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vastu shastra for shop,Things to note according to Vedic Vastu

  Everything you should be aware of Vastu shastra for shop

This blog will explain the importance of Vastu shastra for shop,  as well as for all traders, entrepreneurs, and busine ssmen along with some useful tips to make this Vastu shastra for shop Vastu-friendly. So, let us begin. vastu shastra for shopThings to note according to Vedic Vastu.html

With the constant competition in the marketplace to be more successful than other companies, proprietors of showrooms or shops look at factors that will assist them to increase the number of customers for their busines s. The growth of businesses online across the globe is another of the main reasons why businesses are suff ering from a slump. It's not that business owners aren't doing their best or not putting in the laborious work. Despite all effort and effort, the businesses fail to earn the anticipated returns. It could be because they have not considered the significance to follow the Vastu the shastra to shop. Therefore, if you want your business to earn the profits you desire it is essential to think about Vastu's advice for the shop.

Vastu for commercial shops covers the proper design for the store, including the orientation of each component as well as the location of the objects and products, as the entrance and departure of the business. A showroom or shop built according to Vastu for shops will bring profits and stability to your business. We are here to provide you with this guide to assist you to understand everything you must do to ensure that your company is compliant with Vastu for showrooms.

What are the advantages of having a shop built by Vastu's suggestions for the store?

The benefits of having a Vastu shastra-compliant store are numerous, here are a few of the most important benefits are worth knowing about:

  • Your customers will have an enjoyable experience each time they leave or enter your store
  • You will see your customers spending more time and money in your shop.
  • The customer's mind will get an image of your brand, which can further assist you to grow your business.
  • It will re-invigorate the existing customers as well as increase their spending
  • An interior designed according to Vastu shastra to shop functions as a shrewd salesperson to your company
  • The distinctive design of other companies will provide an edge to your business.

In addition to these advantages, there are ways to adhere to the guidelines laid out in Vastu for shops to make your company become a return-producing one.

A Vastu Shastra-related suggestions for your online shop

The primary entry point to your shop

When you are building the main entrance to the shop, ensure that it's in the direction of the North or East as these directions are thought to bring success and happiness to your business. This isn't like businesses with a west or south orientation are not successful, however making sure your shop is set located in a position that is facing either the east or north direction will bring the best outcomes. Vastu for commercial stores stresses that cleanliness is essential and therefore the main entrance or gate should be maintained in a clean state. Check that the main gate to your shop or showroom is clean of debris or dirt. If you don't have a tidy entryway, customers may avoid coming into your store.

If there is any obstruction or hurdle between the entrance and the main entrance It is recommended to take it down immediately. There must not be any statues, trees, or ornamental items that are placed at the entrance of your business. The front of your shop should not be facing drainage as this can cause financial loss. If there is the possibility of a stagnant accumulation of water, ensure that you clean it up or eliminate the source from the main gate's vicinity. As per Vastu for businesses, it is considered to be unlucky to have any slopes at the entrance to your business.

The design of your shop or showroom

When it comes to the design of a store, Vastu shastra takes into consideration its spatial geometries, precise measurements of layout and space distribution and design, as well as the preparation of the ground. The shape that your store is important to the Vastu suggestions for shopping as it is a key factor in enhancing the performance that your enterprise will enjoy. It also assists you in making better choices to improve your business.

According to Vastu shastra, a showroom or shop must be square or rectangular. If you plan to lease a shop or showroom, you must be cautious about its design as a rectangular or square shop is thought to be the most suitable choice. According to Vastu for commercial shops, it is advised to avoid having a shop with unorthodox shapes as it could cause obstacles to the flow of money and create mental stress. To increase productivity be sure the showroom's front side is bigger than its back.

Counters in your shop

According to Vastu shastra, the counters of your store should be rectangular, angular, or square in design. Be aware that a counter with a circular shape could cause financial loss. So, take into consideration these shapes when selecting or designing counters for your shower om. To increase the profitability of your company, put your counters either in the southeast or southwest direction of your shop. It is impossible to overstate that cleanliness plays a vital role in Vastu shastra. Therefore, the counter needs to be kept neat. Counters should also be large enough to allow profits to flow into your business.

Cash counters within your establishment

The Vastu suggestions for the shop stipulate that the cash counter should always be situated in the direction of north the shop as this is considered to be favorable for business. This can help bring the business to prosperity and profits. company. According to Hindu mythology, the direction of the north is believed as the location that is the home of Lord Kuber who is known as the God of prosperity. So, if you have your cash counters located in the direction of the north it is possible to make the financial benefits you need from your business. Keep some cash at the counter for cash as it is not recommended to keep it empty. If your shop is equipped with lockers, make sure that it is located in the southwest with it opening in the North-North direction.

Display case, or other furniture within your shop

Vastu shastra advises that any display or heavy furniture must be placed towards the northwest since it helps your business to flourish. However, if you put any massive furniture that is in the northwest of your store this could result in a loss of money for your business.

The location of the shop or showroom

Additionally, you will find the indication of the best place for shops in Vastu shastra, which stipulates that the chairs of the owner must always be facing north or east directions. If you're the shop's owner and you are sitting in a position that is facing west or south directions. If you have a cashier at the shop, they should be with their back to the southwest.

Extra Vastu Hints to shop

  • The correct direction for your shop or showroom is extremely essential to make sure your business operates without a hitch throughout its life. As per the Vastu for shops, the entrance to the shop must be in the northeast direction or east direction. This will help in bringing more customers to your shop.
  • Gods and images of gods. The position for the Pooja Room or section is extremely significant in Vastu shastra. It states that any deity statue as well as images depicting Gods must always be placed situated in the northeast direction for the highest spiritual fulfillment and strength through the power of the sun.
  • The positioning of any raw material within your shop must be done with care and attention to detail is needed to ensure they stay within your shop. To bring more luck to your business, place any raw material that is heavy in the southwest direction of your shop.
  • The position of electronic devices is important to consider carefully to prevent any obstruction to the smooth operation of your company. Vastu Shastra explains that the position of electronic devices can increase sales when they are located in the direction of southeast the shop.
  • The music you play within your shop. You could always play some soft music in your shop to help ward off the negative energy that your shop can generate. Your customers will be satisfied and engaged during their visit to your shop.
  • You should have proper lighting for your store, as having dark areas in your store could cause more negative feelings in your shop.
  • Maintain the shop neatly. A messy store can negatively affect your store.

Now that you're aware of the Vastu to shop tips and tips, you can make the needed adjustments to your shop to experience a positive flow and prosperity for your business.

  • The ideal shop is rectangular or square or possesses an entrance that is wider than the rear. But, irregular or triangular shops, or ones with an elongated front and narrow rear should be avoided because they can cause emotional tension and financial losses.
  • There shouldn't be any slope toward the entrance of the store, since it is considered to be unlucky. This makes the profits unbalanced.
  • The entrance must be clear and free of things like poles, trees, or even stands for products. They can cause a mess and can cause problems in the business.
  • There should not be any open drains in the front of the shop because it can cause the loss of funds. The stagnant water that is dripping in front of the shop is not a good sign for the shop.
  • There should not be any threshold (door sill) for the main entrance of the shop because it hinders the flow of positive energy.
  • The northeast corner must not be messy, since it is the holy space for the store. It must be kept free of clutter and kept clean. A fountain or water source is the best choice for this area.
  • The showcases and other large furniture pieces should be placed to the southwest corner of the shop, but not to the northeast since this can lead to loss.
  • The counter of the shop must be straight, that isn't curving or round. It should be situated in the east or southwest.
  • Popular items are located in the northwest, the air's quadrant which helps in the movement of air.
  • The cash counter should be opened toward the north, which is the quadrant of Kuber who is the King of Wealth. Make sure that the cash counter is always full.
  • The owner of the shop should be seated inside the shop, facing either direction, north or east. The shop owner should not be seated facing either west or south, since it can cause problems or loss. Cashiers are best placed in the southwest.
  • In the Swastik shop, symbols that represent prosper ity should be always visible within the shops. The words'shubhlabh' and "riddhi-siddhi" should be placed on one of the walls in the shop.
  • Each morning, following the opening of the store, prayers should be made for God through the lighting of a candle as well as burning sticks of incense.

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