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Shubh Muhurat For Purchasing Home & Property in 2022

Shubh Muhurat for Land, Property, Plot Purchase, and Registration in 2022

this blog  discussed Shubh Muhurat For Purchasing homes & Properties in 2022 

shubh muhurat for property and registration 2022

Are you looking to buy the property of a flat, house, or other property? Do you wish that your registration for property to turn out luckier and more profitable? If so, you must check out your Shubh Muhurat in the area of property registration in 2022.

Registration or purchase of a property is a major moment in a person's life. According to Hindu tradition, starting any activity significantly in Shubh Muhurat and lucky Nakshatras are a source of fortune and luck. The most favorable Nakshatra for buying a home brings favorable conditions and will bring prosperity in the coming years. So, it's always advised to be patient and wait for the dates that are favorable to register your property or buy it.

Particularly, if you're purchasing or moving into the property or apartment It is essential to keep in mind Shubh Muhurat according to Hindu Panchang. It is important to consider Shubh Muhurat to book a flat or a day of auspicious buying the house of your dreams or most important, the perfect Muhurat to take possession of a property will bring peace happiness, joy, and prosperity for the rest of your life.

2022 - a year of auspicious Muhurats and the best dates for property Buy: Seek happiness and prosperity! Find the most favorable dates for registering or purchasing a new home, flat, and plot. Find out which are the most auspicious dates for land registration and property purchase in 2022. Find the answers to all your queries concerning Shubh Muhurat as well as the best Nakshatra to register property.

Home/ Property Purchase Shubh Muhurat 2022

Are you searching for Shubh Muhurat to purchase property in 2022? With the assistance of an expert in astrology, we have created a listing of auspicious dates and days to register or purchase the property, land flat, plot, or flat. Also, take a look at Shubh Muhurat to get registration of property in 2022 from January through the month of December.

Shubh Muhurat for Property Purchase or Registration in 2022

Here are the best dates for buying or registering an apartment, house, and plot of land in 2022. Look at the below chart and tables to purchase property in Muhurat 2022, determine the best time to make a purchase, and determine the most favorable date in 2022 to purchase the land or buy a house.

Auspicious Dates for Property Registration in January 2022

Auspicious Day & Date

Muhurat Time

Thursday, 20 January

07:15 AM to 07:13 AM, 21 Jan

Friday, 21 January

07:14 AM to 07:14 AM, 22 Jan

Thursday, 27 January

07:12 AM to 07:10 AM, 28 Jan 

Auspicious Days for Land Registration in February 2022

Auspicious Day & Date

Muhurat Time

Thursday, 03 February

04:35 PM to 07:08 AM 

Friday, 04 February

07:08 AM to 03:58 PM

Thursday, 17 February

06:58 AM to 06:57 AM, 18 Feb 

Friday, 18 February

06:57 AM to 04:42 PM

Thursday, 24 February

06: 52 AM to 01:31 PM 

Friday, 25 February

12:07 PM to 06:50 AM 

Auspicious Days for Land Registration in March 2022 

Auspicious Day & Date

Muhurat Time

Thursday, 03 March

06:45 AM to 01:56 AM, 04 Mar

Friday, 04 March

01:53 AM to 06:42 AM 

Thursday, 10 March

11: 30 AM to 06: 35 AM, 11 Mar

Thursday, 17 March

06:29 AM to 12:34 AM

Thursday, 24 March

05:30 PM to 6:20 AM, 25 Mar

Friday, 25 March

06:20 AM to 06:18 AM, 26 Mar

Thursday, 31 March

06:13 AM to 10:31 AM

Auspicious Days to Buy a House in April 2022

Auspicious Date & Time

Muhurat Time

Monday, 25 April

9:10 AM to 10:48 AM

Shubh Muhurat for Flat Booking in May 2022

Auspicious Day & Date

Muhurat Time

Wednesday, 04 May

10:45 AM to 12:24 PM

Sunday, 08 May

07:25 AM to 12:24 PM 

Sunday, 22 May

11:12 AM to 12:24 PM

Thursday, 26 May

10:24 AM to 03:48 PM

Friday, 27 May

12:24 PM to 2:06 PM

Auspicious Dates for Property Registration in June 2022

Auspicious Day & Date

Muhurat Time

Wednesday, 01 June

10:42 AM to 12:25 PM

Saturday, 04 June

 12:25 PM to 05:34 PM 

Friday, 10 June

12:26 PM to 02:10 PM

Monday, 13 June

09:00 AM to 10:44 AM 

Thursday, 23 June

10:46 AM to 03:56 PM 

Auspicious Days for Land Registration in July 2022

Auspicious Day & Date

Muhurat Time

Friday, 01 July

12:31 PM to 2:14 PM

Wednesday, 06 July

10:49 AM to 12:32 PM

Friday, 15 July

12:33 PM to 02:15 PM

Wednesday, 20 July

10:51 AM to 12:33 PM

Monday, 25 July

2:14 PM to 07:15 PM

Shubh Muhurat for Property Registration in August 2022

Auspicious Day & Date

Muhurat Time

Thursday, 04 August

10:53 AM to 03:52 PM

Sunday, 21 August

7:39 AM to 12:30 PM 

Wednesday, 24 August

10:53 AM to 12:29 PM 

Thursday, 25 August

10:53 AM to 03:41 PM 

Auspicious Days for Land Registration in September 2022

Auspicious Day & Date

Muhurat Time

Thursday, 01 September

10:52 AM to 03:36 PM

Thursday, 08 September

10:51 AM to 03:31 PM 

Saturday, 10 September

12:24 PM to 05:30 PM

Auspicious Day for Property Registration in October 2022

There is no date of omen for the registration of land or purchasing in the month of October 2022. But, you can consult Sarvartha Siddhi Mhurat about the registration of property after a Vastu consultant

Auspicious Dates for Land Registration in November 2022

Affirmative Muhurat for buying a home on November 20, 2022. It is suggested to contact Vastu consultant for Shubh Muhurat to purchase an investment property, house, or land. 

Shubh Muhurat for Property, land, Home Registration in December 2022

Auspicious Day & Date

Muhurat Time

Sunday, 04 December 

08:21 AM to 12:17 PM

Thursday, 08 December

11:00 AM to 02:56 PM

Sunday, 11 December

08:25 AM to 12:20 PM


It was all related to the Shubh Muhurat to purchase a plot of Land purchasing a house. Be aware that the dates mentioned above may depend on your place of residence and the planetary positions within your Horoscope. So, it's always recommended to seek out a Vastu consultant to find precise information based on your chart of horoscope.


Which star is best suited to buy a property?

Rohini, Uttara Ashadha, Uttara Bhadrapada, and Uttara Phalguni are considered to be the most ominous and favorable Nakshatra for property registration, the purchase of land, flat booking or the foundation for a factory building, home or construction, etc.

Which Day is Best for Property Registration?

Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday are believed to be as the most favorable days to register a property, purchase property, or book your home/flat

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