature or even dig one of the bores. If the Northeast corner of Eshan is in decline or less heavy,n inmates will receive more clients, enjoy the normal public entry point to the office premises, enjoy a pleasant day, etc. If the southern floor has an elevated level, that means the north is in decline, which is also a great reason to get good business. This is extremely easy.

Vastu for Business

Every businessperson is looking to make their company the biggest success. The success of a company is measured by the profits that it achieves in the market. The business's turnover increases its reputation and credibility of the business, and it also helps to start new ventures, too.

Why is it that certain businesses perform exceptionally efficiently while others can make a businessman bankr upt? It could be due to the proper application of Vastu to develop business and it makes all the difference.

What makes Vastu promoting business development so crucial?

Vastu refers to a specific set of rules and principles that pertain to the layout and design of a company's structure which can aid in the development of the company. In the present, competition has risen dramatically in the marketplace, and as a result, it is now extremely essential that business people are committed to their business.

The guidelines for Vastu to develop business ensure that the business receives an adequate cash flow and earns a good profit. This also aids in the development and grow th of the company and contributes to its growth of mass ive size.

What are the many Vastu suggestions for business development?

Here is a list of Vastu suggestions that will aid you in improving your business's performance and soar to the top of the mountain:

1. Owner's room - The owner's room should be built in the South-West direction of the building. The owner must sit in the way that he faces the north direction.

2. Entrance to the building The entrance has to be located in the northeast, northwest, and north directions, as these directions are positive. Additionally, no object should be placed in the right place at the entry point since it can restrict your flow of energy positive.

3. Brahmasthan (or the central point) The centre is not to be placed any furniture near the centre of the structure of your business as it is believed that this area is awash with optimism. The employees are welcome to the place and feel refreshed and eager to go back to work with enthusiasm.

4. Employees' seating Employees must be facing either north or east while working. This will boost their morale and improve their productivity.

5. The northwest region is the most crucial as it aids in increasing the income of a company. It is believed to be ideal for the marketing department since they attract more clients and aid in the growth of the financials of the business. Don't build a bathroom or set up a trash can within this area since such things can create negative vibes.

6. Conference rooms A conference space is where crucial meetings and discussions take place. This is why it should be located in the northwest to ensure a positive experience for meetings and gatherings.

7. North direction The direction to the north is responsible for reducing dangers that could be posed by any business venture. The area should not be painted red, and there shouldn't be any hint of fire in the direction. Do not build the space for a kitchen, pantry or another food service in that direction.

8. Location of the locker or safe The locker needs to be put in the southwest part of the office. it should open to the north. This ensures that the company reaps the benefits of a constant inflow of funds.

9. Furniture for the office should include rectangular and square work desks for employees, and the reception area needs to be furnished regularly as unorthodox furniture draws negative energy.

10. The placement of an aquarium To ensure that a business is successful and financially stable it is vital to maintain an aquarium that is made up of nine gold fishes and a black one - located in the direction of the northeast.

These suggestions can help create a profitable one. If you want to get help from an expert You can seek out a Vastu expert who can advise you through the principles that will help you with the expansion and growth of your company.

What are the important Vedic Vastu rules for an office?

General rules to be adopted in office buildings are mentioned above, And 15 important Vedic Vastu rules must be followed.

  1. Accept the length, width, and height of the office buildings according to manaiyadi sastra, what is manaiyadi sastra a? Click here
  2. Design the office boss's general manager's rooms according to  manaiyadi sastra
  3. Construction of office buildings in good quality according to the Building Formula(Ayadi Vastu) is very important for offices, what is Building Formula(Ayadi Vastu)? Click here
  4. Do not place the pillars and walls of the building on the mahamarma points of the land on which the building stands
  5. The toilet should not come in the area where AgniSutra and Mrityu Sutra pass, otherwise, there will be a financial loss for the organization and failure in business.
  6. It is very important to note that if the KuberaSutra or soma sutra  block comes, the debt will increase for the firm
  7. Check if your organization is experiencing GeopathicStress
  8. Check if your organization is experiencing BuildingSyndrome
  9. Check if your organization is experiencing HartmannCurry lines.
  10. Follow GeoBiology for the good office environment
  11. Follow the instructions in Building Biology for a good office environment
  12. Choose the best name according to your date of birth by numerology and give it to the company
  13. Make the main door of your office or the door of your office cabin  towards the lucky direction of your horoscope
  14. On the day of starting an office, prepare the horoscope of your organization and check whether the organization is likely to face any obstacles or difficulties.
  15. The horoscope of the person starting the business should be checked
  16. According to your horoscope based on astrology, you should check 10 important things related to the profession you are doing

 opinion and suggestion

This information that I have shared with you is based on the Indian architectural texts and also the knowledge I have gained from years of studying under Acharyas and Gurus as well as my experience of architecturally designing many temples, houses and factories.  Get your office checked by a knowledgeable and experienced Vastu/Astrologer to check all the above. In my 15 years of experience, if you go through the above with a good Vastu consultant, you can be 100% successful in your career or business


 This is the conclusion for the topic Vastu for business development Vastu shastra, which combines science and architecture in one world, is nothing more than science. It redefines the meaning of mode rn-age offices. Vastu  Planning is a positive force that activates the positive field to help you reach your goals. To create a positive working environment, Professional Vastu planning is necessary. 

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