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east facing house Vastu plan

 East Facing House Vastu Plan, east facing house Vastu plan with pooja room 

east facing house Vastu plan

This blog will explain the importance of east facing house Vastu plan,  as well as for all homeowners along with some useful tips to make this east-facing house Vastu plan, let us begin.

Vastu Shastra is often viewed as a myth in the modern world. However, this is incorrect. Vastu Shastra is a science that was created centuries ago to design coordinated homes, palaces, and workplaces. Vastu Shastra teaches you how to build a structure that harmonizes well with the energies of the natural world. They are sometimes direction-specific, such as the Vastu house facing east. Vastu Shastra's basic idea is to combine all five elements found in nature, namely fire, earth water, air, and sky. They create a comfortable and livable environment. These Vastu principles can be combined with the best architectural techniques to create a tranquil ambiance that promotes positivity and prosperity.

Vastu Shastra identifies five elements that are present on Earth with a particular significance. The sky represents enhancements and expansions, water symbolizes healing and spirituality and fire symbolizes fame and power. The earth represents harmony and peace and the air signifies happiness and joy. This article will focus on Vastu tips for east-facing homes. This article will cover all you need to know regarding east-facing house Vastu tips.

How do you know it's an East Facing House?

If you're inside your home and are standing in front of the main gate, the direction that you face is the direction that your house faces. If you are exiting your house facing the east, the house is east-facing. According to Vastu principles, an east-facing home is the best. The east-facing house receives a lot of sunlight in the morning because the sun rises from the east. The east-facing houses attract positive energy.

Are East Facing Homes Considered Lucky?

Homes that face east or have the most space towards the east are believed to attract luck and fortune. Vastu Shastra states that the best homes are those which are wide and open to the east.

Vastu Tips to East Facing House

  • Because it is considered the corner of mental peace, it is very beneficial to have the Pooja Room in the northeast direction.
  • It is better to place a staircase in the south or west direction if you have one.
  • Open spaces such as balconies should be located to the east. This is because the sun will shine most of the day, which helps keep the house positive.
  • Your master bedroom should be in the southwest.
  • Kitchen Vastu states that your kitchen should face east so that you can cook.
  • The walls should be shorter in the east and north directions than the walls in the west and south directions.
  • If there are students in the house, it is best to place a crystal globe facing northeast in the east-facing interior house plan.
  • The master bedroom should face southwest.
  • If you want to bring luck and prosperity, build your living space in the northeast.
  • Salt is a universal healer and it is suggested to place rock salt bowls in the corners of your home.

Main Gate of East Facing House Plan according to Vastu

You should be careful about where the main gate is placed if your house faces east. The main gate should be placed in the middle of the house and not in the northeastern or southeast corners. These areas are considered inauspicious according to Vastu. If your main entrance is located in the northeast corner of your house, it should not touch the corner. You can create a gap between the main entry and the northeast wall to do this.

If the main gate faces the southeast direction, these southeast entrance Vastu tips will reduce the hustle:

  • Vastu pyramids should be placed on either side of the entrance and the top.
  • You could also place symbols such as Om, Swastika, and Trishul along the sides of your door.
  • To ward off negative energies in the home, install a SriYantra.
  • Siddha Vastu Kalash can be placed in your home to increase the positive energy flow.

Plans for an East Facing Vastu House

S. No.

Types of Room

Prefer Direction according to Vastu Shastra


The living room, kitchen, and guest room.



Drawing room, living area, and office



Pooja Room



Study, dining, and children's rooms



Verandahs, atriums, entrance lobbies, balconies, and other open spaces



Overhead tanks and stairs



Kitchen, bathrooms, and staircases



Garages, storerooms, master bedrooms



Main doors

Right in the Center

Master Bedroom Design by East Facing Vastu House

When laying out your east-facing house Vastu 3D plan, place your master bedroom in a southwest direction. This room should be larger than the rest of your rooms. In the east-facing house, Vastu suggests that the bed be placed on either the south or west wall of the room. This will ensure that your head faces west or south while you sleep and that the legs face east or north. You can add a dressing area to your master bedroom by placing it on the west or north side of the space. Keep the door to the bathroom shut at all times and keep it away from the bed.

East Facing House Vastu Living Room

According to Vastu's tips, east-facing houses should have their living rooms on the northeastern side. The north and east walls should be shorter and thinner than the south or west walls. This is believed to bring success in personal and professional areas.

East Facing House Vastu - Kitchen

Vastu Shastra recommends that the kitchen be built in the southeast direction in an east-facing home. You can also go in the northwest direction if that is not possible. However, you should avoid the northeast, west, and north directions. If the kitchen faces southeast, the cook should face east while cooking. If the kitchen faces northwest, the person should face the west. If you want to attract positive energy, but the stove, ovens, or toasters towards the southeast. The refrigerators and storage areas should be toward the southwest.

East Facing House Vastu - Dining Room

East-facing houses should have the kitchen and dining area in continuation on either the west, east, or south sides. The doors to the entrance and dining rooms should not be facing each other. The person sitting at the table should face the west, north, or south direction. However, the head of the family should always be facing the east.

East Facing House Vastu Plan With Pooja Room

If the house faces east, the pooja area should face northeast. The pooja room in a house with 2 or 3 bedrooms should be built away from the bathroom, regardless of whether it is an east-facing plan with 2 or 3 bedrooms.

Three Vastu pyramids should be placed on the entrance facing southeast if it has three doors. The third one should be on top of the main door. On both sides of the door, you can put a Swastika or Om symbol and a Trishul symbol.

Design -

A painting of the rising Sun in the east direction will improve relationships between family and friends. A painting of seven horses can be placed on the east wall of your living room. It is believed that it will bring you wealth. Green is the color associated with air. It is located in the eastern portion of the house. To attract growth, a picture of greenery or a tree can be placed in the eastern direction. Place a statue or effigy of a laughing Buddha to bring happiness and harmony into your home.

East Facing House Vastu to Placement of Water Tank

The best place to put a water tank in a house is either in the north or northeast direction. Vastu recommends that the water tank be placed either in the southwest or west directions if it is above the house. However, Vastu says that the water tank should not be located in the middle of the house.

East Facing House Vastu Open Spaces or Balcony

Vastu recommends that east-facing houses have open spaces such as balconies. To attract positive energy, the house should have an uninterrupted source of natural light. Open spaces facing east in a house with an east orientation bring good luck and good health. Blockage in the east corner can lead to health problems for family members.

The Best Wall Colors for East Facing House

Consider that east-facing houses get a lot of sunlight in the morning and may need an artificial light source during the afternoon. When you are choosing paint colors, think about how the house will look in natural and artificial lighting. For rooms facing east, most people choose to paint with blue and green colors. Blue rooms with a hint of grey give off a cool vibe. Green with aqua shades brings out the freshness of the room. Lighter shades of pink or white are best for minimalists.

Staircase Vastu for East Facing Homes

Vastu recommends that a staircase be placed in the southwest, south, or west directions of an east-facing home. The northeast corner of a house should not have a staircase as this allows the sun's rays into the home. To add more stairs, the staircase should be constructed in clockwise order.

There are some things you shouldn't do for an East Facing House according to Vastu Shastra

These are some tips to keep in mind when building an east-facing home.

  • Toilets located in the northeast direction are a no-no.
  • No septic tanks should be placed in the northeastern direction of the home.
  • Also, your kitchen shouldn't be facing the northeast.
  • No staircases should be installed in the northeast direction.
  • A tree or pole should not block your entrance.
  • The garage should not face the northeast.
  • The northeast corner should not be too crowded.
  • The plot should not slope towards the north or south.
  • A mirror should not be placed in front of a bed.
  • Never plant trees in the east or north.


Q.1 Does an east-facing house work well?

East is a symbol of light, life, and energy. Because the sun rises in the east, this is why it is so important. This is why east-facing houses can be considered lucky and good for their occupants.

Q.2 What direction is best for a house?

When you enter your house, the direction it faces or the direction it faces is the direction you will face. When you plan home, the main entrance direction is crucial. It is based on Vastu principles. The entry should be in the east or northeast directions, along with the northwest. These are the best directions to enter homes.

Q.3 Which east entrance is there in Vastu's Vastu?

If you are inside the house, you will face the front door. This is the direction you will face when you exit the home. If you face east when you enter your home via the main door, you will be in an east-facing area.

Q.4 What is an east-facing house?

This means that your house faces east when you come out of it, i.e. The house faces east.

Q.5 Does an east-facing home make you happy according to Vastu?

East is considered a positive symbol of light, life, and energy. It is believed that the sun rises in the East, making it a lucky direction. Lucky for its occupants, the east-facing house is lucky.

Q.6 Which wall paint colors are recommended for east-facing rooms in your home?

Ans. After seeing the room in both natural and artificial light, you will see the best colors for such rooms. These are shades of blue, green, or grey.

Q.7 Which plants are lucky for east-facing homes?

Ans: Lucky plants to east-facing houses include aloe vera and daffodils as well as citrus plants, money plants (money plants), neem plants, and lucky bamboo.

Q.8. Is an east-facing home the best choice according to Vastu compliance?

Ans. East-facing houses are second best for Vastu-compliant houses.

Q.9 Is it possible for a person to have a disruption in their personal life due to a lack of Vastu Shastra?

Ans. Vastu Shastra studies the layout, design, ventilation, and most important directions of a property. It helps to create a peaceful and open atmosphere. The harmony can be disturbed and cause disturbances in the lives of the people who live there.

Q.10 If it is impossible to place the main entrance door in central, what would be the best alternative?

Ans. Next, make sure to leave about half an inch of space at the corner of your wall. Then you can start through the main entrance door. Although it may not be ideal, sometimes doors cannot be modified due to certain circumstances.

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