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west facing house vastu plan Get all Vedic vastu details for life

 west facing house Vastu plan Get all  Vedic  Vastu details for  life

This blog will explain the importance of west facing house Vastu plan Home,  as well as for all homeowners along with some useful tips to make this west-facing house Vastu plan. So, let us begin.

             West Facing House Vastu Plan & Tips

 Have you purchased a house facing west and thought whether it was a good idea? Relax! There is no have to be worried because contrary to what is commonly believed west-facing homes are beneficial. A home facing west Vastu can be as beneficial as a North or East-facing house. However, there's a trick to it.

According to Vastu experts that any direction could be made to appear positive by implementing the principles of the home. These adjustments are in terms of size, design, and direction. will help you create the desired result. Learn more about a house facing west Vastu design in depth

Is a West-facing House Good or Bad?

Is West Facing House as Good as Per Vastu?

The most frequent question people ask is whether it is a West-facing home is either good or bad as per Vastu. But the truth of the matter isn't just dependent on the location of the building, but also on how you plan it by the rules of Vastu.

A majority of people would prefer a home that has a North or East face due to the significance of the sunrise of the sun to the East. Therefore, many people do not like any West direction. However, as per Vastu that no direction is either good or bad for the location of a house. The house's prosperity is determined by the location of the bedrooms, the entrance door, the kitchen, the staircase, and so on.

A West-facing House is good for what Rashi?

A house facing West is great for Tula Rashi (Libra), Mithun Rashi (Gemini) as well as Kumbh Rashi (Aquarius).

Vastu for West Facing House's Main Door

Plan Main Door Design and Staircase of Your West Facing House

According to the west-facing house Vastu plan, those who are purchasing new houses or renovating their older ones must make sure that the main entrance is located on the right step or pad. It is possible to achieve the number of padas by dividing the home into nine equal sections. Start at the beginning from the Northwest portion of your house until the Southwest end to get the desired outcome.

According to the West side of the house Vastu the third fourth, fifth as well as sixth pads are thought to be the most beneficial for a place of doors that are the main ones. They are believed to attract positive energy into the home. If you are unable to use the padas mentioned above, you could utilize the first and second padas to serve as the main doors, as these are neutral.

Kitchen in a West Facing House

In Which Direction Your Kitchen Should be Located in a West Facing House?

A kitchen is a place where all the magic happens and it's the place of happiness and health for everyone in the family. If you consider yourself a follower of Vastu then you should follow the rules set out by it. By its West-looking house Vastu guidelines, kitchens are required to be located in either the Northwestern or Southeastern areas of the house.

If you do this by doing this, you'll be able to access all the positive power of a kitchen, because, in this direction, you will find that the Kitchen Vastu will be the best. Be sure to stay off from the Southwestern area of your home to construct the kitchen.

Bedroom Plan for a West Facing House

Bedroom Location in West Facing House

West face home plan according to Vastu rules for the bedroom needs to be situated in the Southwestern part of your house. Additionally, if you own more than one story, the most suitable place to place the bedroom is on the highest level.

Children's bedrooms can be placed in a variety of directions, by Vastu. The best direction is the West, South, and Northwestern part where the home is located. The guest room in the West facing home can be set up to face the Northwest direction.

Pooja Room Vastu for West Facing House

Plans for a house with west-facing rooms for pooja suggest that it should be situated in the northeast corner of the home. This is also the best direction for the living area.

Bathroom in a West Facing House

The construction of a septic tank or toilet within the Northeast direction of your home is not permitted. It is crucial to keep in mind that this direction is considered to be the most favorable, and therefore should be considered when building a temple.

The Thickness of the Walls

According to the West-facing house Vastu wall, the walls at those in the West as well as the South areas of the house should be more robust than the other walls. Additionally, make sure that these walls are taller than the walls that are in those in the North and East directions.

De-Cluttering in a West Facing House

Beware of clutter in a West-facing home and let plenty of sunlight into the space. Be sure to install large windows and keep clutter out of the west-facing corner of your home. A few adjustments to the Vastu design will assist in bringing positive energy throughout your home.

West-Facing Flat or Plot

Vastu Shastra provides guidelines for buying the plot. One thing to keep in mind is that you should never purchase a flat or a plot that extends into an area that is in the Southwest or South corners. Additionally, avoid buying an area that is more expensive in the North direction than it is in the South.

Right Colors for a West Facing Home

For the West-facing home, Vastu designs neutral and light hues like white, yellow silver, and beige are the most favorable. The belief is that the colors will increase the gains and benefits the West direction can bring in.

If your home is expanding toward your West direction, light blue hues can also be utilized to get the same outcomes. If the variety of colors makes you go into a euphoria, neutral colors such as creams and off-whites are the most secure choices. They are also Vastu conforming. These colors can assist to achieve the best results by adding a bit of optimism and harmony to your home.

Benefits of a West Facing House

The advantages of having an area that is facing west are many and some are described below.

  • If you're a lover of light from the sun You can enjoy the warmth and glow of the sun during the evening hours.
  • There is also a belief that residents who live in West-facing homes can live a rich and prosperous lifestyle because this is the direction ruled by Lord Varun (the supreme controller). They enjoy a sociable life and have fewer enemies.
  • West-facing homes are great for politicians, teachers as well as religious leaders, and business owners.
  • According to Japanese theories of home design, west-facing homes are characterized by exuberance and enthusiasm among children.

West Facing House Disadvantages

  • The main drawback of a West-facing home is that the areas that typically are hot get the greatest amount of warmth from the evening sun. This is due to the sun's movement across the South towards the West.
  • Finding the perfect entrance for the West of a house can be a challenge. Because the home could have significant portions in both the Northwest as well as the South West, the entrance may not be Vastu suitable for a lot of.
  • According to Vastu according to Vastu, an area of the plot for residential use must always be in the East-West direction or the North-South direction. This is an issue in the house facing west.

Things to Avoid in a West Facing House

  • By the rules of West facing houses Vastu water storage tanks, water sumps and swimming pools shouldn't be built-in in the West direction. In addition, open spaces shouldn't be placed in the West direction since their result is believed as positive when they are in the East direction.
  • Do not build your main entrance in either the eighth, seventh, or ninth padas of your home.
  • Don't invest in the plot that rises more within the North than in the South.
  • West with a view of the property. Vastu suggests that the kitchen shouldn't be placed on the southwest side of the house.
  • Bores, motors for water, or pumps are not to be built in the South-West corner.
  • Be sure to not buy the West facing property that is extended in a Southwest direction.
  • The entrance should not be opened in the Southwest part of the plot since it could result in health and financial issues.
  • Don't use the colors green or brown for the exterior paint of a home.
  • Limit the placement of gardens or plants within the Northwest or West area of your home.
  • If your kitchen in your West facing home is located in the West direction it is recommended to avoid installing a marble with a green hue on the countertop as it could cause a huge loss.

Additional Tips for a West Facing House

  • The main building should always be placed at the Southwest corner. leave space for open spaces between the north and east sides of the house.
  • The walls of those in the East and North should be of a lower height than walls located in the Southwest, West, and South.
  • A house's slope west-facing house must always be toward its Northeast or Eastside this means it is recommended that the East, as well as the North side, should be higher than the West and South sides.
  • You can make the environment more favorable by putting an ornamental tree in the North area of your home. It could also aid in creating new opportunities.
  • A staircase for a West-facing home must be built either in the West or South directions.
  • Mirrors in a house facing West must be located within those in West as well as North zones. Be sure to use them sensibly.

Bottom Line

Since every direction is considered lucky according to Vastu it is possible to create luck for your house facing West. By following the suggested guidelines, you'll be able to alter the appearance of your home to suit your needs. The house-facing west Vastu strategy will assist you to achieve prosperity and success in your life.


Does a house face west according to Vastu?

It's a common misconception that houses facing the west aren't favorable when compared to east and north-facing homes. But, according to Vastu Shastra, houses of all types are equally lucky and there's no harm in having homes facing west.

What can I do to improve my west-facing home by Vastu?

According to Vastu, the idea is to improve your west-facing home by placing your living room, entrance and dining area, and kitchen. You can also have a study, foyer library, kids' bedroom, and staircase to the west. Be careful not to put the bathroom, bedroom for girls, or an additional guest room on the western side of your home.

Who would be the best candidate for a house facing west?

West-facing homes are ideal for those whose main function is communicating. If you're an educator, politician or entrepreneur, or spiritual leader, then a west-facing house will be ideal for you because it will bring an increase in wealth, builds strong social, professional, and personal connections, and helps eliminate enemies.

Do pooja rooms be oriented towards the west?

If you live in a house facing west where your pooja space faces one direction, either northeast or in the north as well as east direction. However, the west direction is ideal if you do not have space in another direction. Make sure that you don't use an area facing south to create a pooja area.

Which is the wrong direction to face the house?

As per Vastu Shastra, houses that face south or homes with a south-facing aspect are not considered to be auspicious. The belief is that Lord Yama God of Death, also known as the God of Death lives within the southern hemispheres. This is the reason why many people avoid buying south-facing houses.

Can we use a TV set in the direction of the west?

It is possible to place your TV in the southwest or northeast corners of your living space.

Which of the corner plots do you think is the most effective?

A corner plot that is surrounded by roads that run in the north, as well as the east direction, can be a great option. But, you must be cautious when purchasing a southwest corner because it is more expensive than the northeastern one. So, build it cautiously.

What direction would be the best for the front door of the house?

The entry point for the house should be located in the North East, North, East, or West direction. The directions in these four directions are thought to be extremely favorable. However, you should be careful not to place the main entrance in the southwest, south, southeast-northwest, southeast, or south directions.

What are the negatives of a house facing west?

West-facing houses absorb large amounts of solar heat for longer periods than east-facing homes. Furthermore, the windows and doors that are located in the west can be damaged due to constant exposure to heat.

What color is the best for a house facing west?

White and blue are the ideal colors for a house facing west.

What is the orientation of the kitchen in the west-facing home?

If you live in a house facing west the kitchen should be located in the direction of northwest. The kitchen should be viewed from the direction of the north when cooking. If your home is facing south or east then you should place your kitchen to face southeast.

Where is a pooja space set up in a west-facing home?

If you live in a house facing west where the sun is facing west, you should put your pooja area or idol on the east or north wall of your home. Also, ensure that there's no toilet or kitchen in the space on which you will place your God.

Is an east-facing or west-facing home more desirable?

It's not true that houses facing west aren't excellent. Based on Vastu Shastra, homes facing west are just as great as east or north ones. However, the east and north-facing homes are believed to be lucky.

Does the west-facing house suitable for study?

By Vastu Shastra, you may put your study table either in the southwest or west direction. You can either face east or west directions to improve focus and concentration.

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