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Vastu for shop,Important things to know starting a shop

 Vastu Tips for Prosperity in a shop that is commercial

This blog will explain the importance of Vastu for shop,  as well as for all traders, entrepreneurs, and businessmen along with some useful tips to make this Vastu for shop  Vastu-friendly. So, let us begin. Vastu for shopImportant things to know starting a shop.html

Do you have a commercial establishment? Use these Vastu strategies to grow your business.

A shop is a space where people can work and earn money. In most cases, the performance of a shop is contingent on the energy of the shop, the right direction, and the luck of the location. VastuShastra is an ancient science of building, that teaches that some guidelines can remove negativity and negative energy from a space and bring prosperity, luck, and prosperity.

If you own an office within your business Follow these Vastu-based tips to design commercial office spaces. Most often commercial establishments are constructed without taking into account that  Vastu's chances of success are less likely. Use these tips and guidelines to reap the maximum benefits from your commercial store.

Vastu Tips for Commercial Shop Owners

Appropriate direction for commercial shop

To run your business successfully You need a suitable direction for your store. By Vastu Shastra for shops, the entrance must be situated in either the direction of east or northeast. This can help increase the number of customers visiting your business.

Make more money by following the correct shop direction

Specific directions for shops according to Vastu

  • Shops for stationery: Shops selling stationery should be facing west. West is a sign of fulfillment and growth which can lead to higher profits.
  • Furniture stores: Furniture shops should be located to the south as this can give your business the recognition it deserves. The name and recognition will help you to draw loyal customers.
  • Grocery stores: As per the guidelines of Vastu, the direction northeast is the ideal one for grocery stores. Another option is either north or east can be taken into consideration.
  • Clothing Shop: The ideal direction for clothing shops is southeastern. If you are looking to offer premium and expensive brands, your shop's entrance must be located in the direction of the south or southeast.

Cash counters of your shop

Cash counters are present in all shops, and should be set in a manner that is open to the north. The cash counter should be stocked with an amount of cash in it every day since empty cash containers indicate despair. If you place idols of the goddess Lakshmi-Ganesh inside the locker or cash box be sure to offer a prayer to them daily. If your locker has been located towards the northwest then the entrance to the room should be towards the north.

Image of your gods and lords

The place of the Pooja area or your gods inside your shop is crucial for Vastu. According to Vastu the direct ion of your pictures or statues should be in the north western direction, to ensure you gain energy and spirit tual fulfilment. The day should be begun by praising God and lighting a light incense candle to attract good energy.

Inputting raw materials into your store

The raw materials that are used in your business must be stored well and need the greatest amount of attention. The bulky items and raw materials should be kept in the direction of the southwest of the store since this could bring luck.

A space for electronic equipment

Electronics that you sell in your store must be placed in a suitable location to ensure that they do not hinder your business. By Vastu for your store, when you require to store electronics, bring prosperity by putting raw materials in the correct place within your premises. They should be put in the southern-eastern part of the store to increase sales.

Entry into your store

According to Vastu The main entrance or entrance should be situated in the North since it is believed to bring more positive energy. The location of the owner should be in either the East or North Direction. The entrance must be given great importance as it is the first factor that draws more customers.

The entrance needs to be neat free of clutter, wide, and clean since it is believed as a welcome view for visitors. The entrance must be free of obstructions like statues, tree poles, products, and poles. Be sure to avoid having any drains flowing through the front of the entrance, as it can cause the loss of wealth. Be sure to avoid slow-moving water or door sills since this permits easy circulation of positive energies.

The design that the store takes

When you are making decisions for professional purposes the design of the shop is an important part. According to Vastu the commercial store or showroom should be rectangular or square. The shops shouldn't be triangular or have irregular shapes due to the possibility of unintended gains and income.

Additionally, the side of the business must be larger than the rear, because this could result in mental tensions and/or financial loss.

Do not place a slope inside the shop as it's considered unlucky.

Lightweight objects' placement

The display of the everyday or routine use items should be placed in either the North or East direction, particularly for supermarkets.

The products of daily and regular sales should be placed in the northwestern portion of the retail store. This is believed to increase sales.

Medical stores must keep Ayurvedic medicine in the north as well as those in the eastern direction. The southern direction works the best for Allopathic medicine along with medical instruments.

Mirrors' placement

According to Vastu Mirrors are a crucial aspect in the design the commercial stores. The majority of shops have mirrors that are large for customers to be able to observe how the items appear on them.

Mirrors double their size in the space that it is located by reflecting the space. The spot should be picked with attention.

If some specific regions or corners have already extended, putting the mirror there will extend it further and cause an imbalance of energy.

Due to their reflective properties, mirrors can be symbolic of the element water. So, mirrors should be placed around the water element in the north, northeast in the west, or north direction.

Mirrors shouldn't be put in areas of fire as well as the south and southeast directions must be avoided.

Music that is mild in your store

By Vastu Shastra, the gentle music that is played in shops is a good method to keep negativity out. It creates positive energy and makes everyone happy.

The light and happy atmosphere with music

Make sure your store is well-lit

It is essential to have sufficient lighting in your store, as dark areas and dark corners in commercial shops can create a negative atmosphere.

Illuminate your shop with the right lighting

Don't make your shop filthy

As per Vastu's suggestions for shops, it is essential to keep your shop tidy. A dirty shop is not only ugly but also gives off negative energy, leading to decreased sales and lower profits.

Keep your shop clean and well-maintained to prevent negative feedback

Pole or tree in the front of your store

It's considered to be unlucky to place an unlucky tree or pole in front of your shop. It could cause disturbances to your sales and business. Don't open a shop next to the tree.

Eliminate everything that hinders the entry of the shop

Make use of these incredible Vastu guidelines for shops to make many dollars. There is no chance of suffering from unfortunate luck or misfortunes when you follow the correct rules of Vastu are followed in your business shop.

Sitting of the owner of the shop

The owner of the shop should be seated in the shop and look east or in the direction of the north. Being in the right place will result in better business opportunities and encourages expansion. The owner shouldn't be seated facing east or west because it could cause difficulties for the company. The cashier should be seated in the direction of the southeast.

Water fountain placement

One unique method of attracting clients is to make it look attractive by using fresh and new methods. Vastu recommends that fountains should be placed in the direction of northeastern. The direction should be free of clutter since it is believed to be detrimental to business.

Additional general Vastu shopping tips to adhere to:

Here are some additional general guidelines to be adhered to for success and a positive business area.

  • The owner is responsible to keep the house clean and tidy. Anything that is not being used or electrical equipment such as bulbs, machines, or switches that aren't functioning needs to be replaced immediately.
  • The shop could be decorated using small flowers as they are believed to be pleasant and bring positivity to your shop.
  • Vastu's principles stipulate that shops shouldn't have thresholds. Additionally, there shouldn't have a slope that is downwards on the outside of the store, since this can bring negative energy.
  • The shop should have a regular size and shape. small shops that are not in order can cause many negative consequences and losses to the shop.
  • The stores should not display images of crying women, or violent animals because they cause chaos and disturbance.
  • The proprietor of the shop should have an aquarium filled with golden fish and put it in the east or north direction.
  • If the shutter in the shop is damaged, it must be cleaned and then oiled the moment it is possible.

Directions for Success Vastu in Shops

It is important to know the direction of Vastu for shops to ensure peace and wealth are awaited in the area.

Directions play a crucial function to play by Vastu Shastra. Even in the early days, the sun gave an idea of the ideal direction for the shop according to Vastu. Nowadays, we have a Compass to guide us in the right direction. For instance, the north direction, also known as the north pole provides amazing positive energy to those who live or work in a building. It is ideal for shop entrances according to Vastu. According to Indian mythology, the north direction is controlled by the god Lord Kuber who is a god of prosperity, wealth, and glory. In the same way, the direction to the south is believed to bring bad luck because it is ruled by Yam, the God who is dead, Yam. As we go through the motives and guidelines according to Vastu to shops in this article It is always advisable to make sure that all interior and exterior of the shop adhere to the Shastra or compendium.

Rules of Vastu for Shop Facing North

As we have mentioned previously, the North is a good direction according to Vastu for stores. The Hindu god Kuber is thought to be the patron of this direction and is who is known for his prosperity and riches. This is the reason why the north direction should be one with large openings. If you are operating shops, the principal entrance to the establishment must be located on the northern side to ensure that the energy of the North can find its way back inside quickly. The principle of Vastu for cash counters at shops is that it must be set up in that, the moment it is opened, it is facing toward the north. It is the rules set by Vastu for cash counters in the shop that recommends that cash boxes should not be located in the vicinity of any back doors or windows, ventilators, or the main door. The counter location within the shop, as per Vastu should never be situated near or in any corner of the shop's rooms particularly in the last or first rooms as they believe that wealth will be drained from the cash counters if they are in these areas. Also, the Vastu for the cash counter inside the shop should never be empty. To get the best results the shop owner should make sure to fill it with cash or silver coins along with the idols of Goddess Laxmi or deity Ganesh.

Rules of Vastu for Shop Facing East

The sunsets from the East the direction chosen by Lord Indra are thought to be the most powerful to ensure the prosperity of a shop or establishment

Eastern or Poor is believed to be the most powerful according to Vastu Shastra. Lord Indra is the god that is the source of all abundance and happiness on the planet. Furthermore, the direction of the east is the place where the sun rises. This is an extremely strong natural force that supports life on the planet. This is why the eastern direction is also considered to be a good direction for the expansion of your company. For instance, at home has windows, doors, and ventilation is beneficial since any obstructions in the east could cause obstructions in daily life. Similar to the shop, the owner must position their chairs towards the east and the cashier should be positioned in the southeast to increase wealth. Alongside North, the shop is suitable for the main entrance to be set by an east-facing shop Vastu plans to draw in more customers. In addition, to the North direction, the East direction must also be considered suitable for the placement of the lighter items that will be offered in the shop like shampoo, biscuits soft drinks, water bottles, and so on.

Rules of Vastu for Shop Facing North-East and North-West

The north-east is a strong and favorable direction for shops, and it is recommended to maintain a copper container filled with Gangajal

The northeastern direction is believed to be a great place for the development of prosperity and wealth in both shops and homes. It is believed that the Hindu God Shiva is the keeper of this direction. Also, the symbol of northwestern regions is Brahaspati which is another one that is responsible for providing health wealth, prosperity, and health. The northeast is not only a direction beneficial for shops, however, but it's also an excellent spiritual direction that can increase satisfaction and devotion. This is the reason it is not recommended to build toilets or other structures that face the northeast. Like North and East and Northeast, the northeast can also be where the principal entrance can be set, and where the proprietor of the store should sit. The cash counter in the shop according to Vastu could also be located in the direction of the northeast. It is important to note that by Vastu's guidelines, for stores, you must not put the gods that represent God Ganesh and Goddess Laxmi to the right of the corner in the northeast. The northeast area should be kept neat and clear of clutter. It should instead be decorated with an enclave or a copper vessel filled with the holy Gangajal (holy water of the Ganga river). Ganga). However, it is believed that the Northwest shopping center facing Vastu is believed to be unstable since it is controlled by Vayudev who is the Hindu god of wind or 'Vayu'. This could mean that things are moving quickly. Therefore, it is recommended to not keep items on auction that are a lot of activity.

Rules Of Vastu for Shop Facing West

The west direction, as per Vastu is believed to be one of the directions where openings of shops must be avoided to avoid negative luck

The value of this direction is that it brings peace to our lives, West is ruled by Lord Varun the god of stability, who is responsible for fame, destiny, and rain. The west-facing shop Vastu plans should therefore incorporate storage for the western zone but must be cautious about large openings in contrast to the east and north directions since sunset occurs in the west, and the energy of the sun's early hours is not able to penetrate the western regions. As per Vastu rules, huge openings in the west hinder any chance of gaining more earnings. For instance, if, for example, you own a business that is manufacturing, it is recommended to start the procedure from the south, and then proceed towards the north and west before it gets to the east. It is also recommended to place furniture or showcases in the western or southwest zone to prevent the loss of business or luck. The western direction is believed to be the best spot to display the image/idol for gods or mandir.

Rules of Vastu for Shop Facing South

The direction to the south according to Vastu is believed to be a negative sign so shop entrances should be avoided in this direction.

It is generally thought to be a bad idea, and the shop's south-facing plans are not a good sign. Because the owner of the southern part can be Yam which is also known as Yam, the God of Death and death, the consequences for companies could be as deadly as death, which includes legal troubles and injustices for the store. The equivalent to the south direction is Mangal the south can also be associated with a lack of confidence in career, business, or financial outlooks generally. Therefore, it is better to keep assets in the southern direction of the shop since closed areas in the southern areas that are not open to the public can help to store wealth as positive energy. Walls that are thick in the direction of the south can also help in keeping away any negative effects of your God who is the god of death according to Vastu Shastra for businesses.

Rules of Vastu for Shop Facing South-East and South-West

As previously mentioned on this blog South West is the best direction to store items and for the owner to sit in a north-facing position. To enhance the effect of the store that faces southwest Vastu and to enhance the effect, you can choose the color yellow or even install an Ashtadhatu Panchamukhi Hanumanji to help the owner establish dominance and security in the store's development and achievement. If you use it correctly the southwest direction could bring about a robust and healthy lifestyle and create fame and bring recognition for your business. Southwest is also ideal for setting up cash boxes since it is the most suitable location for a shop according to Vastu to store cash. Additionally, the rules of Vastu for shops that are facing the southwest show that storing heavy raw materials in the southwest region will bring luck. Similar to the southeast-facing shop, Vastu must follow the same specific rules since this area is governed by Lord Agnidev, which is the god of fire. This is why computers and electronic items, as well as accessories, should be placed at the corner of the southeast according to the guidelines in Vastu for commercial stores. It is important to avoid installing any religious place since it is not advised to place the mandir inside the shop by Vastu in the direction of the southeast but prefer to have it in the northeast.

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Principal Take aways

Making money and becoming prosperous are vital to a prosperous and long-lasting life. There are times when there are challenges in business. Use the Vastu guidelines for businesses to rid yourself of all obstacles and issues within the company. The majority of these suggestions are simple and require just a few changes however the effect is huge. Vastu shop tips can assist in deciding on the most effective directions as well as designs and spatial arrangements.

Most frequently asked questions

  • In which direction is the manager of the shop take, based on Vastu in the direction of the shop?

According to Vastu guidelines, The head manager must be in the southern or west direction as it is the most profitable direction. They should face the direction of the north or east.

  • I'm planning to install the locker inside my commercial store. What direction should I go in as per Vastu?

The locker or cash register is to be placed on the southwestern part of the shop. Likewise, the doorway to the locker room must be located in the north.

  • What color should the commercial store be painted according to Vastu?

By Vastu guidelines, the walls of the shop should be painted white or grey. Or blue.

  • According to Vastu, which is the best place to put models in my shop for commercial use?

Mannequins used to display merchandise must be placed in the direction of northwestern. The area is believed to have an energy that draws the attention of pedestrians.

  • What is the reason why Vastu for shops is essential?

Answer. The rules of Vastu for shops are essential to be followed to ensure that positivity and teamwork in the workplace are maintained as well as the economic stability of the company is maintained through profit and growth.

  • Which is the most effective direction for the success of your shop?

Answer. As per Vastu, the north is an extremely powerful and ideal direction for a shop's principal entry point. It is also the ideal direction to open the cashbox counter as well as the direction that the proprietor of the shop must sit. East can also be a beneficial direction for business according to Vastu Shastra.

  • Where do I put the idols or temples of gods in my shop?

Answer. As per Vastu guidelines, it is recommended to place mandirs, idols, and god images to the west of the shop. It's also a great spot to store items.

  • In which direction are you the worst for businesses? 

Answer. South is considered to be a bad sign for business and it is advised to construct walls with heavy stones to prevent any negative consequences of the god of death.

  • What display or signage should I put up outside my commercial establishment?

The banners or signboards should be in synergy with the color and orientation. If the entrance to the shop is located in the northwest corner, the signboards must be white or grey. If the entrance to the shop is located in the north, black, blue, or green are the colors to be used for banners and signboards. Vastu suggests that the colors of the banners should be consistent with the elements that direct customers to your location. Colours that are yellow in shops that face east block shoppers from entering the shop

opinion and suggestions

This information that I have shared with you is based on the Indian architectural texts and also the knowledge I have gained from years of studying under Acharyas and Gurus as well as my experience of architecturally designing many temples, hou ses and factories.  Get your office checked by a knowledgeable and experienced Vastu/Astrologer to check all the above. In my 15 years of experience, if you go through the above with a good Vastu consultant, you can be 100% successful in your career or business

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